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June 20, 2013


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Those paper plants are genius! I have an orchid which seems to thrive on neglect, but all my other plants have to be viewed as merely "temporary".....


How very kool those plants are in paper pots .LOL !!!


Now those plants are perfect for my work colleague who can't keep plants alive! I am on my way to purchase one now for her birthday!! They look perfect in your studio. I can't believe how quickly you both have transformed this. Take care. Chel x

sara anne maclachlan

I have been looking at your blog posts every now and then for a while. Lately I have been looking more often and wondering what it is that draw me to them. I think I have it. It's not just the beautiful crochet and the great eye you have for colour.
After your post about looking out at the attic and replacing the dead geranium I went outside and listened to the lambs bleating in the field next to our house and thought - it is your wonderful gift for cherishing the moment and then delivering your moments to the world of blogging.
Working as I do in addiction services it is a balm to me and enabled me to throw away the glass of wine I was drinking (one of too many) and come inside to subscribe and communicate my gratitude. And then I find your posting about Salts Mill and my uncle is a descendant of TItus Salt so the circle is complete!!
Many many thanks and wishing you a full recovery Lucy - especially to your talented finger - you have many unique gifts but the one I am with today is that of cherishing.


Oh! Company for the spider plants! XD heheh! I have plants to crochet myself a forever bunch of flowers...and when they get a little dusty I can swish them about in some soapy water...so they'd still need water...but not quite in the same way!


Loving the card plants. I thought ooh my daughter would love them, then I thought never mind her I'd love those!!! Sarah


Thanks for the post Lucy - I keep meaning to take my little brood there, a very timely reminder! I've been virtual gardening on Pinterest - infact I've 'virtually' made over the whole house - its been quite satisfying and has lessened the frustration at not been actually able to DO (my littlest is also 3!) - give it a go!!


Those paper plants are very clever.Time spent planning gardening is never wasted!

Angela- Southern U.S.A.

Oh WOW! Virtual garden or real...love'em!Perennials sound like a great idea,they come back year to year and just keep filling in.You can always drop a few annuals in here and there quickly if you want.Wishing continued healing for your finger.

Kay G.

I like David Hackney too, I did a post about him, he did a painting that looks very much the way Richard looked when Richard was younger, with long hair!
(Mr & MRs. Clark and Percy...that is the name of the painting!)

I LOVE this post, that park that you went to, the crumpet covered in butter and jam, YUMMY!


The plants are a very clever idea and I just love all the fabulous colours that you are surrounded by. Your lovely studio, the lovely flowers you pass on your walks - how delightful. I just adore reading your blog it's my favourite part of the day when I can sit down with a nice cup of tea and read all about your adventures and look at all your wonderful work.
Much love


I'm love love loving the paper plants what a fab idea, I have so much more planting to do here at the Summerhouse and so little energy, some are planted out but there are still lots sitting in the mini greenhouse. Maybe next week, I'll get some done, then I can finish my part written draft summerhouse gardening post.


Card plants - what a fab idea, ideal for me. I love plants but have been banned by the husband from 'caring' for ours as we'd like them to live!

Rosemary Dennis

Love all the shots you took of Salts Mill, and the paper plants are gorgeous!!


I love your paper plants! And that little garden down the "tricky way" is fab! :)


Thanks for the lovely post Lucy, your pics are gorgeous. Like the paper plants look really good in your studio. Hugs x


Cardboard plants are awesome! I can't keep anything alive.. But I think I'd have a good chance with those little guys.
I also love it when you incorporate little memories or adventures you've had into your posts! You visit some wonderful places :) And besides your incredible crochet skills, it's lovely to see a little more of what you do :)
<3 Mooky


lovely story Lucy and lovely paper plants .... you sound more like your old self today so here's hoping you are on the up ... take it steady and wishing you buckets of luck for Open day at the Studio ....... Joy xx


Think my boy would like the cardboard plants (he's a lively 5 year old who loves plants). I can also recommend the Hosta I spy in the last pic (the one at the front with large two tone leaves) I have two, they come back every year and have lovely purple or white flowers, (the purple flowers have no scent, only the white flowers do which have one colour leaves) they also get bigger each year so fill an empty space with gorgeous leafyness :)


oh my gosh I love that Port a Plant book! I added it to my Amazon wishlist :)


Love your Saltaire photographs, I grew up near there and spent a lot of time in Roberts park and funnily enough only earlier on today I was talking to my 11 yr old about going over there in the next week or so.
Hope you're all organised for your open studio day, hopefully we'll be able to pop along.


ooh plants I can't kill! Would be great in my classroom too I think, I love them!

Salts Mills looks very much like my kind place - a good bookshop and a cafe - perfect! I'll put in on my list for when I next head Atticland way in August!


ooh I love that gorgeous border! and how cute are those little plants!

kate from greedy for colour

Thank you so much for that little visit to Salt Mills - We are coming over for a holiday and tour of England next year with the boys and it will definitely be on the list - as will Bolton Abbey. xxx.

Sara Jenkins

Loving the cheerful plants. x

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