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May 01, 2014


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lynn bamber

Mouth watering :) Simple food and simple pleasures are simply the best :) x


Thank you Lucy, three out of the four of our kiddies LOVE salmon so I'm going to give it a go next week.Thank you for everything, your attic always makes me happy!


Ah Lucy, I have the very same feelings about cleaning my house....and my children are no longer home! I would much rather spend my time sewing, crocheting or gardening. And also like you, I so enjoy cooking with fresh food every day. When everyone is home at the end of their college semesters that is what they look forward to...mom's cooking! Love, love, love!


I sooo identify with this! I am always looking around our house despairing at my own house keeping abilities, wondering why I can't seem to just keep on top of things a bit better! But like you I enjoy being in the kitchen and we always have a good home cooked meal on the table come dinner time. There will be time to dust when I'm older and my family is complete and grown... for now I will focus on enjoying and nurturing :-) xxx

Martha Neave

Looks like my moms salmon recipe, hers adds some hot mango chutney and marmalade to your mix, maybe instead of the honey. But now I may try yours!

Chris Porter

Lucy - you are doing just the right thing for this season of your life. It doesn't seem like it at the mo but there'll come a time when you'll wish your home did get a bit messy! Your children will remember all the delicious home cooked meals, cakes, etc., and the time you invest in them, all the walks, etc. Believe me, they won't remember the dust bunnies! If it helps, when mine were little I drew up a weekly timetable whereby everywhere got a lick and a promise, but in one room each week I moved chairs to vacuum, cleaned the window and the skirting boards. That way, everywhere got done properly every couple of months. Take heart, Chris xx

Gwennie Nunn

Oh what a lovely blog. I too will put off doing the non-essential housework in favour of something more productive and long lasting (my hubby always says the dust will be back in a few days so what's the point of doing it so often, or worrying about it). Just bought the new Simply Crochet mag today and love your pages.


Mmmmm, looks lovely and delicious! It is a joy to me to realize some of the most simple, economic, and yummy meals are also healthy! It's taken me a long time to come fully to that realization, having grown up on casseroles full of Campbell's soup (bleh) and/or Bisquick! I can't wait to try this salmon recipe,and I've never heard of minty potatoes - definitely a must try!


This post definitely struck a cord with me. I too have "shelves of doom" and how i procrastinate about de-cluttering and cleaning in general. I also like making good home cooked meals, they just can't be beat. However, in years to come, for sure our children won't remember anything about dust, but they WILL remember all the delicious meals shared together.


I think many of us have exactly the same feelings about housework, tidying, the joy of preparing for a family meal and the pleasures of cooking and seeing the enjoyment of the meal. In a house that is lived in and enjoyed the tidiness doesn't last long, only dead houses stay immaculate, homes don't. You have a home.x


I know how you feel about housework. For me, it's the bathrooms. I'm happy to clean anything else in the house but as soon as I notice the bathroom needs work, I'm off to find anything else to do. :) I do love to cook and I'm the same way, apron and radio on at 4:30, bopping around in a very industrious way.

Katherine, NZ

I can so relate! I much prefer cooking over cleaning too. I have my three boys home for school holidays at the moment so that's been my excuse for the past two weeks. Next week I'll find another reason - must keep those baking tins full for school lunches, run all those errands which are easier to do without three little people in tow...

Lana Vargas

Don't worry about the house cleaning. As long as you have a fairly reasonable hand on things - like clean sheets and clean toilets - that's the main thing. If the laundry is kept up mostly and the kitchen is tidy. What more could a busy mother of three ask for. One day they will be off on their own and you will long for the messy sitting room and the walls that need painting. What is most important is that you use your education and talents than on your own children and that lovely husband. That is your vocation and career at the moment. You do it so well Lucy. Don't beat yourself up so. Aloha from Hawaii. I love your blog.

Danielle Ludlow

I loved reading this post today as I could relate to it wholeheartedly!! As with all your posts you really do have a knack of striking a chord with us all (as the above comments confirm) and once again you have given me a warm feeling towards the important things in family life. I often get down about the untidyness in my home but reading this has reaffirmed the aspects of family time that are really special and good food is defo right up there, so cluttered surfaces and toys all over the place be damned!! I'm off to do a meal planner and will include a bit of salmon I think!! Xxxx

Amanda Smith

oh! boy that all looks so good!!!

I can certainly relate to what you are saying about cleaning the house except the living room I enjoy doing that and cleaning my china!!! My child has flown the nest so it is just the two of us. However I so hate ironing and it piles up and piles up and I put it off and put it off ... grr seems so much like a waste of time to me .....ah well I suppose it is a cross I will have to bear :-)

keep well

Amanda x


Lucy, your children won't remember the state of their home as much as the delicious home cooked meals you provided for them!!


Looks like a fine feast to me, don't worry to much about the dust and clutter.

Bree @ meandmy2guys

You had success for a while with your 1 hour a day cleaning. .. could you try that again?

And I agree I like the process of planning and making a nourishing meal for my family.

niki murray

I too cook from scratch everyday and my house could do with a big clutter, but, with 2 small children there is always something better to be done!! My kitchen is spotless and orderly though as that is where I work (cake maker/decorator). I love your cheery spoons and Greek salad is a regular on my table xx


Most creative people don't like housework - to many more interesting things to to! I was once told that an immaculate home was the sign of a wasted life! Enjoy looking after your family doing the things that really matter.


Pffft, just accept that tidying isn't really your thing and don't let yourself stress about it. I do the opposite - I worry that because I can't cope with things looking out of place, I spend too much of the day flitting around tidying up the house and not giving enough attention to my wee boy. We all have our little foibles.

Your dinners always look scrummy, and I'm sure your children will remember your homecooked delights rather than a cheerful sprinkling of dust around the house.


You have your priorities right Lucy, good food is so important. The family meal is such a wonderful time of the day.


I do a good evening meal too. It always amazes me when people say "how do you find time to knit/crochet/sew/create?" the simple answer is I put on running clothes on Friday morning clean the whole house from top to bottom and the rest of the week I am to busy being creative to even give a toss! Ha Ha
That looks a great meal. Jo x


Thank you for yet another fascinating post...you always make me feel better after reading them.
Naomi, forget dusting...you get used to it and now, living alone I only bother when I have visitors and not always then. People are the important ones in our life.
Amanda, I HATE ironing but love freshly ironed bedding and at this time, I am trying hard to do it immediately! This is because I had left it so long that the pile kept toppling over! When I did tackle it, I ironed 15 Tshirts, and six sheets (but only the turn over bit) plus other stuff.
PS I'm 72 years old so one survives even when the housework is not done! And I'm still knitting, crocheting sometimes, gardening and lots of other things I like to try. Love my IPad.

Lyn Zalk

Ah Lucy be soft with yourself!!! Dust will always accumulate but a lovely and flavorful home cooked meal does not make nor serve itself! You have created something wonderful for your family to enjoy and that they will do!!!! Worry not about dust and cluttered shelves as long as you are spending so much time adding flavors and Love to your nightly meals! You ROCK!!!

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