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January 14, 2014


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Amy at love made my home

I hope that your plan goes to plan and that you get everything that you want out of it out of it!xx

Nicki Rochead

Good Luck with the new routine. It looks as though it's paying dividends and, more importantly that you enjoy it!


The poncho and the studio are both looking wonderful, life with ME means I have to spend my life on a structured pacing plan 10 minutes of one thing them a rest to make the energy last, would love to be more carefree with my time. Enjoy you're morning.
Clare x


Your Studio is looking rather lovely! I think I'd be down there every day if I had the time - mainly to have one of those delicious hot chocolates from the cafe. Mmm mmmm just thinking back to my visit there during Yarndale :)
Poncho is coming along a treat!
Jones x


Love it! So beautiful! And so glad you are making time for yourself and to be creative. I am forcing myself to be intentional with creativity time too!

Michele Boucher-Hines

You may not want to hear this, but it sounds like you have instituted your studio time much as anyone else would a part-time job. By the way, your studio is inspiring, so for someone like yourself who has such creativity trying to escape, it's the perfect place.

Enjoy this special time - it's a blessings!

Martha Neave

Okay, what is a "grumpy mule" latte?

Andrina T

A Grumpy Mule Latte? Did they name that after me? LOL I LOVE the name! And all that yarn on the shelving...is that all yours or does part of it belong to your studio-mate? Delicious! I'd be down there (or is it up since there's a hill?) every chance I got!

Sara Jenkins

I hope you enjoy your new routine. The idea of sitting in the sun and crochet sounds perfect. I'd have a hot chocolate though - and one of the wonderful flapjacks I had when I visited when we came to Yarndale. :) x


I'm trying to manage my time better too! There's far to much time spent thinking and planning and definitely not enough time actually doing! Love the picture of your chair at the window with the sun shining on all that yarn. It's just heaven! :O)xx


Such a beautiful photo of you crocheting in the sunlight. Setting a specific time for creating is a great idea. It means it will definitely get done, and no doubt all of the other things will be fitted in somehow as well. Especially if you keep drinking Grumpy Mule Lattes! Love the poncho by the way, it's coming along beautifully.


I've been attempting to manage my time a bit better-I find it hard to get on with what needs doing when there's crochet I want to do but also when I'm in the 'doing stuff zone', it's hard to take a break and just relax!

Your poncho looks fabulous. Can't wait to see the 'ta-da'!

Angela-Southern USA

Before popping by to see if you had a new post. The youngest and I were having same sort of chat, about time management. Ha!A busy, busy year for her in school, wanting to do everything, and learning what is most important and what can and cannot be done, and how she can accomplish more if she manages well. A good lesson for us all, and one I seem to re-learn a lot.lol The studio looks cozy with all the sunlight, and the poncho is looking fab!Happy studio time!


Sounds like a fantastic morning, I too have a tendency to fritter time unless I have a definite plan, your studio mornings plan sounds like a great idea, lots of thinking and organising time,perfect


How lovely to have to schedule crochet time, instead of working it in whenever you can, like many of us. May I ask where the calendar comes from?

TracyR (Australia)

Lucy, I am now big on "Me Time" - it took me a long time to realise that if I didn't create it for myself, no-one else is going to, that's for sure! There will always be a million other things that we need to be doing, but I've found that I am a far happier person if I structure some "Me Time" into every week :)

Lynne Gill

Ha! Well done you for managing to organise yourself - I am 20 years older than you and STILL cannot manage it consistently! Hope you find it works well for you. Studio lookin' really good and welcoming, and I know JUST what you mean by sitting in the sunny spot. Oh, enjoy every minute, Lucy they are very precious! Lx


So happy you are scheduling studio time. You'll find your rhythm in no time at all. Loving the peeks at your glorious poncho! xo


Your studio is so lovely with all that color! Your poncho is look fabulous and so cozy...will you be doing a tut on this in the future? Cannot wait to see the winter wreath as you make it.


You really are my type of gal! I also grapple with time management but the one most important thing I have learned about time is that you cannot make it. You have to take it! Not steel it or squeeze it or squash it or buy it! You just have to dam well take it! Be brave Lucy and take take take it, for yourself! (Sounds selfish and terrible but that's not true. It's just sensible!)
Jenny, Australia

carol partridge

I really like to read your blog. Its colourful and interesting, but I have to agree with an earlier reader....you may not be able to keep up the 3 mornings a week. Don't let it turn into a HAVE TO...or you will take the enjoyment out out of it. Go with the flow. If you don't get there one morning....so what? You already have a timetable. School and your family. A little ME time is just what you need so don't pressure yourself.
Best wishes Carol.

Peta-Ann Cowan

Thinking while working is so great. I always have a notebook at hand and scribble ideas down as I go or they vanish into the muddle of thoughts.....it's an excuse for buying lush notebooks a real big failing of mine. Love your blog it's my dip into the UK each week. Regards Peta Cowan


I'm the opposite, I chafe under a lack of structure and don't know what to do with myself. I used to cry during summer vacation as a child because I just wanted to be busy! I know, it sounds crazy. You have to do what works for you so that you can get things done.


Even though everything is more organised now is still sounds like you're having lots of fun... 😊

Anne Marie

My attempts to organise my time never come to anything. I have my Mum of 93 living 5 miles away and I have to go down to her every two days to just sit with her and chat and keep her company. She does everything, never stops, puts me to shame. She does it for something to do. I never have enough time to do what I want to do, let along doing something for doings sake.

I've just finished a knitting project, and one sock, and WANT to start on my second blanket. When, oh when, can I do that? I'm also starting to crochet a sweater in Icelandic wool, simply because knitting is so SLOW!

Again, love the colours in your studio, I'm so glad I've seen it for real and seen just how beautiful a space it is.

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