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June 06, 2014


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That is just what half term holidays should be.I have sooo enjoyed being part of the mandala challenge.Not only have I learned something new but I am part of something involving people all over the world.I just hope I can spot my mandala at Yarndale.I never spotted my bunting last year.There was jst so much.


What a wonderful way to spend a week. I love how you allow your children to spread their toys all over the place. I hate to tell you, but I heard on the radio that you have to evict snails at least 65 feet otherwise their strong homing instict brings them slithering back. So next time you might want to take them all the way to the park! Enjoy picking lots of lovely flowers for your little yard - I look forward to seeing them in a little while!


That picture Little B drew of the turquoise person with the red heart warmed my soul. :) :) :)

niki murray

What a lovely week :) I have made my Mandalay for you, just need to glue the back and then I will post it....looking forward to seeing the end result xx

Puppet Lady

Thank you for sharing your lovely week with us. It was relaxing just reading about it!


looks like a wonderful stay at home week, I love the little peeps drawings. I've been slowly planting up the Summerhouse border over the past few weeks meanwhile the snails have been eating the plants I bought,there seem to be so many this year. Still it's nice to see the Summer flowers blooming it even inspired me to crochet a Summertime wreath.
Have a lovely weekend and happy planting

Clare x


Hi, Lucy! I am happy to greet you again!
I've been OFFLINE network but I wanted to reconnect with your world of color!
I'm happy to know that you keep doing crochet.
Thanks for sharing so many beautiful things!
Kisses from Catalonia!

Anne Marie

Super photos as usual. I make Drop Scones a lot as you can whizz them up after a meal, even. I've copied the linked recipe, to see if it is different from the one I use.

I can't wait to see the yarn bombing of bicycles, as I am a complete bicycle enthusiast, and have put crochet strips on one of my bikes, a pretty Brompton folding one, although that was before the TdF frenzy, almost 3 years ago!


Looks like a marvellous week! Glad to see my mandala arrived - it got posted while we were away on holiday in Bournemouth for the half term break. We have recently acquired pet snails - Giant African Land snails, but they are babies - about the size of your little fingernail! They are very pretty, and quite fascinating to watch, but luckily they live in a tank and not my garden :)


Mandala needs glue and I'm ready to post. But everything has had to wait as I had orders from great grandchildren: a rainbow snake, pink and blue butterflies and a crocodile...all knitted and ready to go to new homes. Also a parrot! And then a friends baby came to live in this world so that was a rattle for her and a present. For big sister.
Now knitting a gnome...
Will be going to the post office very, very soon!

Katherine, NZ

Your description of the swimming pool is ExActly how I feel about them! I feel your pain :-). Mandala ready to be glued then will be posted on Monday to wing it's way from New Zealand to England. x


Lovely week off
I've been enjoying half term with crochet and pottering too.
You should venture to Ilkley lido in the summer, I went on Tuesday but it was still pretty nippy- 15.6C but it's really gorgeous in the summer, there's plenty of space to have a picnic by the pool and you can stay all afternoon

Carol Partridge

What a lovely week you had. Don't get the hanging about in your pyjama's all day though.....?
A neighbour of mine does this too.
Must be my age, ha ha. My Mother would have had a fit !

Jenn in Kansas

Poodling, piddling, puttering ... They are all my favorite. :) well done L.


Your description of swimming made me laugh! :) <3 You are a very good mum, Lucy, to go swimming at the public pool with your kids. I love reading about you and your family's life, and I especially enjoy all the gorgeous color that you share!

Alison Michelle Machin

This sounds like a wonderful week. Being a teacher I love reading of such wonderful traditional crafting and homely activities done with children. They are storing up wonderful memories for the future and learning so much. Their pictures are gorgeous!
Alison xx

Chris Porter

So glad you had such a great half term. Memories are made of this! I've probably said this before, but make the most of every precious second, as they fly all too quickly and it's over in a flash, although housework will always be with you! Have a lovely weekend, too. Hugs xx

Susan Smith

What a lovely post. Oh the days of school holidays, long past in in my life, but usually eventful. An idea on the garden side, try putting out saucers of beer for the snails and disposing of them in the garbage once the children are at school. Evidently works, but here in Oz, I have an abundance of blackbirds and the odd blue tongue lizard, who all love snail snacks! I'd love to make and send a mandala, but not sure I'm able to do one. We'll see. Take care.


Looked like a wonderful week with plenty of fun for you all ♥ and yes the tip of beer for those snails

Winwick Mum

Scotch pancakes are one of our standby favourites - so quick and easy! I've been busy filling planters with colour today; it does make you feel so much better to see flowers so it's great that your back yard will be bright and cheerful again soon! xx


Hi Lucy, just loved this post, I am such a homebody, and you so captured such a wonderful homey feeling - a joyousness in just being 'home'. Just beautiful, and Little B's drawings are just so heartwarming. Thank you for sharing this with us x

Angela-Southern USA

Sounds like a wonderful week! The youngest is having a big sleepover here this weekend, so I know our house will be a loud happy mess.I imagine I'll be making pancakes in the morning with chocolate chips in them, a fave with my girls. I love seeing all the mandalas 500+ WOW! I bet you're having fun with those. :)Happy weekend!


Looks like you and the little people had a great week! I'm too trying to decide on what to plant and have actually been waiting on my pansies to die back more. I always feel guilty pulling them up if they are still blooming! Have a great weekend :)


You could put out a container of beer which will attract the snails. They drown, but they die happy! Love your colourful pictures!


It is a very snaily year this year. All the wet in the Winter and Spring and now. That slightly mad feeling when one's head is bursting with ideas is enjoyable, but not if it gets too bursting, then it gets a bit overwhelming I find! Which one to do first? You want to catch them all before they vanish.

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