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June 18, 2013


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Dette O'Connor

Hi ,really enjoy reading your blog.but especially touched by today's post.Your quite right to concentrate on good mothering-plants will always grow next year and there will ALWAYS be housework but your boy is only three once.Enjoy it and count yourself lucky,Best wishes Dette


My boys are grown but I'm learning similar lessons about letting go since I became ill. :) My home is okay with some dust if I don't have the energy today to deal with it. Things like that. Little B needs you right now, and it's lovely to see that you understand that so well.

Rachael Iddon

Oh my goodness, Lucy, you express things so well. Things that I'm sure every parent feels from time to time. Like you I go between the kind of contentedness that all is essentially well and the utter fed-upness that my house is full of STUFF that I just can't imagine clearing. I think back to my pre-child days when I was super organised. Now I do the minimum paper work I can get away with and generally don't fret about housework. Life is too short. Attentive mothering is much more important but somedays I think I fail at that too. Chin up, this too will pass, as they say. You could always do what my godmother does - buy fake flowers, plant them outside and change them with the season...


You are not the only one feeling like that out there!All creative people who love multi tasking, who have lots of interests, who don't settle with doing just one thing and when they have young children just don't have enough time for everything!The sooner you realise that the better!Great blogpost!AriadnefromGreece!


Oh, we all feel that way! When I sit down and try to relax with the kids, all I can see are all the things that need to be done. I try to be perfect but none of can be, so what we can be is good enough. I have been in the hospital this week with my oldest, and it has very clearly refocused my priorities. So I don't care so much about the ironing pile, or the lawn that is turning into a meadow. Who wants a bowling green lawn without someone to play in it?

Good luck in letting go of some of those balls, It can be a tricky thing to do!


So do just that, creep under a rug and sleep whilst your little one does. These busy days soon pass and suddenly the house is still and empty for hours at a time. Childhood is so short it must be cherished. Rest and relax and start to cut back on what you say yes to!

Susan Smith

Ok Lucy, I think it is a lot to do with the world we live in today. We all think we can do so much, because there is so much out there now. I am in my 60's with grownup children and grandchildren and I certainly have days like yours (although without any little ones). Like another comment, when we are creative we sometimes strive to hard to compete with each other and ourselves. Take it easy for a while and refocus. I'm the one to talk as our world is going upside down because of looming retirement, so hang in there, as life constantly changes and just make the most of each day.


Oh Lucy please stop being so hard on yourself. You create a wonderful colourful fun filled home with fantastic trips & outings. You create memories that your children will treasure as they weave their way through life. I'll let you into a secret......I did exactly the thing you want to do last week mast Thursday I finished work at 12, came home & slept for an hour or so until school run time :-)

Nicola xx

carol partridge

Lucy, I too have declared a year of no plants. A waste of time and effort with the weather we've had...not to mention the money. We all have 24 hrs in a day. It's how you choose to spend it. You have chosen wisely...the children come first. I think your poorly finger has got you down, too. On a good note , the studio looks excellent ! All that gorgeous wool too. Cheer up ...there are a lot of people who wish you well.

Claire C

i can only agree with the above comments....life is too short to worry about a weed or a bit of dust...when the children are more independent you will have more time, but miss them. The most important thing is the attentive mothering. nobody died from dust or weeds. nobody's judging me by the state of my garden! just as well too! take care, refresh, relax, do what you enjoy and what is strictly neccessary...the rest will fall in when the time is right. love and hugs,
Claire c


It's so hard to remind ourselves to keep prioritising only a few things. I used to write big long lists of everything I "needed" to do and I'd never manage to do everything
Do your best,it's all anyone can ever ask of you (even yourself)
and most of all don't worry but enjoy life


Pom Pom

I remember having so many of those days, when I welcomed distractions because they kept the guilt at bay. Our kids are grown, but many seasons have come and gone when I spent not one penny on plants. It's so hard to afford oneself grace, but I afford everyone else grace. There will be other years when buying plants and transporting them will be easy. There will.
Your home looks loved and lived in and that's not a given these days.
I hope your hand is mended.


I like the 1,3,5 rule.

- Yes, you have your massive long to-do list if you want too, but on a day to day basis, you make it smaller and more manageable.

To start with, if you're like me, you might need to choose to do 1 big thing, 3 middle-y things, OR 5 small ones, but pretty soon you can do 1 big thing, 3 middle-y ones and 5 small a day.

Then you just *stop* and trust that all will be well. - It's fantastic for getting back the work/life balance!

I also use FLYlady at home. I've been following her so as not to be frazzled for nearly 11 years now, so occasionally, just sometimes, my home is as pretty as yours, but I love the feeling of calm of knowing there's 'a plan' you know?

Keep the faith - it'll all come out in the wash!


Que sera sera, keep smiling, you bring happiness and sunshine to many people, and most importantly your family x


Lucy dear, just carry on with what you are doing, the way you are doing it. Enjoy each day for what it is and you are certainly not the only busy mum with a weed or two hanging about and what's a bit of dust between friends. Just take care and do what you enjoy most, your children are very happy and that's all that matters, they will have wonderful memories when they grow up, you are a lovely person.
Much love Maggie xx

Dorothy Griffiths

Hi Lucy I used to think when my boys were little that the juggling and tiredness would go as I got older. Well I am older and still working, still juggling, still tired. Lucy dear you enjoy the moment, savour and try not to let the 'shoulds' in life take over. Look after yourself lovely Lucy.
Lots of love


If you were my neighbor I would give you plants and help with your garden. :)


Kate - The Garden Bell

My darling. Glad to see you have a normal day every now and then too. I have had to change a lot this past year and something have just gone by the wayside, except a day visiting you. Carry on and know you are never too far from my thoughts and have been tugging on my yarn strings to bring me back. Ooooops, time to start that zucchini cakes dinner here. Yes, we are holding steady on the diets, lbs. loss and exercise plan. I need to find my pegs too, thanks for the reminder....carry on, sweetie...


I know the feeling. I have 3 little ones (5,3,4 months) and it's hard to find time to breathe let alone clean the bathroom...

My heart skipped when I saw your Susie Watson mug! Ahhh I love her designs. I lived around the corner from her shop in Clapham years ago and used to go in there and dream about being able to afford ALL of her beautiful things.. :)


My children are in their teens and 20's now and I'm only just realising how tatty our home has become and trying to remedy the fact.But it IS a home, not a show house and they swear they love it the way it is. They will never remember that I didn't iron their pyjamas or hoover every day but they do remember the ferry Dad made for Tom and the time I got stuck on the slide (parental mishaps are a favourite tea time discussion!!)
Don't beat yourself up too much, your doing a great job. You have made some beautiful things for your home, including your children! :)

Mary Keenan

Lucy, the biggest thing I admire about you is the way you always make time for *you* as well as for your family. I guess in theory the new studio is for you... except right now it's in setup, which means it's work, and it's also wistful because you don't get to be in it as much as you'd like. It's sort of banked 'you' time that isn't paying off yet. Meanwhile, all those essential balls you picked back up are for other people. So: maybe planting just one pot a day, working a walk to the plant store into a little B outing, is a ball you can still juggle with the rest? Or maybe stick last year's superfun pinwheels into the pots (or hide the pots entirely), and take really awesome nap ;^)


Lucy, you are amazing, always so productive and creative - and with three little ones to mother at the same time.
It's reassuring to see that you are, after all, human, and have some small corners where there just isn't time... You sound as if you are coaching yourself well to concentrate on the most important things - and if there aren't plants in your pots, it isn't the end of the world. I know if I posted a picture of my desk and in-tray as it is right now there would be a collective gasp of horror. Well done for getting your sweet peas in - I missed the boat completely.
All good wishes, Louise


Such sweetness, in this post. Somehow your honesty makes us all feel human again. You express what most of us feel. I'm older than you and caring for my elderly Dad in our home and sometimes I fall into a heap and think I'm so far behind and yes I get into a mess as well. However, I try to remember to stop and smell the roses and tell myself I must be joyful because I have so much when others have nothing. Your loveliness shines through and it's such a please to come to your blog. Thank you for your honesty and for showing us you really are a very nice and very normal lady.
Blessings Gail

Angela- Southern U.S.A.

Not enough hours in the day...yes, as mothers we do tend to think that a lot, and it's true,especially if we try for perfection, which is impossible(which I've learned the hard way)and over many years of trying for just that. I've learned it's okay, to just let it all go sometimes, and that's okay. As long as the most important things are seen to, and to the best that we have to give at the time. For sure...it will be there waiting for us to deal with when we do have time(or feel)like dealing with it! :D Just breathe, and take one moment at a time. Hope tomorrow is better.

S Ripley

Dear, sweet lady,
You spoke my heart today. Thank you for your honest words. They speak of a woman who is very normal, very real, and very much a mother. God bless you!

With heart,

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