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April 30, 2014


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Hi Lucy
The dandelions got their reputation for making you wet the bed because of the French name for them which is "pissenlit" which literally means wee in bed!!
Love the mandala.


I love dandelions too, but whenever we bring them in and put them in a vase, its not long before they close their little petals up tight just like they have gone all shy!
Can't wait to start a mandala, but making myself wait until I have finished some other projects off first.
Thank you for being ever inspiring...


Yes we were told they made you wet the bed too! they reckon a weed is just a flower in the wrong place, I love to see daisies in the lawn too. Love the mandala.


......also, Dandelions are a diuretic so that's probably where the saying came from.


..oh heavens, so maybe I have it wrong! hehe

Nies Henstra-Sagel - Boskoop - the Netherlands

Today in the car, my husband asked me, while he was driving: What's blooming there?? Dandelions dear, I said and then he said: But those are supposed to be yellow! Well, they are finished and what you see is the seed..... So here in Holland we're even faster then in UK.


Just love the colors of your life, Lucy! Isn't it amazing how a few dandelions can brighten up your day. As always, lovely photos.


Lovely mandala! I just made one using the same Spring Mandala pattern that you used for inspiration - such a lovely pattern!
The colours you've used are really effective!
Maria x

Alison Kalotka

Haha Lucy - I'm not convinced that it's the 4yr old that likes the fun that the handle brings in the corn mill!! I think mum has fun too!! The leaves of dandelions are fab in salad, but I too was told that if you picked them you could wet the bed.


What a lovely walk home with your little man. You will miss him when he goes to school. It reminds me of happy afternoons with my littlest boy when he was the only one left at home.


The trick to get dandelions to stay open when put in a vase is to pierce a hole in them by poking a needle through the bottom, green part of the flower. I can't stay away from picking them either, in my vase they are joined by forget-me-nots and dumb nettles.


What wonderful walks you have around your place! I also love the way you put together colours- can't wait to do your mandala pattern:)


Yes we use to call the 'wet the beds' but they are sunny!
p.s you don't know of any patterns for a crochet milk/sugar covers with beads?

Winwick Mum

My youngest wants to blow the seeds off every dandelion clock she spots. I'm spending a lot of time chasing her out of the garden! xx


Oh yes to wet the bed ... hope you don't tonight Lucy for having picked those dandelions hahahaha ... loving them on the table with your mandala and of course yes pretty please to the pattern x lots of love Joy x


My mother told us not to pick dandelions because the sap stains your hands, so a bit more practical than bed-wetting myths! My 2-year-old is very excited about blowing the seeds from the dandelion clocks at the moment. He calls them huff-puffers :)


I was driving home this morning in thick, heavy mist and the verge in the middle of the road was magical - absolutely laden with sparkling dandelion clocks catching the misty dew! I wonder if yours will go to seed?

Marion L

Hah - we have a matching "bouquet" which my girls picked on the way home from school and nursery yesterday. Clearly I hadn't heard of the wetting the bed warning!


haha -- i picked dandelions last night, too! however, i dug up the entire plants and threw them into the yard recycling bag for pick-up by the garbage man today. we'll see what weeds grow in their place . . .


do you know you can make really nice jam of these flowers. I made it last week, it takes like honey.
in the early days they called it poor man honey.
this weed is a very healthy one, You can eat/use every part of it and it helps for a lot of diseases.


A pet subject of mine!!! I always feel so sorry for the poor old dandelion because it gets such bad press. It's a lovely cheerful little yellow flower with so many layers of petals. When you see fields and verges full of them, the expanse of yellow is so sunny and it's such a shame that they only seem destined for a squirt of weedkiller. Three cheers for the humble dandelion I say! In a bunch they look lovely on your new mandala mat :)
B x

Cockney Blonde

What a lovely impromptu 'bouquet', x


Lucy, you might like this blog by the Sussex Wildlife Trust, devoted to the wonderful dandelion :) also explains a bit about the wetting the bed theory...



I love dandelions too! So vibrant and rebellious looking.
They do have a diuretic effect, taking about 5 hours to work, so if you drink dandelion tea late at night..!


I always say a weed is just a flower out of place, well that's my excuse about our garden, although we do now have a wild flower border, good to see mandalitis is still spreading through blog land, they are so addictive and pretty.
Clare xx

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