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March 24, 2014


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my father was taught to sing "on ilkley moor" by a bunch of expats hanging out and drinking at the quinta bates in arequipa, peru, in the 1930s, and sang it everywhere for the rest of his life. thanks for the memory!


Lucy, as a Yorkshire lass myself, Harrogate, I am well accustomed to the Ilkley Moor.... song and now I can't get it out of my head too!! ""Where hast tha' bin since I saw thee..." oh lovely lovely. Beautiful day here too in Cumbria (we moved for the fells) and such a glorious light. Enjoyed your day as much as my own. Thanks for sharing. Karen. xx

Angela-Southern USA

Oh, such a lovely site, thanks for sharing Lucy. I too could not be without hills and mountains long, being raised near them I'm homesick when none are in site. We've been fortunate this spring without the vast fluctuations of temps for the daffodils to last a very long time, which I'm extremely glad, since they are my favorite, in a very long list of flowers I love. lol Hope it's a very sunny week for you, and hope L.B. is all better soon.xx


What a lovely day! I was a at uni in Bradford and know Ilkley fairly well, for one of my housemates' birthdays we blindfolded him and walked to the top of the Cow and Calf, he was fairly shocked at the top!
How nice to see all that sun shine today too


Such cruelty to put that song in my head! *pierces own ear drums to escape torture*


Nothing worse than a ear worm, the views look amazing, I love the blue of the sky this time of year, it was frosty down here this morning to, but soon warmed up spent the afternoon sowing some sweetpea seeds ready for summer.
Clare x

Paula Castro

It's funny: "Contigo" means "with you" in Portuguese ;)


You reminded me of all the bus trips i went on as a young lass. Ilkley moor b'tat was one of the bus sing songs we did along with ten green bottles and the quartermaster store. Such fun. Thanks for sharing.

Jen in Tennessee

I love the vocals link you gave... Unexpected but so fun! *Sigh* I'd really love to go back to school just to study England, Ireland & Scotland, and all the awesomeness found within!

Joanne Roberts

We love to get out and about. That looks a great leg stretch. Jo x


What a lovely day out, and what a treat to have your littlest boy to yourselves. I bet he loved being the only one there.


Darn it indeed - now I have "ear worm"..... And I didn't dare click on your link.... Off to play something else at a very loud volume to try and drown out Ilkley! :-) Looks like you had a wonderful day though - it has been glorious hasn't it? Jude.x


What a lovely place! nice to blow the cobwebs away and a lovely pub lunch to boot!! little B looks like a real boy (not in the pinocchio way lol) now - not a toddler anymore!! a bit of sunshine and flowers makes all the difference doesn't it??

Sue kerkin

you have made me homesick again:) How I love the moors of Lancashire and Yorkshire... nothing beats them. We are sweltering here in Brisbane, I don't think this heat and humidity is ever going to end. Sue K xxx


"llkley Moor" always morphs into "Uncle Tom Cobbley and all" in our house - wrong moor, wrong county.....I don't know why! Looked like a lovely spot for a day out; I stared at my computer screen all day :( Hope Little B is feeling better after all that fresh air xx


When I tried to sound it out I realized "Ilkley Moor" was sung by Tristan and his friends in "All creatures great and small". I never knew what it was or meant!!

Winwick Mum

We enjoyed rocks and wild wind this weekend too, although we were in Derbyshire. "Ilkley Moor" is such a strange song complete with snakes and other weird stuff. A song that gets stuck in your head is a called an "earworm" so that probably fits quite nicely :-) xx

Jennifer Crewe

Oh Lucy, thanks for sharing. Way over here in Western Australia your post has bought tears to my mind remembering Ilkley Moor. Such beautiful photographs of the daffodils and canal side. I miss that type of beauty here where the summer is seeming never ending and everything is so dry. Also when I was a young girl we used to drive over Ilkley Moor with us kids and dad singing"on Ilkely Moor barh t'at" loved when the worms will cum and eat thae up" . I can't write the accent nor speak it but sure can hear it my head. Now I am homesick for my dear Harrogate and surrounds.

Lynda M Otvos

Such a lovely way to spend a day with J and Little B. Despite low energy feelings, the sun and the brisk air made for delightful photos. Thanks so much for sharing, Lucy; today is stunning here in Northern California too.


Enjoyed sharing your day as a Yorkshire lass! In my 60's! Lovely scenery with perfect sky. Very wet cold day here in Cornwall but ventured out with a good friend and coffee in my raspberry coloured Contigo! Getting late now & song still going round in my head .... Arrrggghhh :))

Elaine Lewis

'Contigo' is 'with you' in Spanish too x


I was just going to ask about that song and then I arrived at your last paragraph. As a Canadian who has never been across the Pond, I'm not sure where I first heard that song. I think it was on our Ontario public broadcasting channel which airs lots of wonderful BBC programs. Thanks for making me feel as if I was there, too. ;-)


Stunning, those rocks look great, I totally understand what you mean by wanting to hug them and run away at the same time. yuo write from the heart Lucy, i love that. today i enjoyed the sunrise here in the south and made a fold away when not in use bread basket in glorious colours to match the crochet oil cloth cushion that you inspired me to make, pop over and see, lots of photos too! http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/breadbasket-for-outdoor-living.html

Carolyn Jackson

Thankyou Lucy, I loved that glimpse ofYorkshire, now I can sing Ilkla Moor Baht'At !!!! enjoyed finding Swinsty Resevoir on my map too. Love your blogs.

Carolyn NZ,


Sounds like a very lovely day. I always love the canal pictures - the boats are so brightly painted. It always surprises me how going somewhere new, even just for the day and not very far away, can really feel like a get-a-way and raise your spirits. And a good meal always helps too!

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