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July 17, 2013


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What gorgeous memories the caravan will provide.


Completely get you! I love this weather and I cant wait to get out in my caravan too. Aren't they just the most loveliest things on wheels!


Lovely weekend Lucy .. thanks xx Joy xx

Winwick Mum

Lovely photos! I use the elderflower champagne (and cordial) recipes from How to Make Your Own Drinks by Susy Atkins - they usually turn out very well. The ingredients are very similar so I'm sure your recipe will work just fine x


Quaker grass!!! It's been forever since I've seen Quaker grass. My mum loved it <3 She called it 'wiggle woggles' because you can't hold it and keep it still. Thank you for the smile on my face & the rememberings. Happy weekends


What wonderful memories of Summer you are capturing, the photos of the river are stunning. A perfect way to spend a weekend x


I loved loved loved reading this post yay for caravan life. Best of both worlds town and country. Liz x


So many wonderful memories for you and the Quaker grass - how long is it since I heard that.I love your little Connie I wish I had one too, thank you for showing us your lovely pictures as always.xxx


Don't know if anyone else has mentioned it but plastic bottles are safest for elderflower champers. If you haven't got any its worth buying some if the cheapest bottled water your supermarket sells, indulge in decadent watering if your plants with said water and then use the bottles. I've read too many online tales of bottles exploding in a sticky mess so I've never been brave enough to use glass. Also, that grass. My Cumbrian In-Laws call it 'dothering grass'. My husband used to collect it as a child and then cover each little seed head with multi coloured foil saved from sweets. I think his Mum still has some on display!


What a beautiful place, loved your post, a lot of children miss out on the simplicities of life now.

We bought a static van 2 years ago and we love it! We decided on a part of the Lincolnshire coast, the site is very well maintained, its quiet, no pubs or amusements. Behind our van is a beautiful lake where van owners can fish in tranquil surroundings. We love it here, now Mr B only works Mon, Tues and Wed we come down Wed through until Sunday each week. Last year we invested in an air cooler for the lounge and a large fan is running through the night in the bedroom. Life is soooo casual here.👍

Peg xx


Ah, how lovely..


static24! Really made me chuckle. Im off to my nans static caravan at the weekend and just hope we have as lovely a time as you. Look forward to your next post x


Lovely post. You must really be enjoying yourselves with the permanent campsite. Your kids will always remember this.


oh Lucy, I'm in a quandry at the moment about our caravan!! we haven't used it at all this year and don't want to sell it! but after my hubby having cancer last year he's not really up to all the setting up!! thinking of doing what you have done but not sure if it will be too expensive!! we've just been away to the French coast in a sort of 'bungalow' (a tent type square with proper beds) it was so nice to just roll up and have everything there - just put on the sheets and pillowcases and settle in!! decisions, decisions!!

carol partridge

It seems that so many people are discovering that they want to go back to when living seemed a lot more simple. Everyone is in so much of a rush. The best thing I ever did was to sell my t.v. We haven't had one for over 2yrs now and don't miss it. My children are long grown up or I don't think we would have done it. I love my laptop though. It allows me to read all the lovely things that you and other people write about. Gorgeous pictures as well. Thank you, Lucy.


This post made me miss my mountains, even though I live at the foot of Mount Timpanogos (Utah, USA). I just haven't spent nearly enough time outdoors, it seems, even though I'm performing in a community theater outdoors in the evenings. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely campsite and all!

Anne Marie

Oh, I'm quite envious of your little van! I'd love one but husband wouldn't think of it!

I think the Elderflowers have gone in our area, as we are much lower than you. Missed them again.


I´d love so much your blog and wait all your post.I adore this and i´d like to stay here. Im form Argentina , here we have 10 grades. Kisses!!!!!

Dorothy Griffiths

Lovely lovely post Lucy. I do envy you having your van. I long to have a little escape route of our own. My parents owned a static for many years in North Wales near the sea, a very small family run site. When Dad died Mum kept it going for a while and we tried to buy it off her but she wouldn't have it and sold it back to the owner for less than we had offered. I wish things had been different and we had it now. You enjoy Lucy. I love your blog you always inspire me Lucy
Lots of love


HI Lucy, Lovely shots of Yorkshire - thank you xx. Just idea for little man is a tent outside your caravan, he may feel more "grown up" and if you don't want him there alone, little lady, J yourself or one of his friends.... My bunting is on its way!!! xxBrenda


What great memories you all will have when your Peeps are all grown up. I luv the smell of summertime. It's been blue skies and hot sun here as well, but today we had a bit of a shower. Everything smelled so wonderful after the summer rain. Hubby and I are contemplating an RV (recreational vehicle)of some sort, but don't quite know what shape it will take. Thx for sharing and luv the photos. Hugs, MO


Great post once again. I do hope you consider the park model as I can only imagine how you would decorate this new space. We bought a Park Model in Arizona last year and I must say we are having a blast with it with all decorating and I call it my "playhouse". If you ever move to the country, I can tell you for sure that you will never regret it. We live on 2 acres in the country after living 20 years in the city. I have always yearned for the country life and now I feel blessed in every way.


Oh thank you dear Lucy for the most wonderful view into your life...once again...and so needed here at this time. We are trapped inside!!! The heat index has been over a hundred degrees here...the States where else:-/...for the past four days and we have three days to go before this craziness breaks;( Good news is that there is lots of crocheting going on!;) Lovies to all reading this and to you dear Lucy....xo Back to pretending my feet are in the stream.....


Such a beautiful post! Thank you, Lucy, you are constantly teaching me to find joy and beauty in the simplest things. "Static 24" made me laugh out loud! What a witty young man!

Jenny M

What a beautiful area, lovely photos. You are setting your children up for some great childhood memories & for a love of nature/outdoors.

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