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January 04, 2014


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what a lovely post! my first subscriber copy of Simply Crochet arrived today, and all I have read so far is your article! fabulous! Cant wait to read future ones!
Love your christmas decorations too - ours are a similar colour theme!


Wishing you a wonderful year, Lucy! How are you going to top the excitement of last year - The Studio, Yarndale?! I can't wait to find out :)
Jones x

Ali (Patchwork Fairy)

Just taking a break from my first Ripple blanket and saw this post! It's funny how all of a sudden the house *needs* to return to normal and the space is soooo nice again after the palava of Christmas! Looking forward to following your 2014 journey. x

Silly Little Sheep

Happy new year to you and your family and all that you love! I returned from the UK today, we had a lot of rainy dark weather there, but we did exercise and cycled and had a great time full of tea and watching TV :) We got ourselves a calendar, but I am in no hurry to tidy up Christmas, even though I am starting work in two days.
And the magazine feature - if that was me, I would have ripped the envelope up immediately!!! Well done, you are so successful!!! :)


I packed Christmas away too today, what a job. My mag arrived today too and I straight away read your pages. You done good, looking forward to next month already :)


I got the mag today too.Great article by you.Congratulations.I fancy doing the Moonflower Hexi blanket(just to use up wool from the last blanket,then I won't have enough,order more and so it goes on.......)What is it about blanket making?Obsessive!


loved your article in Simply Crochet. I am itching to start a new ripple blanket but must finish a few other things first. I've just finished my crochet deer head though so feeling pleased with myself about that!

We took our Christmas decorations down today - always a little sad but so good to get space back again!

Mary Bohrer

Stopped by our local fabric store today and issue 14 was there! Rushed home but alas it has not arrived at my home yet :-(

Rachael Iddon

Oh yes, putting Christmas away is not fun is it? We put our stuff away on the 2nd this year so that we could have a nice jaunt away to friends and come home to a tidy house. It won't stay that way for long... Happy new year to you and yours.


The way you spend your day with your family at cosy attic24 looks so dreamy and perfect to me!
Too bad I can't get that magazine here, I'd love to read your article. Your posts are always so inspiring I am sure the article is too.
Happy 2014!


It must be an incredibly surreal feeling to open a magazine you already love and see yourself in it.


We still have to face the job of taking all the decs down, wishing you all a wonderful twenty fourteen (those two words together just sounds so wonderful) I sure it's going to be a good one.
Clare xx

Cherie Chudyk

I took down nearly all our Christmas decorations today but had to keep the tree up for just one more night, it's so pretty with white twinkly lights, white glittery baubles and crocheted snowflakes(thanks to you for the pattern) in white sparkly wool. Looking forward to reading your blog in 2014 and being inspired some more. Thank You!


Thank you for your inspiration. We are in the same mode here of grey, cloudy, and snowy weather here. So when I saw the book you read, I was able to download a Kindle version and viola! instant gratification. My my how digital can be such bliss.....:)


Decorations packed away here - now just waiting for you to land on my doormat!!!!!!!


I subscribe but very sadly my copy did not arrive today :-( , hurry up Monday because I am bursting for a read!! Well done on getting your own column which is very well deserved. I am very much looking forward to sharing 2014 with you and wish you lots of luck in your new ventures and dreams xx lots of love Joy xx


Happy New Year and all the best for 2014. I do hope the weather starts to clear up a bit over your way. It always seems to take so much effort to take down the decorations, but it is lovely to have so much more space.


I can't tell you how much excitement there is in this house when there's a swathe of bubble wrap to be popped. There is nothing that we put more energy into. I must look out for the magazine, it will be lovely to see you in print. I'm putting away the tree and things on Monday when the littles are back at school. One more precious day...

 Saskia Bird

Thank you for writing this post! The horrid weather and being stuck in the house has made me feel really blue, but you've reminded me of how good it can be to stay cosy and warm inside. On a different note, where did you get your family calendar from, it looks lovely?

Ada Bea

Yes it really is stay at home, snuggle down with a good book....or hook, isn't it! We've hardly left the house, if fact today I'm not even sure if we turned some of the lamps off its been so dark......at least when the tree was up it didn't matter if the fairy lights were left on!
I'm starting to crave spring, those little yellow flowers popping up, and the lighter evenings, it will come in it's own good time. For now I'm just glad I'm cosy and warm and really feel for those who aren't. Take care....I can't wait until Thursday when I will be popping into the supermarket to pick up a copy of Simply Crochet and see what you've been up too! :) xxx


I'm also loving candles in these grey dreary days we've been having. Like you say, it never seems to get fully light. Our favourite hobby of late has been rainbow hunting - one benefit of rainy days is that you do get some pretty ones. Hope you're all holding up OK in the storms x

Teresa Kasner

I worked today on the 2nd push of putting Christmas away.. the first day was all the ornaments on the tree, all wrapped in tissue. Today I put away the porcelain Santa's village houses that were on my grand piano. It sure looks plain after all the glitter and color and lights! Enjoy your home time.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


How amazing it must have been to see yourself in that magazine! Wow! :D Congratulations again, I shall be picking up a copy a.s.a.p! :D All the very best for 2014, dear Luce! xxxxx

Jan McCann

This year will be the one where I start to crochet ! Happy new year, and thanks for all the inspiration- in hooky, homemaking and being contented! X


Holding onto the holiday. Packing up next week. Looking forward to 2014. Meg

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