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August 20, 2013


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Brilliant :D Most of my baking mistakes don't work out so well (you can't forget eggs in yorkshire puds...) Best thing of all is if there was no butter then it's even healthier!


I love this experimental, make it up as you go along kind of baking. I once make lilac, yes that's purple scones !! by using frozen blueberries instead of fresh. They tasted great and I figured there is not enough lilac food in the world although my dad was some what bemused when I serve him up one with a cup of tea.x


Nom nom nom - hmmmm now I'm hungry at half nine at night ; ) They look delicious you are definitely a baker at heart <3


Those look yummy! I'm going to have to try to make some at home :)

Ger Heard

Lucy I laughed along while reading this post briliant I do things like this OFTEN, and I know exactly how you feel when you have to get in the kitchen my darling family always said I was their version of Wendy Craig when she appeared in the tv show Butterflies, probably much before your time though...but love your posts


bless you Lucy that was so funny and cheese scones are my favourite ... will do mine tomorrow!! xx Joy xx


Ha! Too funny! They look yummy, though!


I absolutely adore cheese scones especially when they are toasted. So nice to have as a change from sandwiches. Giving me cravings right now. May have to make some for lunch tomorrow. Mmmmmm....

Ada Bea

Well they look delicious, unfortunately I'm dairy free these days so all these Iovely things are off limits! I love your happy things from yesterday.....your lampshade is fab! :) x


That sounds like my kind of baking! Tried making crumpets this week - the mixture was lovely and bubbly but I couldn't get them to cook right. Maybe cos I used plain rather than strong flour and my frying pan is ancient and no longer non-stick - maybe it's just me lol!! Ended up with drop scones instead which my youngest was happy to eat with butter on!


That looks delicious, Lucy! I will try to do cheese scones myself. Thanks for this idea and the link. Cheers, Sonja


Well, that worked out just fine. They look good. I love those cookie cutters, so pretty.

Fiona Marchant

It must have been a scone day...I made a luscious batch of sultana ones this morn to take to friends for lunch. I bought double cream and Kentish strawberries to go with. Mmmmm delish they were too. Looking forward to yarndale x


Clever you, they look wonderful. And of course if there's no butter in them you can put extra on top... Love your cookie cutters, they look like they were made especially for you!

Angela-Southern USA

ROFL! So glad it turned out.(Some of mine don't!)I make something similar(from my childhood) A sausage cheesey breakfast biscuit (called here in the States).Just a basic biscuit recipe with sausage and shredded cheddar cheese added and baked.

Wendy Rance

Lucy they look great. Love your cutters, they immediately reminded me of your cushion, which is on my to do list!

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy those scones look really good. I found a really good recipe for soda bread but I didn't have the exact ingredients in the cupboard so I just used what I had and it was fine. I laughed out loud when you said about forgetting to add the cheese because I have done that too. Some of the
best recipes are the ones done on speck. It is important to personal ones


Hi Lucy have you tried the Be-Ro recipe website where you got your carrot cake recipe from I think they have a recipe for cheese scones. Just a thought
Lots of love Carole from Rossendale xxx


Delish!! I only ever use normal flour in my scones- have never used strong bread flour but had success like you with wholemeal. As I'm coeliac, I might try these with rice flour - lots of cheese varieties too to try. Wonder what mozzarella and tomato in the scone would be like... hmmmm. I can see a Blogland Bake Off coming on!! Ha ha. Karen.x

Anne Marie

Heee heeeeee! Love this post.

Dorothy Griffiths

These look delicious Lucy, never had any luck with scones but will certainly follow your recipe and have a go, thanks. Love your post as always
Lots of love


Oh my, Lucy! That's the kind of thing that is so frustarating at the time, but afterwards it's funny ;D Thank you for giving me a laugh..


Those scones look yummy - no finger pokey holes showing. LOL
I will give this recipe a try as soon as I get a scale to weigh the ingredients. Here in Canada, most recipes use volumes rather than weights.


I swear I Pin or bookmark half of your lunches and have made quite a few this summer. Spent a good part of last week searching for an apple corer to make apple rings after finding an old pin from a snack you made your kids months ago. Now I'm going to have to make scones tomorrow :) My husband thanks you!


hehe Thanks for the laugh. Luckily they were edible in the end and you didn't waste your time. They look really good actually. :-)

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