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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x



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You are the best!
Thank you!

Javiera Cerda

So good. I am chilean woman. Y like your work in crochet and your information of your blog. I am starting with my blog http://100x100amano.blogspot.com/
and I hope to build my image and identidy clear.
Saludos desde CHILE


You make it look so easy. I'm off to make a round cushion to match my ripple blanket!


Thankyou for sewing in ends as you go tip, brilliant. I don't enjoy the sewing in ends job. Does the same work for Granny squares? I will have to try soon. You give away so much on this blog. I am turning into such a groupy, trying everything with such excitment. Love it Thanks x

Lori Daly

Thank you Lucy for another grear tutorial. You should have a donations button so we can all give you something little to help you buy more yarn for more projects to teach us.

I can't wait for YOUR granny square tutorial. I know how to make one, but I think I am doing something wrong. They always come out to big.

Also, my circles come out too big. Ginormous. Why is that?

K. Anne

I make flat circles by making the double stitch the last one of a group. On the second round, 2 hdc in each stitch, then on the third round 1 single hdc, then two in the second stitch, fourth round two singlesin the first two and then two into the third stitch, etc. So the same, but just backwards. Lol.

Naomi Rainford

Thanks for sharing, i just sat in bed and did this part got the hang of it straight away and only took me a hour :o) will do the ickle birdie bits on my next crochet sesh x


I love your directions they are always so precise and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing with us.


Elena and Valentina are kissing you right now..... Thank you sooooooo much we love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...and one for baby x


from cyprus !!!!!


Completely unrelated to circles, but I love the way you join the colours - its so much better than slip-stitching the new colour in, which is what my crochet book taught me to do. Yours looks so much neater! I've only just started crocheting but am totally addicted (I don't lose stitches like I do with knitting!), and equally addicted to your blog!


Thank you!! I want to make a round pot holder, but didn't know how to make it flat. This is very helpful :-)

Kelly Bassett

I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of your inspiration and tutorials. I know that I speak for others (and myself) when I say that your blog just breeds creative fun!! Some people don't like to share (shame on them) and to know that you love to "pass it on" is a fabulous trait!! You help many people and keep them inspired on a daily basis (myself included in there too!!)!!! Thank you so much Lucy!!


Lucy thank you so much for this, it's helped inspire me to get going on some projects yet again, you do it every time! Something interesting I have found is that if you start each colour in a slightly different place it makes the circles even rounder as it evens out the small 'straight' sections if you get me! I join the next colour on with a slip knot hooked through to the front, which works well :)


As a crochet-er of long standing I just wanted to say - brilliant tutorial! Very clear - all those photos! Must have taken ages.


From Spain, thanks a lot for this tutorial.


Well I'm half way through a circle and it just won't make it's mind up what it wants to be! Just when I think it's decided it changes it's plans :-)

Susan M. Poer

Thanks so much for all your lovely patterns and advice! I'm making a flat circle in single crochet in the round, but it does keep curling up. Any advice? Maybe I need to switch to DC so I have a join at the end of each round.


Learning crochet and am going to give this a go. Really want to make your Birdie as that would make such a lovely xmas gift they are georgous!. Thank you so much for sharing.

Marylin Parkin

I just love your bag, and must try to make one before Christmas for my daughter. Do I just go round and round?? Help, please!!


Lucy-my circles are not flat.....they get curly. What am I doing wrong?? Help, please!


Hi Lucy, I just love your site & I am so happy to have found you,your colors & the way you join the different colors of yarn have taught me so much, they are beautiful,I have started to make your circular cushion,3 times & each time they curl, like I have too many stitches, it starts around rd 7 & curls up, I am from USA, so I changed using DC all the way thru.What am I doing wrong.Congrats on the new baby, thank you.

Ashley Gayle

Hi Lucy!! I was wondering what kind of yarn you use? The colors are so pretty and I can never find colors like this. And the yarn looks like it feels so nice.


Hello Lucy, I am a complete beginner but have just been recommended your blog and I'm already hooked, I love it! You make gorgeous things and I can't wait to get my yarns (arriving by post) to start following your patterns. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Tita Carre

Oi, tudo muito lindo por aqui como sempre , parabéns,

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