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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married, stay at home Mum with three young children. We live in a 100year old Victorian house in the North of England which we are slowly renovating, and here I spend my days :: mothering, decorating, crocheting, baking, sewing, crafting and gardening. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world. xxxx


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December 11, 2013


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It's been a beautiful day today, I love your sunset photos. Hope you're ok, let's get together soon. H x


I wish December was, maybe six weeks long, then you could really enjoy the run up to Christmas. You always seem sooo busy!! Sarah

marianne rees

Hi I love the reindeer such a good idea on short notice. can you tell me what are the ornaments on the tree that look like orange slices?

The photos of your cold weather make it easier to get through our heat heare at this time of year, 44 degrees one day next week!!!!

Winwick Mum

Love the reindeer, he has such a happy face! It's hard to remember to breathe when Christmas is approaching at breakneck speed, isn't it? Luckily, crocheting is a gentle, rhythmic meditation that makes us slow down and take life one stitch at a time! xx


Yes, it's very easy to get sucked in to the bustle and busyness of pre Christmas craziness. I'm trying not to... as I eye up the stack of half crocheted card decorations, the cake that needs marzipanning, the presents to be wrapped, and those yet to be sourced or made... It never ends. Glad you've managed to take time to enjoy the skies, we've had some gorgeous sunrises here too.


its only Christmas! lets just enjoy the glitter and the christmas music and the true meaning of the season, and be thankful for everything we have, so many have so little, lets not make Christmas a slog!


I wonder if I could persuade my hubby to take a drive your way on Sunday. I would love to see your studio. x

Ada Bea

Oh Lucy.....I'm so addicted to those Pom Poms, everyone I know is getting a Pom Pom garland for Christmas, whether they want one or not!!! My sister sent me 11 balls o that drops muscat yarn, they are beautiful....can wait to use them, would they be good for little stars? Take care Lovely! :) x


Christmas is hurtling round the corner at an alarming rate! But it's this time of year, I find, which brings some of the sweetest memories so I try to sit back and enjoy it a bit. I'd love to see a pattern for those LLSs, they're so cute :)

Cathy x


Lucy, the Studio is a credit to you. It looks so warm,inviting and full of energy. When I have a lot to organize I make a prioritized list to free up my brain space and then it's much easier to "live in the moment" and accomplish tasks. I'm just happy to be able to do what I 'can' do. Not what 'I think' or 'other people think' I should be doing! Your wonderful imaginative attention to detail will be a great help with the lists! Yes, breathing is of great benefit!!!

Angela-Southern USA

I think December is the fastest month of the year. (Not if you're a child of course!) lol I been baking Christmas goodies to give, and crocheting gifts as well, then the shopping is still not complete, the waiting with baited breath that the post will be on time. I don't see how you work in open studio days as well. You must be superwoman! Yes, a good reminder to all...breathe, and enjoy! :)Love the lacy stars.


December is always packed...I am guarding my rare quiet moments! Your studio looks lovely and little man's sweater looks very sweet.


Love the sweatshirt and the stars and actually everything!

I like your description of how I am also feeling "a tide of mind anxiety"


The studio is looking wonderful and the jumper has made me smile. I love the look of the cotton, I'm a big fan as I can't wear wool. Beautiful photos Lucy, especially the one with the mince pie in it...


Oh I would love to see the pattern for the LLS's please

claire coffey

love your LLS's - I've just put up a similar arrangement of twigs with little lacy snowflakes - looking so pretty. enjoy the wintry days and just fit in what you can...for me, the housework is not the priority at the moment! x

Amy at love made my home

The jumper that you "just made" looks wonderful! You are amazing. Hope that the open studio goes really well, the little stars are just so cute! xx


Loved everything in this post! I'm hoping you get a chance to write up the LLS pattern as I would love to decorate my house with them for Christmas! The studio looks amazing! What a beautiful space you have made it for creating and making. Love the sweater too!


LLS are delightful! I love your blog, it always brings calm and colour!


It is such a busy, busy time of year, especially for children. I'm a teacher and there are so many things happening before the end of term, I'm not entirely sure how its all going to fit!
Your little lacy stars are beautiful, I've bee making lots of different stars recently on my commutes, sadly I lost a bag with my jolly holly leaves in on a recent train though!

Jacky Russell

We had our first Christmas Day on Sunday as one daughter is going to Australia for Christmas! So I have had to get organised earlier than usual - but we are doing it all again on the 25th! I love the little lacy stars x


Glad you're remembering to breathe and enjoy and reminding us too! Love the little stars. Made a garland yesterday for the beam above my fireplace... Looks lovely. Also paper snowflakes, I think you did once, for the window!! Keep warm & dry, glad Sunday went well... Take care xxx


Thought your stitching on the reindeer was incredibly neat. love your little stars. I have just posted 24 different snowflakes (crocheted) on my blog too! Love this time of year and your sunny outlook on life.



Lovely little stars. I'm excited to make some too if you pretty please write a pattern for us.

Katherine, NZ

I love those candy colours! I've just finished a garland of stars, all in red, to hang across my mantlepiece (same pattern as you used for your advent stars). Your Studio is looking lovely! And, great idea for Christmas jumper! Must remember that one as in New Zealand it would be a tad warm to have a jumper but this would work well on a t-shirt too. xx

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