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June 23, 2014


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Thomasina Tittlemouse

What an enchanting post, Lucy! I love Little B's wobbly letters best of all! You must keep that lolly stick for ever and ever! and yes! go for the painting - what's to lose? It'll give your pots a background with a lovely summery Mediterranean feel. Posted a mandala to you today (and a soup recipe for you and Little Lady!) I'm a bit late to the mandala party but hopefully in the nick of time! E xx


Noooo don't paint it. But I may just be suffering a case of envy because the buildings and walls around here look nothing like what you have.. (We're in the Arizona desert)
The wall looks gorgeous to my eye, but I understand if you have a yen for colour or freshening up.
What about a non-permanent idea.
A tacked up water resistant flowery type cloth, the sort people use for picnics or whatever. I can't recall the name.
Or maybe a piece of canvas fabric painted without door paint, see then you could switch it out plus, GIANT art opportunity, paint a pretty row of happy flowers.

OR a big piece of board leaning in there, another non-permanent canvas possibility :)


Ohhhh! Pumpkin! So jealous - i really want to plant one but we only have a small balcony. At the moment i am trying to convince my boss to plant some - she has a huge garden and i am will to make soup for everyone...

How about you paint the wall white with a blue border?

Take care


I am sure it would look lovely painted but I love the natural look with the splashes of colour


Blue! It will look amazing, the plants will stand out really bold against it and it won't get as dirty looking as white :)


please don't. right now it is just very old but it matches the rest of the space. paint it and the entire space will call for paint. use it as the backdrop it is and plant draping plants in with the others on the top. vines growing up would damage it further but plants cascading down will put it into the background. plants need a natural appearing space to look their best, that wall showing its age is such a space.

paint is clean and pretty at first but shows staining from watering the plants in no time at all. even a new construction will not be as perfect a backdrop as that old wall.

love the blog. crochet on with your early summer weather.


Love Little B - so sweet. Paint it light blue - pretty colourful flowers against the sky 😄 xx lots of love Joy xx


what about chalk? there are many different colors on the market, fat chalk, thin chalk, and you have three painters at home who will create and recreate after each bit of rain.

Joanne Morrow

Lucy, how about you paint the wall coral, something that stands out and it's also a happy bright colour! I love reading your posts they are so interesting! The children are so lucky to have such a loving caring mother like you!!


Maybe a limewash paint, soft and smudgey, nothing too bright.I like the old render it reminds of walls in Venice.


I would paint it or whitewash it. It will make your yard lighter and create an illusion of more space. And White will reflect the sunlight better. IMHO. XX


Love the idea of children gardening. I got mine to plant tulips when they were over here from OZ last year, I took photos of every stage of growth and emailed to them. The wall? It looks rustic, I would wait until you build the raised wall and then paint.


Your little backyard looks nice, really! I am blessed (or burdened?) with an old house and a huge garden and I know how it feels when there are more things to do than you ever will be able to cope with. Life's all about provisional arrangement and imperfectness. But there's a lot of charm and coziness in it, as well. If you have the time then go for the painting, it will make your day bright. I would prefer an light blue. Thanks for all the lovely crochet patterns, you have shared with us. It's you who inspired me to start crocheting again und to launch a little blog about my projects, as well. Thanks for everything, Lucy!

Lis Harvey

or paint some greenery on the wall - as a trompe l'oeil!!!


Lucy. Have you heard of Autentico paint? It is marvellous better, I think than Annie Sloan. You can paint it on any clean surface without preparation. See blog post http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/injecting-splash-of-colour-to-our-home.html?m=1 Also they have just produced it in outdoor paint. I am about to paint my outdoor bench pink. They have a huge range of colours from muted whites and greys to bright and bold. I think you SHOULD paint the wall.


Yes, I would paint it too, a soft blue or pale apple green. And plants trailing down over it would look look great, nasturtiums and lobelia maybe...? So enjoy reading your blog!


Yes yes soft blue! I have a similar wall in my garden - needs repair etc. but I painted it blue and it looked a million times better. See here http://joeveryday19.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/gardening

My garden is small too but not as small as yours, that is a challenge and a blessing all in one go! Jo x


paint it cream!!


Your post reminded me of a conversation hubby and I had a few years ago - I have a yard similar to yours, in a similar state of repair. I like old and shabby, he likes new and pristine... I've managed to grow ivy outside the yard, in the ginnel, and train it over the wall. It's fairly rampant and has covered all the shabby bits with lovely glossy green. I also had a fatsia japonica in a pot for some years - they are marvellous plants - and Japanese maples do really well in pots too... Best of luck with the pumpkin xxxx




How about removing the rendering and seeing what state the brickwork is in. If in reasonable condition then plain old bricks would be nice.

Or, if you had loads of spare time, a mosaic would be fab. Something I've always dreamed of doing, when I've more spare time...


Pumpkin seeds are wonderful for little people to plant, so chunky and nice, and the seedlings are really big. No doubt when they've come up! Hopefully your older seeds will still be viable too. I quite like the wall as it is, but I'm not very good at visualising things.


You could always choose the cheap and cheerful option of mixing cement powder with water and just painting that on, will clean it up and not change the colour.

Sara Jenkins

Crochet a trellis in twine against a newly painted blue wall. :)

dm anderson

If you want to keep seeds one of the best ways is in a glass jar with a tight lid and put it in the refrigerator.

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