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November 07, 2013


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I too love Whitstable and Herne Bay, in the area near the harbour there are some lovely little antique, craft and food stalls all in Beach Huts. My husband grew up in Sandwich a short distance from Herne Bay and so we visit at least once a year! Whitstable is a wonderful place to visit on a Summers Day! xxx



Lovely pictures! I really like following your blog!! It makes me feel calm after a stressful day.Thank you


I had the exact same experience in Whistable! Crushing disappointment at the beginning but I gave the place a chance and ended up loving it.


Lovely pictures of all the seasidie building, I live on the kent coast, a few miles round from Whitstable at Deal and my sister lives in Herne Bay so I know it better than Whitstable, I love the narrow seaside streets and cottages (with smugglers tunnels) of my home town, I hope you enjoyed you're visit to Kent
Clare x

Pom Pom

Oh, what beautiful images! Good, good, good color.
Maybe you could write a post about your life before marriage and children and how you expressed your love of color even then?

Dianne Bench

Go back in the summer, walk as far as you can along the beach and you can walk right in front of The Battery. I was lucky enough to spend several weekends in that amazing house doing courses organised by the very creative owner, one with Julie Arkle and one with Janet Bolton.I love reading your entertaining blog

Rachael Iddon

Looks like you had a good time after all. It takes some imagination to enjoy the seaside in that weather! I must confess, the "Is that it?" response was how I felt about Brighton and I saw it on one of the hottest days of the year. Good job we don't all like the same things. I'm off to find out about Frank now.

Sara Jenkins

Glad to see you had a colourful seaside day. X

Lindsay Thomas

I love your pictures especially of the houses.
Whitstable is now on my list of sea side places to visit.

Lucy Horne

Next time come to Deal! It's about 5 miles from Dover and much prettier than whitstable. We also have a thriving craft and artisan community! visit Dunlin and Diver for beautiful hand made things (I'm pleased to say my stuff Is amongst them ;)) lovely restaurants and cafés. On a Saturday we have a market which is always lovely to walk around! I would love to show you round, book your hols now! X


Rain or shine it's always great seaside. Thank you for sharing your photos and family time with us. I say that a lot but really, I am thankful for getting to share in your adventures!

Lyn Zalk

downloaded a new Apple update and with it all of my RSS readers have been eliminated... I am able to open my mail but not in the manner I used to and this means NO ATTIC24 now until the next update fixes things.... SO You can not begin to know just how happy seeing this post on FB made me.... the sea the colors the gray wash of a rainy day - and then I felt comforted at once more having your words and a photos to soothe my savage nature..... I know many generations ago my Father's family migrated and settled in England.... and though I Am fourth generation born here in the States I do think I have a nostalgic tug every time You post one of your wonderful blog posts!!! It truly does feel like a coming home to my soul! Thanx Lucy!!!!! I have truly needed this little fix from Whitstable <3

Amy at love made my home

Glad you had a good time after an unpromising start, I like the little mosaics too. xx


I'm so glad you didn't allow first impressions to keep you from exploring as I might have!

I, too, love red on blue. I just bought a blue peacoat to go with my crocheted red mittens, love!


Another 15 minute virtual holiday-delightful.I could really feel the cold and wind of this one. I was imagining myself on that beach. My imaginings had me very, very well rugged up with just my face feeling the cold and rain followed by the cosiness of a coffee shop in that sort of weather.
Now back to my 30 degrees C reality :)

Jackie Farrow

I want to be there right now. Thanks for sharing the photo's and your day.

Patricia Ponte

Hi Lucy, I knew that litle town could not be that ugly and depresing, the weather and the grey clouds made it look like that. I am glad you guys were able to see the beauty of it and enjoy your visit. It is getting cold hee in California also y the time change does not help, but the good side of it is the Holiday Season. From Vallejo CA, a little bit of sunshine for all of you (at least until the first rain)


such a beautiful trip!!!!
xxxxx Ale

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, it looks like you had a wonderful time.. I adored all the seaside homes.. it would be lovely to own one. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Blissful to see how you and your family discovered the charms of Whitstable, on a day with less than glorious weather.

Lucy, you are a star to keep the camera with you all day, so that the rest of us could have a very good notion of how everything developed.



Love your photos. Do you use a camera or iPhone?


It is worth the effort - we had a week there during October half term when my first daughter was 3 months old. Near the top of the High Street there's a fab yarn shop, a great second hand book shop and a good range of charity shops. The museum is cool too (though quite small!). It is definitely a place to keep exploring. I'm glad you had a good time in the end - but next time, be sure to get some fish and chips to eat on the beach :)


Oh thank you for all those photos! Inspite the weather it was so great that you saw the beauty of Whitstable after all.AriadnefromGreece!

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, I just love Whitstable and especially the battery house!!! The colours and the big clock and the beautiful dressers and fun fabrics and and and...Whitstable has just become a place on my "must see" list!!!What a charming little place!!!Love it!!!Have a happy weekend!!!

carol partridge

Glad your visit to Whitstable turned out good after all. I recently visited Brighton and was really looking forward to it. My reaction was the same as Rachael [above]. " Is that it ?" Mucky. Had a quick look round and got the bus back to Eastbourne where we were staying. [Which is lovely and clean].

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