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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x



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Jana James-Taylor

Hi Lucy. I love the hexagons, and have just finished making a bunch of them and am starting to put them together. I have never made them before and really love the look of them. Can you please give me some instructions for making a border once their together? I've Googled some pics and sites and I'm not keen on adding the half hexagon as I really want to do something different so I don't want it to be a rectangle, I want the hexagon jaggered edge look. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.



Thank you so much for the excellent tutorial. I already stated a baby blanket. I hope I will be able to finish and show you how I ended up.

Ayesha Haque

Do you know how to make a crochet peace sign?

Marie Craig

I love your hexagon pattern and got started as soon as I got my yarn. However, I am making my hexagons and then going to put them together but I don't see the instructions. Can you please let me know how to do this? The colors you used are gorgeous !!! Thanks for sharing your talent. Your instructions were so well written. I am in Rock Hill, SC and I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you sooo much for this. Great Pictures.


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I just found this tutorial....and looks like I'll be able to now (finally) join as I go!!! Most times I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do!!!!

I hope you are still crocheting!!! I look forward to checking out more of your stuff!!

Nicole A

Thanks so much for your amazing blog! I just started crocheting a few months ago and I just recently finished a variation on your granny stripe blanket. It turned out great and I absolutely love it. I thought I would start on this hexagon blanket because I have been dying to make granny squares and this is a neat variation. I was just curious if, when the blanket is finished, you can make it form a rectangle or if it will be sort of hexagony around the edges, if you know what I mean. I'm just wondering if there is a certain way you should join the hexagons or if it doesn't really matter. ANyway, thanks again, love the blog.


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Andrea May Foster

Hi! I was wondering if you have a tutorial on how to join already finished hexes? I have 70-ish done already that I need to join. I found one that I like, but it is for squares. It is a flat join...kind of "zippers" them together. but i cant figure out the corners. or exactly how to get the darn things to go together right. and still be flat. thanks if you can help!


Colorful, bright, detailed and tedious work; awesome work!


I have to share this story. About 13 years ago I had to take my son for tests at a Children's hosp. in Cincinnati, Oh. I was working on an afghan for a Christmas gift. A young girl, (14 or 15 ) asked her mother quietly what I was doing. The mother looked up and stated, "That is crochet, an art of the older generation." I was in my early 30's at the time. My husband laughs about that every
time I start something new.

Angela Graham

This is great, you said you made it California King size? How many hexagons did it take I want to make this for my mother and I understand your directions just fine, I cant wait to start I want to have it complete for Christmas. I have tried several times to make my own pattern and failed miserably so I am beyond excited!
Thank you so very much for taking the time to write it out and post it w/ pics.
Thanks again.

Judith Cody

Love, love, UR patterns. I am not good at putting colors together. Would u please send me a picture of UR completed project. So that I can copy it. Thanks.


gorgeous and totally inspiring! I'm going to try one now that I've found a place to get lovely yarns.

how big did you make yours, i.e., how many hexagons??

Harmony Kieding

This is quite the loveliest hexagon motif I've seen (and I've been googling lots and lots of images). Am looking forward to trying it out soon! :-)



Thank you so much for the pattern! It filled long 3 months with blissful crafty nights!

Here's the image of the finished blanket :)

Avril Simmons

Thank you!

Eleanor Horn

I am looking for a ripple pattern



Love your hexagons - having just retired and as a newbie to crochet, I mastered the granny square (dizzy heights for me), but then wanted something different and loved the hexagon shapes and the different stitching.

My problem is joining them. I followed your method, but must be doing something wrong, because I've ended up with a central hexagon with six others joined to it, but only on one side, so I've got them flapping about unjoined and I don't know how to go on. Please please could you advise where I've gone wrong.

Brigida Gee

Hell Lucy! Just love all your pictures and stories of your part of England!! Thank you for your inspiring patterns! I just started making the hexagons but they curl up into a little cup! Im using Vanna"s Choice by Lion Brand #4 Medium with a 6 mm hook. I am so looking forward to making this blanket. I hope you can tell me what I'm doing wrong.


Hi Lucy, love your work, really vibrant and tactile. I just wondered whether you or your readers would be interested in the half hexagon pattern I recently worked up to compliment your full hexagon design, it's a really good way of finishing blanket edges if you wish to make them straight (I needed them for a cushion cover but couldn't find a pattern that had the same stitches or rhythm as yours so spent hours working on my own). If anyone is interested then the link is here. http://dottytextiles.blogspot.co.uk/p/half-hexagon-crochet-shapes.html
Thanks Lucy!! Beth xxx

Emily Epperson

I don't understand how to connect two hexagons together. Is there somewhere I can find viedo of it since I understand better with viedos. Thanks

Kathy Willink

Your patterns are awesome. I completed the ripple love using up my scrapes. Still plenty left over for this beautiful hex blanket. Almost finished but its looks like you used maybe a shell stich for the edge. Is that right? Keep inspiring all us out here we love crochet!!!!! From Delmar Delaware USA. Kat.


je trouve ton site super beau et intéressant.
merci pour tous les tutos .
mais je voudrais savoir comment s'inscrire à la newsletter, à moins que tu n'en ai pas ?
Bonne soirée

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