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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x



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February 05, 2014


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I totally understand you feeling of parcels if yarn arriving and the excitement if all the endless possibilities. I bumped into a fellow liker of the Attic today whilst waiting for my son to finish swimming. I did not know her but she began talking to me as she recognised a Attic Lucy courgul bag when she saw one. Just live all your things Lucy. Please pop over and see my hits and pieces and some homages to you on the blog eclectichomelife.blogspot.com

PS I too have red boots. On my blog!!!


The boots and poncho and yarn are all such delicious colours! The cobbled street is amazing, makes for a lovely photo with the boots too! Thanks for the sharing the happiness!


Mmmmm, more yummy yarn! Thanks for the great eye candy! Congrats on finishing your poncho! I can't wait to see it!! Ooo, I just LOVE your new boots- and the cobblestones + moss = simply magical. You are very blessed to have such a pretty ground near you :D lol!

Judy Jones

I so enjoy reading your blog, seeing your beautiful creations, reading your Simply crochet articles and admiring your red boots - absolutely beautiful I feel your happiness xx


Aww loving you're new boots, boots nothing like parcels in the post. looking forward to seeing the poncho pesky rain go away.
Clare xx


Such beautiful yarn, I wish I had a winder to wind yarn all day long it would be such fun!!!

- J

Nikki bee

Whooo. I have got my very first yarn parcel coming in the post this week. Just Compleated my very first crochet project(a granny square blanket) now I'm addicted! Thanks Lucy for being such an inspiration :0)


Love those boots. There's something so appealing about red footwear I agree.

Jess Gray

Love my Fly boots!! So comfy & funky too!


Happy coulors, happy days!


I too have red boots and a red coat .
ExCePt - The boots are beautiful knee-high Dr Marten boots (although they don't look like it - matt finish and a zip, no yellow stitching or anything) bought on ebay only worn once...and they LEAK!! They positively suck up water when it rains and soak my feet :op
But I can't give them up, they just have to be fair-weather footwear.


Love the boots! I used to have a pair of red suede clogs that I completely wore out. Loved to wear them : )
Love your yarn colors too. Looking forward to pics of the poncho. Who could wear that and not be happy ?!


I love your red boots, they're lovely! Can't wait to have a proper look at your poncho too!


I've got red boots ...... love them and love yours :-) having a happy, happy Lucy has just put a big smile on my face :-) ... wishing you buckets of luck and love for your workshop on Saturday and I will be thinking of you ... xx lots of love Joy xx


They are wonderful! What a fun color to wear during the whiteness of a snowy winter! :) and yes, my heart goes pitter-patter when I see such lovely colored yarn in a basket...all waiting to be touched and admired...and used :D m.

Winwick Mum

I used to wear red Kickers all the time but never replaced them when they wore out - perhaps it's time to look at getting some coloured boots again! Hope it all goes well at your workshop - I'm sure it'll be a lovely day! xx


Love your boots! TOTALLY relate to the yarn euphoria! Can't wait to see your poncho. The sneak peaks look fabulous!! Thanks for all your colorful inspiration!


first, i love your blog. i love your color sense and i struggle with color so that is great. i love that you give the brand names of yarns, so i can attempt to get them too. i wonder if you could answer a question about the essentials merino. can you put it in the dryer?
thanks again for a great blog

Anne Marie

I posted before I used to have emerald green boots when nobody wore them, knee length and flat. I LOVED them.

I've just been on the website and seen some lovely wedges from Fly which I WANT!!!!!

Winwick Mum, I used to have red Kickers too.


You just can't stop bragging about the things you buy can you?

spend spend spend spend spend - then tell the world about it. It just shows what a shallow person you are.


Thank you so much, Lucy, for ALL your happy posts and reminding me to enjoy the little things! I'm a neutrals girl but I love your use of colour & am starting to experiment!


I had to smile reading your Lucy because I too had such a parcel a couple of weeks ago (no,no not the yarn one!).It was also a pair of shorty boots and also purchased online in the sale (I try not pay full price for anything these days )mine are a delicious shade of...... PURPLE!!! and I love them x


WOW WOW and WOW !! Love all the HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY you have posted today !! I just went on deramores.com last night and finally ordered your beautiful color collection of DK for your beautiful stripy blanket that I have been wanting to make in FOREVER ! Looks like I may just have to sneak a peak at the merino yarn also (good thing Mothers Day is just around the corner HEHE) I was able to purchase the other as a belated Birthday gift to one self 😊😊. Also wanted to say that FINALLY after all this time of reading your fabulous blog I was finally able to not only purchase some wonderful yarn but also able to DONATE A CUPPA !! That makes me even happier then the yarn. To finally show my appreciation for all you do for all of us !! Out of all the blogs I follow I have to say yours is truly my favorite blog !! Hope the rain soon let's up for you so we can see that gorgeous poncho !! Have a wonderful evening !


Oh my gosh ! I just seen a post by another person by the name of Jo !! May I say that she must be the most absolutely RUDEST PERSON EVER !! If she doesn't like some thing you blog about then why even read your blog !!! That's the point of blogging it's to SHARE with us things going on in ones life and if it just happens to be some thing you were finally able to purchase for yourself and makes you happy and you want to share it with us then you should be able to do so !! I never see any where that it's stated that you have to follow any persons blog ! If she doesn't like what you share then she shouldn't read your blog and keep her rudeness to herself !! I am just on awe over her comment !! I never seen any one before post any thing so rude to Lucy !! Maybe some one has as I don't get to follow up daily on the blogs but this is the FIRST time I ever seen any one say any thing so RUDE !! What a shame we can't block people like this out of our world completely !! I love that you share things that you were able to purchase weather it's a "cycle up" or new !! It's absolutely wonderful for any one that can actually be able to buy some thing for themselves. Especially a mother which personally a mother of 4 children I know every dime is usually spent on the children so it's GREAT that you finally got some thing you been wanting for so long ! Your Red Boots ! GOOD FOR YOU LUCY I AM HAPPY FOR YOU !! Normally I don't say any thing about some one else's comments but that just stumbled me over !! Lucy you bring so much joy to so many of us please don't ever stop sharing your HAPPY HAPPY with us !!
Big Hugs !!!

meo my crochet

I love your upbeat happy posts and your colourful crochet is such a great source of inspiration to me. I also love getting glimpses of your surroundings in the U.K. I live in Canada which is a very different sort of place. Thanks for sharing such fun with everybody.

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