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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married, stay at home Mum with three young children. We live in a 100year old Victorian house in the North of England which we are slowly renovating, and here I spend my days :: mothering, decorating, crocheting, baking, sewing, crafting and gardening. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world. xxxx


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December 04, 2013


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So so super cute, thanks for sharing
Clare x


Thanks for the pattern and it's wonderful how you tracked down the original idea source that inspired so many variations and credited her respectfully!

- J

Jo Roberts

I remember seeing that on Cozy Things and thought it was amazing. It is nice to have a little snippet for yourself. Jo x


You are great, Lucy!
I love too Cozy Things!
kisses from Catalonia!

Kashi Griffith

Lovely! I am thinking a bag made with these would be nice. Your coat is really nice.


Oh that shawl, so beautiful. You have found some really talented people and some wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing Lucy. I think I may have a go at your tiny squares for a mini blanket for my littlest boy's soft toys. This is a big step for me - I'm not at all good at crochet. But you do keep inspiring me, and I think it may be time to step out of my comfort zone. Once I've done a little blanket, maybe a shawl next..?

Samantha Rohrich

I love Cozy Things too! That is one of the blogs, including yours, that I jump with joy when I get an email that there has been updates! My top three all-time faves are yours, Cozy Things, and Posie Gets Cozy (http://www.rosylittlethings.typepad.com/)
Thanks for all the inspiration! :)


Thank you so much for sharing the little coat squares pattern Lucy. You're I real star.i might just have a go at some of these. Take care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

Angela-Southern USA

You are ever so generous, and respectful of others work Lucy. The jacket on Raverly is very much like one my oldest daughter had awhile ago, except it had granny squares(about 3 inches square) down the front (each side) and the rest was knitted. I'm thinking a tote with those along the top edge would look lovely with you coat...


I was so delighted with yesterday's post, because I have been slowly making wee squares since this summer after seeing Sidsel's coat on Ravelry. I also read Cozy Things, and it feels wonderful that people are taking one design and adapting it to their particular tastes. I love your blog because of your color sense and your whimsy. Thank you for sharing your bit of the world with the rest of us.

Sidsel J. Høivik

Your coat is soo nice. Very smart and original way to use the little squares.
Thank you for giving me credit for the inspiration and writing very nice things about my designs. Thank you for linking to my page. I see I already have some new followers there.
Best wishes to you. I will follow your blog from now on. ;-)


Thank you so much Lucy! You always write the best tutorials.

Rita Miller

Thank you for sharing with the world your easy to follow tutorials Lucy. I wonder if I shall live long enough to try all the yummy projects?! I also like Cozy Things and now I'll have to pop in @ Sidsel's!

Sandra Licher

Your coat is gorgeous. I can't believe you got such a wonderful vibrant color. I'll have to see if we have those dyes in the states here. The cuffs and pocket flaps put me right over the edge! Awesomely gorgeous now! I love refurbishing and taking old things and bringing them back to life no matter what it is. I've made rugs from old woolen clothes I've torn apart and cut into strips and the old saying "waste not, want not" did not fall on deaf ears with me. With the economy being strapped across the world for many of us, it has been a joy to see others re-purposing things into something even better than the original which is exactly what you did! Congratulations! Well done!


Thank you for the tutorial Lucy!!!!
I have to think where to use these lovely squares, as in JK is toooooo hot to wear a winter jacket!!!! ;oD
xxxxx Ale


I think your coat really fits your personality now. And it's kind of like a dab of springtime for these coming winter months. :)


thank you Lucy for the lovely post on your red coat, I would love to send you something, that was inspired by the coat, would you mind if you sent me your address so I could post it off to you.

Jenny Grant

It's lovely! And Sidsel is so inspiring! Where can we buy the pattern for her coat in English!!!


Hi Lucy
It is funny isn't it where inspiration comes from ? Sometimes it can be the most unlikely most random thing that plants a little seed.I agree with you that Sidsel's designs are stunning, the little knitted cardigan with crochet trims is just stunning.
Kate x

linda, Pembrokeshire

The coat is amazing - I want one !!! DO check out the Berger french crochet pattern for a crochet coat for 2-5 year olds. The body and sleeves are grey then the yoke and cuffs are little squares like yours. I bought the pattern book in france, then managed to get a translation of all terms on the internet. If I could add a picture of it I would. It turned out lovely.

Lynne Gill

I've just caught up with your gorgeous dye job and embellishment and I LOVE it! I did a make-over on my Molly Dancing jacket - lots of bright African fabrics round the cuffs, pocket flaps and hem,,,and up the back too! And I've added wool-felt diamonds to the cuffs and hem and borders of a soft green cardigan- it gets quite addictive I warn you! I'm impressed how well your coat took the dye - I've had some successes but also some fails where the stitching - usually polyester thread - doesn't take and it has stood out too much. Come on, next one please!!!


They are so cute!
Thank you for sharing!


Love the coat and the colours are just so cheerful, I love red, ME!


Your coat is beautiful, thank you for sharing where your inspiration comes from. I already read Cozy things and will have to look up Sidsel too. I think it's so important to say if something has influenced and inspired you, I don't always know where my ideas come from but if you do, it's great to see it.


I LOVE that hair band! Now where's my crochet hook.....(as if I didn't know!)

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