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November 30, 2013


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I think the skies over the last month have been spectacular - they make me want to run up to complete strangers and shout 'look up there' at them! Fortunately that hasn't happened - yet! Strange to think the shortest day is actually so near. Lovely to see all your festive crochet again - looking forward to the new tutorial. Keep warm x Jane


I live over the penines from you and we've hardly had any frost. it's quite tropical in the east ! I think the berries are an ornametal white rowan.

Bernadette Edens

It's even been cold here in Alabama, Lucy. I just loved the photos of the clouds! Do you remember the old song by Judy Collins? LOL Thank you for a lovely blog post! :)

Lynne Gill

No frost yet here in Norfolk, but by gum the temperature has dropped! And the days a re a we bit grey too - I 'd like a nice drop of blue sky and wintry sun, please! I love those little squares, they look kinda dinky and possibly even I could run a few of those up ..... they'd make a lovely garland, or tinsel trail for the tree. Well, not tinsel, but you know what I mean, a whole line of them draped through the branches. Or ......but you're going to tell us soon, aren't you!

Helen R

I too have been amazed by the fantastic skies that we've had lately Isn't it great that we can wow over such things! I find that I want to keep taking photos of them too. It's the 1st day of Advent tomorrow tomorrow. Can't wait to also get some of the festive stuff out of their boxes. Lovely to see yours Lucy. Am also looking forward to see your new tutorial. You continually inspire me.

Lisa G.

Wow - we haven't had icicles yet! And our sunset is an hour later than yours.
Beautiful photos, Lucy.


It looks like we had the caravan drained down at the right time this year. I love reading what you've been up to, starting the countdown to Christmas with all the festivities, decorations and crafting. Liz x


Lovely photos - yes, indeedy Winter has arrived! We haven't had your intense cold, but we've had a glistening frost overnight and clear starry skies. I think that tree might be a kind of crab apple. Not sure though - or maybe a kind of Rowan - Sorbus, I think they're called. I'm loving our White Birch tree at the moment, it's all bare but the branches are bursting with tiny catkin buds, just to remind us all that in a few months' time, the season will be changing again! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Chel C

Wow! No icicles yet but the temperature has dropped suddenly making our trees drop their leaves all in one go. I've unpacked the Christmas boxes and found my crocheted wreath from last year and my fire place garland - all inspired by you, thank you. Keep warm xx

Rachael Iddon

I'm a little bit jealous of your frost. I've seen lots of clear starry nights but by morning the cloud/wind/damp has come in and everywhere is brown and sludgy instead of white and sparkly. Bring on the snow I say.


Not so cold here at the moment, but I've got my eyes on the sky - awaiting the influx of snow. I love snow right up until it gets wet and mushy and I then wish for summer!


Seasonal gorgeousness, thanks so much. Loved all your pictures as ever, amazing icicles too!

Your crochet traditions are building such precious family layers up for your all. What a gift Lucy x

Your pink berry tree is a Sorbus (a row an to you and me, same species as Mountain Ash). Looks like it could be this variety here: http://www.ornamental-trees.co.uk/ornamental-trees-c18/rowan-mountain-ash-trees-sorbus-trees-c43/sorbus-hupehensis-pink-pagoda-tree-p594

Stay cosy xxx


The pink berried tree is Sorbus forestii I think. Lovely leaf colour in the Autumn as well. Wish it would get proper cold here.


We've had no icicles yet, but we have had a dusting of snow on the distant mountains. Had not realized that it only three weeks before the shortest day, makes me feel so much better. I must make a Christmas garland, yours looks so colourful. x


Gorgeous photo's I do love a bit of cloud watching, keep warm and happy adcent decorating. Eek three weeks to the solitice I ready do need to crack on with my Wintertime wreath, don't want to miss it like I did the Spring equinox

Clare x

Careful with cash

Ah yes - the spending continues. Not only flowers but candles too.

You just have to broadcast your spending on frivolous items whilst being totally oblivious of the fact that some people struggle to put food on the table.

Materialistic, smug and self obsessed.

How's that for heart skippy comment? Wheeeeeeee!
Sooooooo heart skippingly fab! Did that almost make you drop your shopping too? Never mind you can go and have another spend at the shops. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Jacky Russell

Chilly, chilly here in the Cotswolds. We had our turning on of the Christmas lights this afternoon and it was dry and very cold. Absolutely loads of people, many children, mulled wine, crepes, hot dogs and Father Christmas. Having our first Christmas Day gathering next Sunday as one daughter going to Oz!

Angela-Southern USA

Winter gave a brief hello here. We went from a deluge of rain(4 & 1/2 inches) into bitter cold and snow flurries, all in one day, then today, back up to 50F. I've recently been in the attic as well, dragging out all the festive decorations, tins too! My youngest asked if I'd bought the chocolates for the advent calendar, so ready. lol Love the memory making. Today I've been working on my winter wreath. I look forward to yours ,with pink! lol


What a shock those first two photos were- after all the recent colourfulness the sudden onset of your Winter was quite unexpected. It's the first day of Summer for me but it's not quite living up to its name...The Christmas box is a great idea. You are so right about the joy of setting fast traditions in the hearts of your children. I think it goes a long way to making them into good parents of the future.

Laurel Pries

What a wonderful blog you have lucy...it never fails to inspire me...and now I'm so looking forward to your magazine article!! The magazine was a little more expensive then I usually do, but couldn't pass it up. I've never subscribed to a magazine from England...So excited!! Best wishes, Lucy, keep up the good work!!

Teresa Kasner

Wonderful images and memories.. I've been with you since before little B even began. :-)

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Eva Andrew

Lovely post...and pictures. We've had frost and freezing rain one day. I wish I could experience the joy you describe so well in your blog...guess I have to change the way I think and start enjoying the little things in life. My little person is now grown and moved away but she always had her Christmas calendar filled with little goodies. Enjoy your little ones...they grow up too fast. I always make my wreaths on first Sunday in Advent...Happy Advent!


Thanks for linking back to your old posts Lucy, I read them this morning when I was irretrievably awake due to being heavily pregnant! That gave me a laugh anyway, and poked me to get my knitting out. Enjoy the beautiful winter weather x

Silly Little Sheep

Your posts are lovely!! You are such an inspiration to me, really!! Winter is a wonderful season when you have a nice warm place to return to :) Those icicles are like from a fairy tale.


Wow, stunning photos! I love those tiny berries, they look like miniature apples at a first glance. I'm glad they've been identified, I might put them on my garden wish list! We've been lighting candles here most evenings to try and combat the dark evenings - love your new one, reminds me of Pippi Longstockings!

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