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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x



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June 19, 2013


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Rosemary Dennis

Chin up, Lucy. You're one lovely lady x

Zillah Hopps

You're just normal Lucy, not superhuman. We all go through it. Allow yourself a bit of leeway!

Kim W

Tomorrow will be a better day. Glad you had a peaceful moment.

Puppet Lady

What a lovely evening you're having! I hope your finger gets better soon. Try not to worry.

Deb Price

Dear Lucy, you do worry too much! Of course, so do I! The flowers are brilliant; wish we had a path I could wander on and find flowers. I do hope your finger mends quickly. I would be a babbling fool if I didn't crochet every day! It does seem to keep one centered. Take care of yourself. Rest and many more cups of tea!
Deb P.


Some lovely time just for you, just what you need, feel better soon. xx


So glad you had a lovely evening, the flowers are beautiful! :)


So glad your spirits are more lifted today. Hard to feel down when the weather is so glorious, isn't it?

Ada Bea

I've just been sat in the evening sun, out in my garden listening to the birds. I was sat crocheting, it was peaceful and calm, I felt happy! And do you know what I thought, how glad I'd read your blog all those years ago, how much I've enjoyed my visits here. I'm glad you've got your lovely flowers, yes Lucy, tomorrow will be a better day! :) x


Dearest Lucy, I do hope your finger is just a little strained. I'm sure it will be great in another few days. I'm sorry you're still under the weather. Give yourself time. By the way we call Alchemilla 'Lady's Mantle' here in the States... thought you'd like that name.


I am just coming out of a finger/hand/wrist problem that turned out to be caused by a tendon in my shoulder. It took a lot of physio but it is just about better now. At one point I couldn't move any of my fingers without pain. I was sure it was some sort of arthritis and I would never crochet again but I am nearly 100% now. If I were you I would talk to a physiotherapist about the finger. You might find they can sort it out for you too.


Welcome back lovely Lucy that's sounding more like you ..... take care of yourself!! :-) xx


love this post ... the appreciation of the little gifts thrown our way here and there, eh! Bringing in the hydrangea stems and putting them in my blue mason jars makes me almost spin with happiness! Best to you and hoping to hear your finger is all better.



Good to hear today was a better day- try that arnica girl!Your blue flowers are columbines- 'granny's bonnets'. Getting over bugs takes time-oh, and lots of lemon drizzle cake...mmm...I have some lemons that need using up...x


Funny you should say that, I felt the same today seeing the state of my stair carpet...

Give yourself a break re the gardening no one has a fab garden because we had winter until two weeks ago.

I think the trick is just to tackle what gets on your nerves in baby steps. I found Flylady from reading your blog, that's what she says we need to do. You're not behind. Hope you feel better soon. X


Glad you are feeling better and hope the finger soon on the mend too :)


Listen! we all have times like those you mentioned yesterday, you feel knots in the stomach not knowing which way to turn or what to do first. You chose wisely, to be with your little ones and see to the stuff that they will remember and to pot with the rest for the time being.

You are going through a busy time just now AND with three young children, forgive yourself for dropping the balls occasionally. You give us all so much pleasure with your writing and lovely photos.xx


So pleased you're feeling more like you today. We all have those horrible black dog days but there's so much in life to be thankful for. Hope you feel better healthwise soon and definitely see the doctor about that poorly finger. xxx


That's enough now Luce - off to the doc with that finger!!I'm sure you'll feel better when that's off your mind and sorted. Then buy some cheerful ready grown plants from the market and get the Attic24 junior gardening group to fill the pots in your yard over the weekend. Aunty Sue has spoken!! ♥♥♥


Lucy -
Thanks for sharing your life and pics with us. I started following your blog when I was looking for granny square ideas. Your blog is like a mini travelogue for me (here in Missouri, USA). Enjoy these days with your little ones - they grow up all to quickly!


Hi lovely Lucy,
Glad to see you are able to sit down and relax a bit more today without fretting so much. Life isn't at all for fretting! Especially not when you are such a wonderful person as yourself! The fact that despite how under the weather you might be feeling, you still have the motivation and desire in you to still be there 100% for your family and still do everything you can for them, is just as inspiring as all of the amazing crochet work you post. :)
I hope you fully recover soon, and that your finger heals up!!

Thank you for still being an inspiration in happy times and even not-so-happy.

<3 *hug*


So glad your feeling a bit better, enjoy the sunshine and that lemon drizzle, yum! :-D


I get that weird stuffiness, stopped up ears - it's an allergic reaction to whatever is blooming at the time that one is sensitive to. Taking generic loratadine (Claritin) helps me immensely--it's an antihistamine that doesn't make me feel weird!
Nothing like a wild flower bouquet to raise one's spirits! Cow parsley looks like what we call Queen Anne's Lace here in America. It is so beautiful, but my hubby says
it is related to hemlock!


I think that we all rush to get back to normal the second we feel vaguely normal when we've been pretty poorly. I had flu at the start of the year and it took a good couple of months before I was 100%. Very frustrating to say the least! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to sit back and accept that we need to take things a wee bit easier even though it means that we actually get back to full fettle quicker in the the long run. Take it easy. X


Beautiful flowers!

Definitely see the GP if only for peace of mind :-) xx

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