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February 17, 2014


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Bree @ meandmy2guys

I unfortunately went off Mollies Makes too. I only buy it occasionally now. I still quite enjoy Simply Crochet though. Especially now you're in it! ;) I would love it if you'd stop by my blog: www.meandmy2guys.blogspot.com I always have something different going on. I love using bakers twine in my crochet.

Teresa Kasner

Oh.. I love the ribbons, especially the "LOVE" one! Yes, it's fun to find new stuff surfing the web. I have never had the opportunity to buy Mollie Makes.. but would love to see the Simply Crochet that you're in!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Love Homemakery! and love Homemaker magazine. Much more relevant to me and far more inspiring than Mollie Makes which is all too perfect for my slapdash haveago crafting style :-)


Snap! I no longer buy Mollie Makes but did subscribe to the crochet magazine because of you Lucy. At the moment my current inspiration comes from the crochet mood blanket group. So much talent and colour combination. I just love it. I wrote a blog post about it, how it started Nd shared dome people's crochet. Pop over and let me know what you think. http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/crochet-mood-blanket-2014.html?m=1


I come here for my dose of colour and inspiration and you did not fail to disappoint today! Also flipping through Instagram when I have a spare moment to splurge frivolously in random photo browsing can bring a pop of colour and imagination to my day!

- J

Kelly Wood

Hi. Thanks for the heads up about The homemakery and Mollie makes. I have been waiting for the latest issue. I know what you mean about the recent publications.
I don't tend to buy online unless it's recommended and I know the product I want. I like the adventure of going out on foot to find treasures. I will take a look at The Homemakery though, the ribbons look fab. Your blog is always inspiring x


Where do I go for inspiration and eye candy? Why HERE of course!!! What can beat the lovely Lucy at Attic24?!?

Debbie Hunt

The Eternal Maker website is also very very good!


a lovely day and walk ... we did the same walk when we were in Skipton and I had a big fat chocolate brownie from a paper bag in the woods and we will do that walk again when we are in Skipton in September. Lovely flowers and a lovely new site with gorgeous ribbons. Have a lovely week off with the family and a good blog for inspiration if ever you need any is AtTiC24- Lucy writes it :-) xx lots of love Joy xx


I always say, a lot of the trendy magazines today are all style and no substance!

carol partridge

Good on Mr Attic , getting you all out of your p.j's. and out for a bit of fresh air, ha ha. Hope he has time for relaxing this week too.
I love reading your blog, Lucy.


We walked this afternoon too, around the country park with our collies - it was a bit drab and damp, but the catkins were amazing. I gave up MMakes too, before the first 6 months were up - it was about 6 pages of photos of nothing much and a too-expensive price tag. I just get the December issue for the calendar now! Enjoy half term with your three little people. I so remember half terms and it's such a joy for me not to feel under pressure to relax (I finished teaching last year, too) - now I can relax all week knowing that I can do it all again next week as well! Roll on Spring!


Sounds like a lovely walk. Some of us were still in pjs at lunchtime here today. I do love the winter so much. More and more every year in fact. Maybe I'm turning into more and more of a homebody. Your little pickings from your walk reminded me that when I was little I used to make a nature tray when I came back from a walk. Lots of little natural findings and twigs in jam jars. I really must do this with my little people.


I feel the same about Molly Makes I buy the odd one, usually if I'm tempted by the free gift. I love you're sunny table with it pretty posy and those lovely clemetines enjoy half term with your family
Clare x

Alexandra Rose

Where do I go for inspiration? Attic 24 blog, of course!
Not commenting much, but loving it just the same..:)
I'm really into all things gypsy and folk art at the mo' ~ those ribbons (which are a bit braid~like) are PERFECT. Thanks for sharing, Lucy!


Well, any post that talks casually about taking a walk along a path that goes anywhere NEAR a castle is worth reading in my book! This is the type of talk that makes most of us here in the U.S. long to visit the U.K. (... well, this, AND all those Masterpiece Theatre and Sherlock Holmes/Jeremy Brett television shows that make every inch of England look so beautiful and perfect, you just want to throw yourself down on the ground and roll around in it!)

Angela-Southern USA

Those ribbon are to die for! If I had them I don't think I could actually use them. lol Just display them as eye candy. :))All the inspiring places I go to you already know of. School is out here too. The youngest is off camping with friends (a warm spell), so the house is quite for now. Such a shame about the trees, somehow it hurts the heart to see them damaged. Happy cozy, lazy week!

Lynn D-T

I don't think it's very nice to be needlessly down on a craft publication, especially now that you write a page for a 'rival'. Isn't it usually in the crafters heart to spread the joy of creating, even if its not something one would normally do/like. A small opinion, but a valid one I think.


I too am in a very slobby half term mood, I love being in my pyjamas and having some time where I don't need to do anything particular.

Lynn D-T, I don't think Lucy was "needlessly down" about mollie makes, she simply said why it didn't suit her, also I don't think Simply crochet is a rival as they have the same publisher and different audiences

Cristal @ Dapple Design

It really is the simple things like seasonal stems and clementines that make a day special. Like you, I bring little bits home from walks and fawn over them for a while. My latest finding is a pocketful of sea glass from a certain beach I know.


Simply Crochet and Mollie Makes are from the same publishing company - Future Publishing Ltd.

Nods head and folds arms ;-)

Tbh I've also asked my OH not to renew my annual birthday pressie year of sub to MM as I realise I never really make any of the makes and haven't felt inspired to either. They seem very much aimed at quirky fashion dressers who are skinny aged 20 year olds. Fine. But I'm not.

Simply Crochet for me any day. Especially the next issue. The next issue with .......well you'll see ;-)

Alison Kalotka

Ooh I have been a Craftseller subscriber from the beginning and I too am finding it a bit crappy if I'm honest. It used to be brilliant but now they are trying to turn it into a Mollie Makes or a Making. Only had that subscription through my TESCO vouchers but wasn't impressed enough to keep it on. I have my Simply Crochet one and that makes me happy. I was considering changing to Mollie Makes but I think as money is tight I will just keep the one..


For beautiful fabrics go to Brenda Higgs Favourite Fabrics shop on eBay.


I have the same issue with Mollie Makes. While I do buy it if it has a darling pattern in it, I usually just browse to see if any ads catch my eye. The same is with home decorating magazines... sometimes the ads yield better results than the magazine itself! If I'm looking for inspiration on the web, usually I end up visiting this blog and Bunny Mummy.

lily boot

I too have stopped buying Mollie Makes - it was so pretty and exciting when it first came out. Oh I was smitten. And I completely agree about the advertisements - really inspiring! But a couple of years on, I find that the projects are really simplistic and unoriginal. I completely understand that it's good to have simple things for beginners, but I've never noticed anything challenging - something complex that requires a much higher level of skill - something to aim for! Something for avid crafters to learn from. I love Pieceworks for that - nowhere near as trendy as MM, but wow! does it challenge and inspire. And I don't think it's unpleasant to offer a thoughtful critique of something. Sychophancy is much more debilitating to the creative endeavour!

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