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Julie Alvarez

Oh my god! You are good...! I have to read it carefully later. But thank you for sharing this!


Thankyou,thankyou!!! I am writing out pattern now and it looks so easy. I wish all patterns were like this! I cant wait to start my bedspread. Thanks so much for sharing this.


Thank you SO MUCH!

I wonder how you chose which color comes next - do you have a set pattern in mind or just choose randomly with what looks nice? (you have a great eye for color!)

I never noticed all the centers where yellow! ha!



¡Muchísimas gracias! (Thank you so but so much!) What a wonderful tutorial, you're amazing!


I just love your hexagons. It is years since I tried crochet, but am going to give it a try. Your tutorial is good.


I am in love with the rainbow colored wavy stripe afghan. Is there a link for this pattern? Is it hard? I have searched many wavy, scalloped, zig-zag patterns and this is the most beautiful- simple and bold at the same time. Please help, I am new to crocheting( I can do chain, single, and even double with a quick reminder). I have never made anything but this has sparked my interest. Thank you very much, Kim


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for having the courage & patience to map this out for us newbies!!! You are the first & only one to put together a road map!!!
Melibu in LA

Elena_ Italy

Many thanks for your instructions!!!
Now I try to do it... :|
Compliments for your hand made...really fantastic

Sherree in CA

Thank you for the great instructions. They are clear enough a beginner to follow. I've tried hexes before but couldn't get it. Now, thanks to you it's easy. You wrote a beautiful pattern. Thank you for sharing.


I left comment on your flickr site to say thanks for these instructions -but I wanted to make sure those thanks were loud and clear!!! So over the moon at finding something that works well!!

In another part of your blog, you mention Sarah Lugg - yes, I went to Vlth form college with her, she was seeing my ex husband's brother at that time!! A lovely girl. I lost touch with her some years ago, but have sent an email to an intermediary who may be able to put me back in touch with her. http://anothergirlatplay.com/sarah-lugg/



oh! I am so excited! I have always wanted to do a hexagon but had no clue where to find a pattern! I found yours last night and followed your WONDERFUL instructions! I have already made 2 and connected them like you explained to boot! Thankyou soooo Much! :) Do you have a method for choosing which colors to use for each hexagon? Like do you go light from dark starting from the center? or do you just mix and match however you are feeling at the moment? I have enjoyed looking at all your wonderful creations! Thankyou for sharing!

Jenny, Sweden

I just find your blog a few weeks ago, and I am absolutely hooked :), thank you sooooo much for letting us see all of your work! So colourful and happy! I just have a little question about this hexagon blanket. I read here that I need 16 different colours for it, but how many balls of yarn do I need? Is it enough with just one for each colour? Have a great day!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your crocheted hexagons & i can't wait to get started even if it is summer downunder lol!!!!! Thanx for sharing :)xx

Ashley Elizabeth

Thank you for working this out and posting it! I came across the hexagon phenomenon on Ravelry and no one had a pattern in English :(. I have a stash I inherited from both of my grandmothers and I finally have a project that will do it justice (and use it up!!!!!)


Thank you!!!!!!
very easy to read and follow...
my husband loves it too.


These are FAB Lucy!!...i adore hexagons and i made three crochet hexagons today, following your instructions, [which were very easy to understand by the way, thanks]i've popped them on my blog and put a link to your blog so everyone can discover the fun of crochet hexagons :) cheers, Marian


Hello, thank you so much for the instructions. I´m doing an hexagon blanket now! I´m using portuguese yarns (since I´m portuguese :)) but I would love to try the ones you used. Unfortunately I can´t find them near me so I´ll have to buy on the net. Can you please tell me the measures of your blanket and the amount of yarn you bought so I can have an idea of how much I need to buy? Thank you so much!
You can see my blanket here http://donapontomaria.blogspot.com/2009/02/cobertor.html

barbara stewart

Thanks so much for the easy to read pattern. I love your blanket. How much of each yarn do I need to buy. Thanks again


Thank you so much! You made this easy to understand, and I get it now. I love your pattern too! Your hexagon blanket is so beautiful.


Your afghans are beautiful and your description and photos are clear. Thank you. I have made over 250 3 color hexagons and now need to start joining them for an afghan. I can't follow your link-as-you-go because of my colors, etc. Do you have any idea what is the best way to join the hexagons? In other words, which pattern of stitching leaves me with the least amount of joining only one side together?


Thank you for the easy-to-follow instructions, it's so good of you to share. I'm just learning to crochet, but it's very enjoyable. And I love coming to your everyday!

Liz Lee

You make this look so easy. I'll put it on my to do list. I like the idea of sewing each hex together as you go. That way it doesn't just look like a big pile you have to sew together at the end. If you know what I mean!!


hi there, i love your beautiful, beautiful blog - it makes me so happy! just wondering if you could tell me how to make this granny square into a square as opposed to a hexagon. i am new to crochet & love the pattern of the 3 inner layers resembling a sunburst but would like to try a simpler version as its my first try at crochet. maybe once i get into it, i can brave trying the hexagon! thnx in advance


Thank you for taking the time and effort to post this excellent hexagon pattern. I'm completely new to the wonderful world of crocheting, but still found your description very very easy to follow, even in English. I had a similar pattern in my native language Danish, but didn't understand a thing...

Best regards from Copenhagen, Denmark :)


I love, love, love this pattern and have been busily attaching them as I go. I now have a very strangely-shaped mass. Help!

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