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June 11, 2013


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Angela- Southern U.S.A.

Bummer! Get well,better soon! Love the potholder,and I know what you mean,it's so hard to not crochet when you're hurt.Children...I tell my girls they're the cause of every grey hair.lol ;)Sending get well thoughts your way.

Lisa C.

So sorry you are hurt. Just a thought, when my guys were little, I had a similar problem. It turned out to be caused by my youngest holding my finger (rather than my hand) when we walked (it did not hurt when he held it). The doctors did not figure it out, my Mom did.

Feel better soon.


Angela- Southern U.S.A.
Kate - The Garden Bell

Oh, lordy...first...3.5 already. Boy does time fly, I remember that day you announced like it was yesterday. Even with a peek he is still getting to big, I can tell. Now, keep that hot water bottle by your feet and ICE,ICE,ICE, Baby near that finger. I know you want the heat girlfriend, but ICE ICE ICE, is the answer. Hope you are on the mends real soon. We are doing very well here and enjoy the outdoor and our new leash on life in many ways. Holding steady at 75lbs, so hope to pick back up that hook soon. I know it's been calling my name but I had a few things health wise that required getting out of the chair. As always a major treat in my day to pop by for a visit. Hugs, Kate

Ali Dufty

Wishing you and finger a speedy recovery.
It's strange how kids know how and when to play up ( when you're at a low ebb !!)
Well done for managing a blog entry .:)
Do hope you're back to your happy , hooky self very soon :)

Claire C

Dear Lucy, there is enormous encouragement and good cheer being sent your way. Children can be hard work, and when you're not feeling well it's doubly hard. I hope you are feeling better soon, and that the finger strain is eased as quickly as possible, with rest. If there is anything we followers in blogland can do to help the workload, please let us know!! xx


Hope your feeling better soon. You never really appreciate good health until your ill !! Sarah


Your cheery blog always makes me feel better; wish I could do the same for you! Sending lots of get-well wishes from across the pond!!!

carol partridge

Hi Lucy,
Sorry to hear you've hurt your finger.Mine all hurt. I've literally started to teach myself to crochet today, [with help from internet videos]. Crikey how do you keep it up.Had to go buy a bigger hook, ha ha.I see the lovely things that you make and wish I could do them.[I knit].I'm just making my first granny square and I'm so chuffed that I don't want to cast off!! So I'm just going round and round.I think I may have a cushion cover here, woo hoo. I love your blog and don't worry your kids sound normal.Looking forward to reading about "Connie". Take it easy. Hope your stinkin' cold goes soon. Best Wishes [ an avid reader.] Carol. x

Kelly MacLeod

Get well soon Lucy and rest up!


I hope your finger heals quickly!! So frustrating to feel not up to par and then to be injured as well. Your mind must race at times!

Get well soon!


Espero que te sientas mejor. Te paso la foto de lo que estás haciendo. Yo lo hice para un banco para apoyar una planta. Te gusta??Besos.

The House of Jones

Uh oh, I had that cold last week. I know exactly how you're feeling - pretty bleugh! and a sore finger to top it off :( At least the attic view is lifting your spirits. Hope you're feeling much better and back on the hooky soon. Sending you bloggy love ♥
Jones x


Sending good joojoo your way.........hope you are all better soon!


Perhaps you're the victim of a new condition that should appear in The Lancet - a crochet related illness - repetitive crochet injury. Wishing you a very speedy recovery and a cheerier Little B. xx

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Dear Lucy so sorry about your finger and the cold and everything. I'm sure your hand will heal quickly with rest etc but of course as soon as one feels one ought to rest something like this all one wants to do is use it! Your flowery pot-holder will soon be growing happily again though. Thinking of you and sending you a hug. E xx


Hope you feel better soon, there's nothing worse than feeling ill when you know there is lots to be done. Rest up and look after yourself and you'll hopefully be back to hooking in no time at all :0) xx


Do hope all departments will improve soon so that you are a happy bunny again.

Bimbi x

Kim W

Oh Dear Lucy,

ARRGH! The bug hag has gone trans-Atlantic! Me and mine are just now recovering.! Get well and feel better. Yeah the little people seem to know when we are down and out and that is when they get up and at 'em. A friend of mine's kiddo dropped her Blackberry in the toilet and mine spat at the sitter -- she was feeling her 2ness Take heart you are not alone.
Sending lots of hugs and love ( wish I could send soup, but that doesn't package well).

carol partridge

Wip's... 2 rabbits, one small bear [ need stuffing]. A white jumper ..minus one arm. A chunky cardi, and a scarf in Juno Fibre Arts wool that I went mad for. Plus my squares for my bed cover....all on hold ,cos at the age of 64 I've discovered crochet, lol. X


Oh Lucy I hope you feel better soon, lots of vitamin C and ehinacea helps, it may even be the pains in your hands are connected to the lurgy. Rest up and feel better soon. Strangly enough one of the reasons I took up crochet and knitting was to try and help the joint pain and stiffness in my hands I read a article that said it can help and now I'm hooked !!
Clare x


The sun will shine again very soon...
The good thing about days like this is, how much more one apreciates "normal" crazy days, i find.
Hope your´re well soon! Many greetings from the alps in germany!
PS: love your blog

happy just doing

Urgh, bad cold and no crochet - that's not good. Hope you're feeling much better soon on both counts x


Hi Lucy! I so hope you feel better soon and that your finger heals quickly!! I am awful when i can't keep my hands busy, so I am sorry you cannot crochet right now. Sending good thoughts and warm wishes to you and your family!


Oh Lucy, hard work some days isn't it, especially when you're ill and overworked. What cak news about your poor hand. My advice would be to see your doc and ask to see a community physio. The ones ate my trust are brill and do amazing stuff, you migh even be able to self refer. We have a pain mgt service and all sorts of great things. Your local community NHS health trust should have a website with info. Don't put up with it for too long!

Hope you feel lots better soon. Thinking of you and sending sunny thoughts.xxxx

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