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May 24, 2014


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Lucy, your posts are, as ever, so inspiring! I've been a bit stuck recently for crochet ideas, but this post has reminded me that you can make something, even when you've got lots of it already (in my case bunting and cushions)just for the joy of creating :)

Claire F

I was just reading your new post, when my husband plonked my newly delivered copy of Simply Crochet next to me! Think this means I must try your bunting right away! X

Sue Davies

Inspiration personified! Some friends wanted me to show them how to crochet Granny Squares, during the half term holiday. We then discussed making it a regular meeting and this is the perfect thing to show them (there are a couple of bunting lovers in the group.) Thank you, thank you, thank you! XX


What a colourful post!
I love your bunting!
The blue one is my favourite.
Yesterday I mailed my mandala to you.
Have a nice weekend.


Totally agree about how bunting is so tricky to photograph , as are Fairy Lights - I've tried miserably and failed several times. Kind of got there in the end but I think it was only because it was mini bunting: http://justpootling.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/pootling-away-from-home.html
Love all the colours of your bunting, particularly the spicy , autumn colours.
Have a lovely weekend Lucy,
Kate x

Rachael Lucas

Ooh those spicy colours remind me of Morrocco. I love them! Can't WAIT for my workshop in June... just knowing I have that to look forward to is the inspiration I need to get this book finished and off to the publisher so I can have a gorgeous colourful day with my fellow workshoppers and you! Hooray! xxx

Jill Cooper

Lovely Lucy, such beautiful colours - it is sooo interesting and inspiring to read your blogs. It also reassures me that I am certainly not alone with my obsession with yarn & colours. Can't wait to try out the bunting but first I must make a mandala to send to you - just got home from holiday & intend to make a start this evening :) Thanks Lucy for sharing your passion :) xx

Paula Dunne

i'm just reading this from a horrible cold wet day here in Kilkenny, Ireland. Your piece has cheered me up no end! I just love your colours! They would make anyone feel happy! I'm going to go into and try and get a copy of the magazine! happy crocheting! Paula

Winwick Mum

I think it's lovely that you are being financially rewarded from the sales of the yarn and your Simply Crochet column after all the free patterns that you've shared. You have proved that giving without expectation of reward never leaves you unrewarded xx


One of the reasons I don't buy magazines is that it is all just a construct. How awful that we all are supposed to be envious of the 'lifestyle' that is forced upon us just because of our hobby, (which many are) and it is all just a dolls house fabrication. Why can't things be just everyday so we can all be accepting of our own lives instead of being encouraged to feel inadequate? The bunting was best in the original photos.

The cat picture was my favourite. Then again I love cats and it was real. I also like the colourful bunting best as I don't like the sea very much - grey more than blue and blue makes me feel cold. Your other colours are more inviting. The pink is very pretty too.

Patchwork Fairy

I have been wanting to crochet bunting for ages so this is a great read - as I am still making my ripple blanket I will save this for when I finish it (hopefully soon) !

Jacky Russell

Pretty spicey colours! An interesting peek behind the scenes in the photography studio as well - it is so difficult to get good photographs!


Lovely post - have been for a run and now waiting for Mr Postman to bring my magazine with bunting story 😄 xx lots of love Joy Xx

Jacky Russell

Lucy - the verification thingy is really difficult to get through - I am positive I typed the letters correctly several times but couldn't get through the process :(


I love playing with different colours, you've got really great combinations here, I don't think I'd have picked the golden shades but they look great mixed together and make the other colours feel really warm, gorgeous!


Inspirational as always. I would dearly love it if one day you could squeeze time out of your busy life to give us a little lesson in putting colours together as I'm AWFUL at it and often give up projects because of it. Experienced crocheter needs help with colours!


Wow!! great post
Isn't it funny how we all react differently to colour? the blue and pink combination at the start leave me a bit *meh* but the final "spicey" combination ...
WOW!!! Kappow!!
That just sings to me of sand, sunshine and terracota.... I feel a stash rummage coming on for the nearest equivalents.... if I crochet fast enough during this miserable holiday weekend maybe the sunshine will be back by the time I finish...


Lovely colours! :-)

Debbie P.

I wanted you to know that you are such an inspiration to me! Last night I saw your post on Facebook about the bunting and the new Yarndale bag. I ordered a bag and one each of the bunting kits. Now all I must do is wait for those and my Simply Crochet magazine to get to me! This would be so much easier if I didn't live in the US. I'm working on that bit, but for now I wait patiently(most of the time!) Have a wonderful weekend!

Ann Clawson

I haven't really ever wanted to make a crochet bunting, BUT NOW I DO! I'm goin to look for Simply Crochet the next time I'm out!!! I may even order some of the yarn you use! Thanks for your wonderful blog !


I didn't know the tradition of hanging bunting outside to welcome visitors in a town - that is so nice ! I wish we had that tradition here in Belgium... Villages and cities would look a lot more cheerful and colourful !


Pretty, pretty, pretty! Can't wait for the magazine! :) Work just moved office and therefore my walls are very blank right now... i reckon some of these buntings would look great!
Tale care

Gingercats mum

Hi Lucy. Have just read my SC and devoured your bunting article , which brought back happy memories of the many I made last year for Yarndale (and ultimately all over the house). Then, surprise, you have posted about the article today. I loved the image revealing the actual set for the magazine as I had been wondering where you had used!!!!
Your blues made me smile as the first mandala I made for this year was in blue hues as I know how much you like the sea. HOWEVER.... I had not taken note of your warning and ended up making many mandalas over a week, and cannot decide which one to send you!!!! I never thought I would make mandalas. The usual 'what is the point/purpose?' but how annoyingly addictive they are, as all fans say of course.
I made the starflower as well....how huge is that? One WILL be winding its way soon. Have thoroughly enjoyed looking at their arrivals on pininterest. Thanks , as always, for fun, inspiration and sharing with all.


I'm sitting here looking at these pictures of colourful crochet and then at the mantel of my large dark fireplace and then back to the crochet and suddenly I seem to be hatching a plan for a wet Saturday...


Jeanette in Illinois, USA

What a delightful feast for the eyes & hooky heart! Oh, those color combinations - each one is as scrumptious as the previous one...
We just received issue 18 yesterday here in the US, it's hard being a month behind. I always turn to your column immediately, when a smile spreads across my face! It's my favorite part of the magazine!!! :)
Hope your weekend is simply wonderful!
Hugs & love!

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