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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x


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May 19, 2015


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Corinna Mazzotta

Yay - thanks for doing a tutorial for us, just because we asked for it. :-) Looking forward to learning how to make a solid square and seeing the cushion cover you make with your tutorial samples!

I Was Swallowed by a Hippo

Loving the spring green lusciousness just now but wish it would warm the hell up! Luckily I have a ripple blanket on the go to keep me cosy. Thank you for your inspiration! X


I too, love asparagus, but it must be British!! My lovely crab apple tree is losing it's pink petals all along my front path and I scuff it as I walk and the car is covered. Our weather slightly better down South, but still a lot of rain.


I too love asparagus with olive oil roasted in the oven. Haven't tried the feta cheese yet but will.

Your pictures are all so cheery. It's chilly here in Ohio. But we are getting lots of blooms and green.

carolyn jackson

Cant wait for the small squares and harmony tut, they are always great to follow. Lots of asparagus where i live, in fact for 5 seasons i picked asparagus, we all sat on a rig, we had lots of laughs, and were able to take a large bunch home each day. Caro nz.


This blog is just lovely. So full of colour and detail about the little, but beautiful, things.


Thanks for your post Lucy, I look forward to them each week! Have just finished reading your blog from day one to now, took me about 5 months ha ha! Thank you for being real and for brightening my days and for my crochet addiction :)


I too am loving your Harmony blanket - thank you for brightening these damp days xx


I grow a lot of asparagus .. I am going to make it with your salmon wrapped in foil recipe..yummy..oh and your bread recipe to mop up the plate..oh yeah baby..also your harmony blanket is divine..thanks for the solid granny, too xo susie

Cheryl D

I also daydream about asparagus, and just had it for supper griddled with olive oil, salt and pepper. Just so good! Really looking forward to the completion of your gorgeous Harmony blanket.

Hula Loop

Lovely blog post, thank you! We have also really enjoyed spring this year. It has been wonderful to finally come out of winter and what a treat spring has been, full of colour and promise. Really looking forward to your solid squares tut and the harmony blanket ta-dah! :0)x Sarah

Rosi in Ulverston

Have you ever tried raw asparagus? It's a little bit sweet. You may find that it doesn't make it to the cooker! Love your posts. You have childlike wonder.


Can't wait for the little square tut and the Harmony blanket and yarn bag looks yummy. Hoping for a yarn pack for that one. ;) I absolutely love asparagus. I usually steam it and just use butter, salt and pepper. My sister showed me how she does it on the bbq. She wraps it in half cooked (mircro'd) bacon and finishes off on the bbq grill. It's dicey though. Easy to get too blackened and crunchy. It's good when it's right though. We also have had asparagus tamales. Yum.
Your cute tootsie's remind me to ask if you ever did get a pair of Birkenstocks?


If you could make it a BIG patchwork cushion rather than a little one, I could 'borrow' it for my garden chair cushions. Am so non-creative - can follow a pattern but struggle with adapting patterns to what I need.

Robin Erdman

It's asparagus season in Michigan. I ride my bike to the corner where the farmer has a stand and you weigh it yourself by the pound. During this time we eat asparagus al oat every night. I oven roast it much like you do, but I add fresh chopped garlic. Nector of the Gods!

Crystal Wall

I love asparagus too! Roasted. YUM. Your pictures gave me much pleasure today. How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful spot. The blanket is so pretty, and calming. Congrats on the home stretch. Cant wait for the tutorial. I expect it will be excellent as usual. Thanks for the lovely post. Until next time...
A Day In My Life, Crochet & Reviews


I am awash with asparagus, we're eating it one way or another almost every day and will continue until the longest day. Any we don't eat fresh on the day of picking I make into asparagus and mint soup and freeze. The colour is beautiful. I am itching to start a new crochet project (it is so much more forgiving than knitting) so I will keep an eye out for your next tutorial.


I have never tried asparagus! Clearly something to put on my list I can't wait for the little squares I finished my costal ripple and started Cosy love the colours


a lovely soggy, sunny, healthy, crochety post ... can't wait for the tutorial on your new squares and loving the sound of the asparagus too Xx lots of love Joy Xx


That's lovely - keep being late for school and let your children (and yourself) enjoy all those little details in the natural world :)


Beautiful pictures as always. Love your sunny crochet photo. Oh yes, asparagus it is. Where I'm living (at least a few miles further out of the city) are huge fields of white asparagus. It's just so yummy. I prefer it with plain butter and good potatos. Don't need anything else with these adorable vegs.


Mmm, asparagus season. I steam ours then toss in a pan with melted butter, garlic, lemon and a sprinkling of parmesan,served with crusty white bread to mop it all up. A patchwork cushion would be lovely.

Teresa Kasner

I adore your photo of the British asparagus.. it's so charming! Ours are just in rubber bands, no pretty label. I always love seeing your canal and boats.. it's a dream of mine to stay on one. Your blanket is going to be awesome, can't wait to see the TaDah!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


A word about asparagus. I found out that a university in the midwest of USA was doing medical experiments with asparagus and they their findings were that asparagus in concentrated amounts was actually curing tumors and cancers of all types. They kept these findings to a medical journal and did not release them to the public because the pharmaceutical companies stopped them from continuing their research probably because the pharm co.s were not going to benefit from it...:( Keep eating them !! I love them too especially soup.

simona Callegari

I don't speak english Very well but.......i love your post and your color, your Yarn, your pattern...........
Simona from Pavia, Italy

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