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October 03, 2013


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You know, I was back in your hometown on Wednesday with my daughter's class on a school trip to the castle. It was cold and raining and I couldn't believe that only a few days before I was in the gorgeous hot sun at Yarndale! It's autumn now, that's for sure.

Glad to hear you are taking life slowly this week. Take care lovely. xx


Hi Lucy,
Not surprised that you need a break after Yarndale. It was a magnificent feat of organisation and the vibe was amazing! Looking forward to hearing about it from your perspective and hoping that there will be plans for Yarndale 2014?!?! Thanks so much!


I wasn't able to get to Yarndale this year - looked fantastic, however, spotted 3 of my bunting triangles on your table in the 'knit and natter' lounge - made my day and have shown everyone I know!


Get your R&R, Lucy. You deserve it. We readers will patiently wait to hear more about Yarndale, complete with illustrations. Thank you for the teaser photos. I enlarged the snap and squinted hard trying to get a peek at the adventure! Btw, the red autumn leaves are absolutely gorgeous! As always, thank you for sharing snippets of beauty from your life with us. :)

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

It's good to take some time, and recover...but pleeease don't keep us in suspense too long ;D In all the photos I've seen about the web of the day, I've still not spotted any of my bunting. But I know it arrived, cause I was thrilled to see you wearing the sheep pin I sent you! Hope you enjoyed what I sent and hope to spot the bunting in your lovely pictures...next week. Rest for now. :))


Can't wait to hear about it from your perspective! I loved every minute of my weekend - already looking forward to the next one :D


Hey Lucy! I'm not surprised you'd take some time to recover - now you know what an A -list celeb feels like! It was lovely to meet you. We had a wonderful day, and I've just written a post today about our fab day at Yarndale. Thank you to you and the rest of the Yarndale organisers for working so hard to put together a wonderful event - long may it continue!! XXX


Looking forward to reading all about it whenever you're ready. :)


Went to Ilkely to day for some wool, poped into the new fabric and yarn shop by Create....guess what they were talking about.....you and Yarndale .


It's good to see you back here again but I'm sure we can all be patient for a little while longer to hear your experiences of Yarndale. You've put your all into it and now you deserve some time to rest and recoup, and spend time with your lovely family. Thank you so much for all that you do, you are truly appreciated. Liz xx

M. Isabel

Great job Lucy, everything looks fantastic !! I can imagine how hard work you and your friends had and also can imagine the wonderful feeling you have now when all was best than expected.
Hope you will have a beautiful and calm Autumn...

Winwick Mum

You're quite right - it is OK to walk slowly, feel the sky and smell the change in the air, but just like life changes after, say, having a baby, it takes time to get used to living that way again. And the world is a little bit different now that Yarndale has happened and that takes time to get used to as well. A new baby has arrived and this one will certainly get bigger in future years, so it's definitely time to enjoy a brew and celebrate your success! xx


Let us not put too much pressure on Lucy to produce Yarndale stuff. She will do what she can when she can and will amaze us with her photos and narrative, as usual. Let us not forget where her priorities lie.


Wish I could have gone to Yarndale- maybe next time! Love those red leaves :)


Congratulations Lucy, a great achievement, I've seen so many blogs this week with one thing in common ... Yarndale! Looked fab, going t definitely try and get there next time

Put your feet up sweetie and have a well deserved rest!

Love Claire xxx

Danielle Alinia

Gutted I missed you at Yarndale, but like you i was rushed off my feet with customers. Hopefully there will be a next time!


I had a fantastic time at yarndale, I travelled from my home in the Midlands . It was lovely to walk along the canal after seeing your photos of it for so long. It is even more beautiful than I thought it would be. Thanks to everyone involved with yarndale. X


Lovely photos, the sight of the post box and red foliage would have had me squealing too, so gorgeous, enjoy the slower pace of life for a while and the Autumn. I'm in crocheted wreath mode again here, started on a wintertime one, giving myself plenty of time to get it finished this time. Look forward to seeing the Yarndale post.
Clare xx


I went to knit and natter with Tracy and the ladies last week at Coopers and love love loved it!! Today Debbie picked me up and I went to Chris' house with her and met Chris and Fiona for the first time and we knitted and crocheted and nattered and laughed and had a lovely couple of hours. They were so jealous that I had been to Yarndale and I told them all my memories from that weekend. I then went for a run later and told more Yarndale stories to two running ladies and one running guy and they can't wait to see my photos. Yarndale memories will stay with me for a long time and certainly my memories in my photos will stay around for a lot longer. We are planning on coming next year .... great event Lucy and all your helpers. Love Joy xx .... Welcome back to blogland Lucy ... knew you were getting back to yourself yesterday when I saw your coffee and maple and pecan :-) xx

Jane Dubinski

I am so pleased that it went well Lucy. I wasn't able to make it but my six little pieces of bunting were there with love from CraftHippy. Maybe next year! Jane xx


I'm definitely coming to this town one day. Your photography entices me from Melbourne Australia.

Tracy Abraham

Yarndale was - well- in the words my four year old son would use - just awesome!! - The Happy Hookers Bolton were absolutely overwhelmed at the turnout, we had a fantastic day and loved every single woolly moment of our day (sorry we didn't stop by to say hello - we saw how busy you were and just admired you stalker-style from afar LOL) Thank you so much for the brilliant festival, we are all in awe of all the hard work and effort and eagerly awaiting next years event!! Totally love reading your blog too, it is so inspirational to me and makes me smile :)

Tracy xxx


you definitely deserve the break Lucy - Yarndale was just wonderful, you did a brilliant job.


I loved my time in Skipton and am looking at your pictures with new eyes wondering if I have walked along those paths :) Yarndale was amazing and every time I saw you in the lounge you were surrounded by people and chatting and smiling :) Enjoy your recovery time and I look forward to reading your account of Yarndale :) xx


I love that you are sending your mum a pic of my houses :-) x

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