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October 08, 2013


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Loopy Freak

Lucy, we LOVED the yarn-bombed walk! Also, I'm so glad you let us in on the secret of how you made those yarnballs with knitting needles thru- I've bought some little knitting needles already and intend to have them all round the house.... I told my other half this when he asked why I was buying kids knitting needles, and he now keeps giving me funny sideways looks. :-) x


Wow !!!! Great idea !!!


Amazing, amazing, amazing! Couldn't be there (too far away) but I am enjoying the pictures immensely. You've done a wonderful job!


Your yarn bombs looked lovely. Pity about the vandalizing - why, oh why do people do these things?

Ada Bea

Everyone's mentioned the yarn bombing and how fab the walk was, unfortunately people can't always leave things be, but if we give in they've won haven't they! Keep on inspiring and making people smile Lucy! :) x


Adorable all of your creations, and you are so generous and courageous to do all of this!Surely everything was very tempting to be taken/stolen!I don't understand the destruction part though!I hope you will do it again!AriadnefromGreece!


It all looks so beautiful in your photos, we didn't get to do the walk round the park so missed seeing these first hand sadly. I love the beautiful stripping on the lamp post cosies and the duck family is completely adorable :-)

Makes me itch to do a little yarn storming round Manchester...


I just wish I'd been more help setting up than just taking photos. TTB isn't patient enough to sit and watch really. I do have photos of two of the blankets though, if you want them. They're here: http://www.littletinbird.co.uk/2013/10/03/yarndale-in-pictures/ but I can email you full copies if you want. x

Laura Ballesio

Love love love your yarnbombing works! You're so talented! I'm amazed! ^^

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

YaY! YaRnDaLe PhOtOs!!! I have been S-O looking forward to this post, since I'm an ocean away and couldn't attend. It all looks so wonderful! Terrible about the disrespectful actions against such joy filled creations. Bravo to you Lucy and all that work hard putting it all together! You can see the love stitched and strung about. :)Can't wait for the bunting photos!(hope to see some of mine.)


Listen missus ... every stitch was worth it. You've got your own photos and Blogland is positively peppered with evidence of your efforts. Plus, of course, I've not even touched on the memories we all have. No ne'er-do-wells can spoil those.

Heather x

Rachael Iddon

Ah, Lucy, we did all enjoy seeing these creations. I'm almost glad that the queues for food were so long in the festival itself because it sent us wandering into town, through the park. The flowers on the pea netting were one of my favourites and I loved the bunting along the way. We might well have got lost without it! It's a shame it got damaged but sadly, not surprising. Don't let that put you off, as you say, many more people will have enjoyed it than damaged it. Sorry for rambling.


Wow! Wow! Wow! The love shines through the computer screen. I'd call that 'love bombing'. So beautiful and heartfelt. I love it all! I'm so happy for you, Lucy and the Yarn-bombing team as well as the town folk. What a thrill they must have had seeing the bright, beautiful colors about the ordinary walkways of daily life. The ducklings have to be my favorite, especially mama duck. If I'd been there, passers by would have seen me hugging her. Ha ha! Beautifully done. You should be proud. :)


That's so sad that people messed around with it! If I came across something like that I would think it was just the coolest thing. I came across your blog several weeks ago, so just in the midst of the frenzy to get everything done, and it looked like SO much work. At least you can be assured that it sounds like many people were able to enjoy the fruits of your labors despite the troublemakers.


Ahhh! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! And again ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

marijke goudzwaard

What can one say...smile...happy...glorious...colourfull...hard work...jalous thatI could not be there...and@#%*?(@, that's for the stolen and distroited things where you worked so hard on.


It looked amazing, and, as some one has already said, you have those amazing pictures and memories. There was a similar event in fishguard(wales) in early sept. They only had permission to,leave it up a few days, then it was all moved to the gallery of a friendly local where it was displayed( in just a small room) not quite as many school kids there tin" fiddle" with the beautiful creations.
I love your blog- I bought you a coffee last month to thank you for the happiness you bring to my iPad!!

Curly Girl Coop

All the yarnbombing was fabI love love LOVED the knitting needle balls! I took quite a few photos as I just thought they were so quirky and cute! We all definitely appreciated your hard work on getting it set up xxx


love it!


A lovely post about Yarndale yarn bombing!! I'm saddened that others cannot see things the way we do and just wanted to destroy something that was doing no harm at all to anyone other than making people smile and laugh out loud. The yarn bombing is so distinctive if it does reappear somehow you would most certainly know where it had come from "What goes around comes around" as they say. I too very much liked the ducklings family.

Fiona Marchant

Worth it???? I should say so. 100%....... it was an extraordinary weekend. Remarkable, fantastic and just sooooo friendly. What a lovable lot us crafties are xxx


The Yarn Walk was wonderful and it's great to see how you all accomplished it. I arrived at the train station for Yarndale, met two very nice ladies who were also planning to walk and the yarnbombing showed us the route - very pretty and decorative as well as useful!


Any chance of transport being arranged from New Zealand!?!?!?! Love your blog Lucy and hope to meet you some day. Enjoy the coffee I just bought you......:)


People just love to poke, tweak and yank at things...from those who 'want to know how it was made' to those with mischief on their minds.I room warden at an historic house and it is staggering how many people touch stuff with "do not touch' signs on, try to sit on 500 year old chairs,tug at 300 year old curtains- they don't even realise they are doing damage and often say,when asked to stop please, "oh, but it is only me touching it" as if that made it OK!The nicer something is, the more they want to touch it or take it away with them!


You are something else! I'm allowed to say that having spent a week in Provence with you a year ago. xx

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