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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x



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October 22, 2013


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Want to be in a cosy place like your home! What magazine is it? And what is that yummy looking yarn?


I love cosy! It looks absolutely delightful. I love a home that looks LIVED in, it's very important :-)

Linda Jones

Your home is definitely homely, cosy, cheerful and looks very welcoming a home to be proud of :-) x

Fiona Marchant

I love your home too..it is the epitome of cosy. Lovely blog as usual. Thank you Lucy for a peep into you home xx

Emily curnow

I know what you mean about home. It's a really special space. Love snuggly sofas.


What a lovely snuggly post, the perfect read on a night when the winds whistling round. Lovely pics
Clare x

Cherry hulmes

I too love a cosy warm room. We recently moved to belgium and are blessed to have a wood burner in the lounge. I adorenit when its pouring with rain outside and we are snuggled inside with the fire burnng!


Okay - a bit of USA confusion here. I must ask for a lesson. I mean, I do know what a hot water bottle is... and I see them ALL OVER blog-land but they really aren't a thing in the USA (at least that I know of). Do they just get filled with steaming hot water and put down in the bed covers? Don't they then cool off and get cold during the night? Does the material they are made of keep the heat going for a long time... someone please take time out and give a lesson to this Philly gal who just doesn't know and will probably be sorry she is silly enough to appear so dense and ask out loud!


Cosy - it's such a lovely word, so warm and inviting. Sounds quite restful and relaxing - enjoy! Liz x


Hi - I'm in love with your home too. :o) I just recently found your blog and find it extremely delightful. I love the glimpses of your home you've shown in your pictures. I am renovating an old home too and it inspires me. Your projects are lovely as well. Speaking from experience, I think a clean, tidy home is over-rated. Thank you for sharing.

Amy at love made my home

When we moved to our house I hated it, now I love it, things might not be "perfect", but if they are right for you that is what is important. I would love to have 1/10th of the beautiful crochet that you have, it is stunning! xx

Mary Nolan

lovely as always Lucy....and so COZY! Dont worry about any untidiness....we all have it! completely normal!

Kelly MacLeod

I love your house! It doesn't need revamped. It's lived in, not untidy. Looking forward to seeing your new project!

Daisy Jones

A refuge of the most special kind from the busyness of the outside world is my definition of cosy too!!
bestest daisy j xxx


I love the word cosy, wouldn't it be s great name for a yarn shop? I think clutter adds to a cosy home, makes it feel lived in! And I do love the little peeks in to your home, it inspires me to add colour to my home, but stealthily so my hubby doesn't notice his monochrome theme disappearing ;)

Cate, x


I love being cozy, hence the name of my blog haha. That fireplace looks mighty cozy as does that lemony cake, I do love lemon. Too bad it's too far away to pop in for a visit.

Enjoy your cozy home, I just love when home feels cozy.


Lucy, I love all the cosy crochet things , around your house, and the colors of course..I see you're weather is also getting cool ? This week we are going down to the 40s F for the first time this yr. My Halloween orange candy corn lights around my porch twinkle with the cold, and I have warm blankets on my sofa too. I also discovered a cream that is already sweetened and has flavor of "pumpkin spice" Latte is says..It is yummy in your coffee :)I wish we had a fireplace like you do , in our 1800 Victorian house full of swiss cheese holes..

Penny Prosser

I think your home looks wonderful. Cosy, creative, colourful and most importantly, lived in. Pictures in magazines of sparkly, shiny clean, neat as a pin houses are just a staged snapshot in time. Real life isn't like that, if it's to be at all enjoyable it must be organic, spontaneous and evolve at it's own pace. I love your blog and the glimpses of your home and life. I like the down to earth honesty of your ups and downs, mothering, making, baking and thinking. Also, you have just taught me to crochet! I've now been crocheting about three weeks and I'm on my 2nd blooming flower cushion. I love it. Thank you.


That is just how I feel about my home. I'm glad to know others feel this way too. There's nowhere else I'd rather be. Your home is cozy, warm and inviting and I can see why you love it so much.


Super cosy, and I didn't notice the shelves until you pointed them out! (They look very similar to mine by-the-way).


Cosy is good and you have a lovely home xx Joy xx


Your nice and very cosy home, Lucy. I think you have a warm heart and are a very good mother and wife. :-)

Jo Roberts

Feeling cosy here too - I like it when it gets cold and I can completely justify maximum knitting and crochet time without thinking about the allotment and painting our ever peeling windows! Looking pretty cosy your end too. Jo x

Anne Marie

I love your beautiful home. It is of course all your touches of individuality that make it so.

I want to make hottie cover but am not sure how you make it so you can take it off.


What a lovely Autumnal post, your house seems very similar to mine:
Cosy coal fire, we also have a log burner.
Blankets, not so many but working on that!
Aromas of home cooking and baking.
Wool/yarn/sewing/crafting materials/books everywhere.
The woman of the house not enamoured with housework? I've got far to many more interesting things to do.
Sher/Philly gal - The bottles are made of rubber and filled with hot water, they're great for cold feet and by the time they cool off you're fast asleep, warm and cosy. Some you can heat in the microwave filled with gel or wheat but they don't hold the heat so much. I live in the cold North East of England and when my father, now 94, was young they put a warm oven shelf or brick in the bed to warm it!

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