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June 05, 2013


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What a lovely list. I love little ladies list and it's great that she was able to tick everything off with you :)

Look forward to hearing about Connievan soon :)


Looks like a fab and busy week at the Attic holidaying from home. It fun to play tourist sometimes in your own corner of the world. xx

Ada Bea

Sometimes that's all they want to do, be close to home, play with friends and their toys! Looked like you still had a fab week! :) x


Lovely! Staycations can be wonderful, indeed!


What a nice week you had. I love the time you spent with LL. I only have the one girl (and a boy) myself and I'm really enjoying having special time with her as she's getting older. Both of my children loved the Duplo blocks and my daughter (almost five) still loves them. We even found some Disney Princess sets with pink and purple blocks included. We gave her a Snow White one for her last birthday, with a Snow White figure and a rabbit friend and a little table and chairs with a plate of apples on it. :)

Ann Van Gampelaere

Aaah, you are such a great story teller. Thankyou for sharing. :)


Great week doing family things...good on you! Sometimes it's nice to play tourist in your own town or countryside. Looking forward to the new adventures with Connievan. Need to do the hovering iron trick on my bunting contribution and then they are ready to go. Hugs, MO

Gillian McM

Can't wait to hear the latest Connievan news...


Such joy this blog brings me. Thank you for sharing Lucy. So, so different to Australian towns.

Vicki Wintle

Ah Lucy, you are breath of fresh air. You always seem to fit everything into your busy life with 3 children, they are lucky to have you in their life. Adore your crocheting, has inspired me to dust off my hook and get hooking again. Love your blog, check it just about every day looking for inspiration. Here in Australia, we are approaching our Winter season, hopefully more hooky time. Enjoy your sunshine, you deserve it.


Hi Lucy, great post with beautiful pictures. Like the two commentators above, I'm from Australia, coming onto what promises to be a very cold winter just here - your part of the world is gloriously green! Grew up in the country and we used to make scones and Scotch pancakes - called pikelets here - a lot. My Mum's recipe was much the same as the one you linked to but she used to sour the milk with a teaspoon of vinegar. I'm not sure why now but her pikelets were certainly really good. My family seem to enjoy my efforts also. Hope you enjoy lots more lovely family time throughout your summer!

Carolyn Jackson

What a lovely family week you all spent, I think staycations can be great, you live in a lovely area, we also have lovely walks and beaches and farmland quite close too. I love hearing all you do, outings, baking and crochet, all the best things !!!!
Caro N.Z.,

Angela- Southern U.S.A.

A lovely stay-cation. We've done our share of those. All those activities take me back, when mine were younger, now they want friends to go along. So wonderful as a mom, to be able to fulfill our children's wishes. Lately I've been dreaming(and drawing) of "connievan" get aways.Have a look http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftygal/8950975655/ Hope you get to get-away for one soon.


It sounds like a lovely week.
I'm with you on the swimming, there is just so much yucky stuff involved in a trip to the pool but the kids love it. Swimming at the beach is a totally different experience, very enjoyable but usually a little chilly.
Pancakes are a favorite breakfast here, we eat ours with maple syrup and strawberries. (I use 1 cup SR flour, quarter cup caster sugar, 2 eggs and enough milk to make it double cream thickness, saves having to get the scales out!)
I do miss england!


What a lovely week and you achieved so much - well done.
Do we have any progress on an address to send you our completed buntings?


Sound like you had a lovely at home holiday! I really enjoy reading your blog so I nominated you for some awards, details can be found here
Thank you, Angel


My goodness that hot chocolate is ginormous...

Jennifer Crewe

And I am another Aussie who loves your page and photos, although I began my life in Yorkshire. There is nothing like English green and here in West Australia I never seem to see deep bright blue skies. Don't know why that is. Glad you enjoyed your stay at home holiday and I look forward to hearing about the van. Being new to your blog I haven't met her as yet. My ripple rug in your lovely "Lucy colours" is coming along nicely.


i hope to be as sweet as a mom as you are on day!


A thoroughly delightful week of activities. The site of those colourful Duplo blocks brought a pang of nostalgia for days gone by- my youngest is now 14.I thought your little lady's list was a wonderful mix of indulgences and activities, just as a child's life should be. Bravo for raising your children with such a good sense of balance.


What a lovely list... I think even children these days sometimes feel like they are rushing around and break neck speed and want to just stop... I know my boy (10) is often keen to have a day where we just potter. I am always happy to a oblige, as I love a good potter!

Teresa Kasner

What a fun week you all had! I am curious about what you have done with Connievan.. I'm guessing you found a permanent place to keep her where you can pop over and spend time at the drop of a hat! Can't wait to find out! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jenny Grant

Sounds lovely!


What an action packed week that was! Sounds like you all had an enormous amount of fun ~ just right for half term. I'm loving all this preparation that is going on for Yarndale and am looking forward to seeing what sheepy creation you are making. I am going to try and get started on some Bunting Triangles for you this week too :O)xx


As a mum of four, finances often meant stay at home school holidays - I loved them. My eldest daughter is 30+ and we are avid list makers, even have a pretty little paperchase books to write them in. Who new looking over old lists, with all the ticks and crosses, could be so satisfying and evoke such lovely memories? Looking forward to connievan news and wondering about that yarndale looking WIP. Thanks for your blog Lucy, it calms me ;o)

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