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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x


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July 03, 2018


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Kathryn Ashe

Do you know the name of the hot pink flower with the 8 petals? I am an avid gardener in the summer, but don't recognize this one. Thank you.


Hi Lucy, I'm thinking about this years Yarndale event and wondered if you had thought about a display that we could contribute to. Please could you let us know what you would like us to make and send if you have decided. Many thanks Jo

بازی آنلاین تو آنلاین گیمز

Taking time and real effort to make a good post. Cool! Thank you for sharing this post.


Hi Lucy

Another wonderful blog and terrific photos..

Really enjoyed it all!

nora x


Beautiful pictures as ever and lovely reading :) I love love love line drying ( I have a VERY high line too...its wonderful!) and the weather has to be pretty rubbish for me not to peg it out. I love the process of pegging it out, watching it blow in the breeze and the smell of it fresh from the line. A little trick I learnt to keep the littlies happy.....if there hasn't been much breeze and the washing is still a little crisp...pop it in the tumble drier (not the cool setting though) for 5-10 mins and clothes feel much softer to the touch and minimal electricity used....also reduces the ironing pile often!x

Angela - Southern USA

Sounds lovely! Our heat is a bit much at the moment (heat index 120F) no hiking unless it's very early in the morning here. Such lovely sweet peas, one of my favorite things about summer. Our veggies are producing and I thoroughly enjoy collecting them each day. Well done L.B.! I know that proud mom moment, I spent the evening crocheting with my eldest, she was working on a granny blanket and I some baby bibs for gifts. I look forward to seeing your finished blankets. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love your blog. It's like reading a good long letter from a dear friend!

Thank you!


I,m so happy someone else likes their washing outside.
I also have the moaners about how crispy the clothes are , lol.
Beautiful sweetpeas.
And your post are never too long.
Hi from the netherlands

sandra dorey

So thrilled to see Little B's crcohet!

Crafty Cath

Well done for making your lovely blankets in the heat! I gave up a few weeks ago. Lovely sweet peas and pink flower. Ahhh Little B's crochet is brilliant :) I can't wait to see the results. Enjoy the Summer and beautiful countryside xx

Kim Krause

I love reading your blog. Being from Michigan, I enjoy reading about the different lifestyle you have there in England. I live in a fairly small town, but don’t have a butcher, farm market or the like to walk to, and I love hearing about your daily trips. I am a bit stumped though. What is a pork pie? Is it like a pot pie?


So SO pleased for you that you are carving out time for the simple things in life during the week. having had 5 kids close together I know the importance of having me time. Love your photos.

Annette Frater

Hi Lucy, your Manchester trip sounds great........Kettlewell, my husband & I have had several breaks at Racehorses Hotel in the past, probably last time would have been probably around 2009, we just loved walking in and around the area as well as visiting Skipton. Unfortunately, we are not so keen to drive such a distance any more and often wonder if we could do it by public transport. We live near Edinburgh which I know isn't an especially long way off but we don't care for all the traffic nowadays and sadly my husband has mobility restrictions so we wouldn't be doing the walking we used to do. This makes us sound like a pair of old crocks!!! Well........I'll say no more!!! I hope you and J and the family have a wonderful summer. Annette

Helen Lightly

Your blog is never too long and makes me so happy to read, it turns a horrible commute home from work into something lovely that I look forward to. I find traveling very stressful and your photos and beautiful words brighten up my day xx

Mary W

Simplicity at its best! I'm thankful for the free and simple also, as very grateful that I am since there sure are a lot more of these things than the large, exciting, expensive moments. LOL Your nap sounds fantastic as looking at clouds is one of my favorite things to do. The picture looks like cirrus flowers blowing in the wind on their long stems! I'm loving your pastel blanket - looks like a yummy puddle of melted sherbet ice creams. Now to the questions: Lift means elevator? Courgette is a vegetable? Pork pies look wonderful in the picture from the link you gave but what are they? It is ground up with other stuff and baked in the pie? Being on the continent means - maybe being in Europe? Your first picture shows many lines running through the green growing plants from one side of the little valley to the other. I thought they were shadows on first glance then realized that was not possible - maybe stone walls or fencing? Finally I want to tell you a secret that got my 7 yo grandson to crochet with me. I told him crochet was what native american indian boys/men used to do to make fish nets and other useful things. He couldn't wait to crow-shet and I loved it as he sat with me making little common string rounds for practice (which he didn't want) but I used as flowers in a scrapbook. He gave up the hook and now makes very fine flint arrowheads. He loves rocks!

Marjorie Sanderson

Hi Lucy just love your blog love seeing your photos and hearing about your walks and what you are doing it’s just like being with you and sharing your pleasure. Like you love the summer months all the greenery and flowers and wildlife. Your blog makes me smile keep up the blog Lucy you bring so much pleasure

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy! Loved this blog...and smiled all the way through reading!...kind of like therapy for me :)
Here in the US it's not & humid, but like you, I feel it's better than gloomy cold weather.
Keep on blogging as you do...I enjoy your writings and reflections. Take care,
Sue in Akron, Ohio


I loved your post today. I’m thinking of your hot summers versus our hot summers here in the states. Yesterday we had a boiling hot day and I doubt anyone would or could crochet a stitch. I’m mainly a quilter, but I do crochet and knit too. Your peaceful life sounds ideal to me. Keep showing us the pictures and ramble all you want, we love it.

Mary - Le Coeur Celtique

A great chatty post. I loved all the photographs, especially those from your walks.


Thank you for the lovely chatty post. I am making a very big Woodland blanket. I recently had a Stroke and I am hearing getting a bit better. I am so lucky that I can see how to still so my crochet. Thank you LUCY for the lovely pattern

Enjoy the summer dates.

Love, Hazel

Lynne Stankard

Beautifl, lyrical summer Lucy. So enjoyed reading your lovely blog. Whenever, I pop into Manchester (being just up the road in Stockport)my feet always take me into Fred Aldous - then I get lost! Enjoy your walking - I'm another oldie goldie with daft knees, I love walking they don't!! xx


I always love your posts but this one especially, summer is my favourite season and everything you've written about just fills my soul with joy. Having recently moved to the coast we are exploring the beach, countryside and our new garden with fresh eyes, it's glorious xxx also just picked our first bunch of sweet peas, oh the aroma. It's the simple things that make my heart sing 🌞 Continue to enjoy this wonderful season and all it brings 💖

Teresa Kasner

I actually love your post with all the goings on you and your family have been up to. It's like chatting over coffee and cake. Most conversations naturally go hither and yon. We have our 4th of July parade tomorrow.. then a family BBQ on our deck. It should be a fun day! Enjoy your week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lisa Smallridge

Thank you for the beautifully photographed reminder to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Your optimising is inspiring, especially reading this over breakfast, after a difficult night. I envy your long, meandering walks (since my recent knee operations have prevented this). Time will heal, but until then, your eloquent writing fills the gap and keeps me hopeful. Thank you, also, for reviving my childhood fascination with crochet. It's seriously competing with my usual hand-pieced patchwork & quilting, in terms of colour and portability. Please, do continue your blessed vocation of reaching out to inspire women all over the world, by sharing your gentle stories. We all truly appreciate the light you bring to our lives! Cheers, Lisa in Melbourne, Australia (feeling unusually sentimental today).

Annie C

Ah, summer -- I so love it, too! I just can't wait for my husband to retire (only about a year!) so we can go off on jaunts together with little care about time! Enjoy!

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