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May 19, 2013


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I remember the challenging behaviour of very little people. Trouble is, now they're teenagers it seems to have come back again! Love your blog, Lucy, and your beautiful photos bring a very welcome bit of colourful inspiration into my day.

Sara Jenkins

I remember that tricky stage too! The advice - it's only
a phase" is true, but oh so challenging at the time.
Wishing you a peaceful, happy Sunday.
A quiet one here - nothing planned. Sovery unusual
- I'd better make the must of it. x

Jo McGee

Hi Lucy
As a nurse who had to cope with lots of tulips falling down around the precious space on the wards windowsills, i endeavoured to find a solution...and just incase you didnt know about it here it is

With a pin or needle pierce straight throught the tulips stem about 1 inch from the top as soon as you bring the home they never fall over. You can also try doing it with some bent ones and see what happens.

It seems a bit severe to do but just thought i would let you know. Much Love Jo


In a busy week is good to seek and the snippets of joy and calm, something your blog does really well, I'm looking forward to your blossom post, I just love this time of year. x

Jools Morgan-Jones

Little people, for all their cuteness, can be very challenging - hang in there Lucy, and stick to your guns, it'll come right in the end. Lots of coffee, hooky moments and love will help you through xxx


To stop tulips drooping( although they do look pretty sometimes that way. Chop about 1cm off the ends and Put a 2p coin in the water,works every time! A lot simpler than pinning them.


Lovely photos!
Tulip tip.. Trim the bottom off the stems every other day, they keep growing even though they are cut hence why they get tall and top heavy making them fall over! Keep them shorter and they'll stay up right!! X


Hi Lucy, just wondering if you have a tutorial for a granny square, not sure how to tackle the square and how to keep it square. Do you have 2 chain at the corners or just one? also do you make a chain between the three trebles? HELP!!!

Fiona M

I'm at that same testing point with my 4 year old little darling... you're right, it is tough. Thank goodness for the cuddles & "I love you mummy" moments that always outweigh the testing moments <3

Sarah - CraftySorcha

Aren't you worried the beer would spill on your lovely crochet? :)
Lovely tulips! Have you tried a dispirin tablet in the water? Or even simple sugar? That keep my flowers up!
I hear you on the challenging behaviour. My little man is 15 months old and he's just starting to assert himself...I can see fun times ahead!

Sian Allen

As always Lucy, your picture are so bright and cheery. Am very jelous of the strawberry beer, sounds delishious. Cherry blossom round here is almost finished :( a shame because i love it. still wont be long til my favorute flowers bloom, the big beatiful hydrengea. Happy relaxing Sunday xxxx

Chel C

Good luck with the challenging Little B. They all test the boundaries as they get older (mine are 15 and 13 now...and very challenging!). I love your first photo with the sun just hitting the roof tops during breaks in the cloud. I love seeing things like that. Hope your week improves. Chel x

Jo Roberts

Busy, busy, busy. A lovely post which made me feel normal - and I like that very much! Jo x



Ahh yes, challenging little ones. I remember those days all too well. Why is it that one child will push all the buttons, and the next not?! We are actually going thru a bit of that ourselves with grandchildren in our care! Who would have thought I'd be doing it all over again! ;). I can appreciate your full plate feeling. It can be a bit overwhelming. Especially with the rain. No, the rain doesn't help at all, I don't think. But we'll keep at it.... Bright yarns, delicious coffee and strawberry beer? Oh my, that does sound delicious. :)


Poor you Lucy, if its any consolation it really is just a phase......then you can look forward to the teenage years! My son is 23 and a lovely lad now he's left home, I think now he has his own family he realises what he put us through! Our daughter 14, and we have just survived two weeks of mock GCSE's, along with all the tears and hysteria. Normality returned this weekend....phew!
I often think a toddler/teenage child swap would be a great idea for an hour or two, so we can either remember or realise that each age has its own ups and downs!
Good luck, and I promise when he goes to school you'll look back fondly on these times x


Oh yes the challenges..but they move on and peace will be restored..till the next time! I have started some triangles and will be happy to contribute to Yarndale once I know where to send them. Enjoy your week x


I am out in the gardening, although become a little distracted with blogs at the mo! Only the planting of new plants and re-poting of sunflowers, and mowing the lawn ... I am loving the day of sun we are having today!!! xxx


Nice to see you love our Belgian beer!
Cherry beer is also very good. If you find the brand Lindemans, you shurely have to try it!

I'm curious for the yarndale stuff you're making. I'm working on a cushion cover in tunesian crochet (inspired by 'according to Matt...') I really love working on it!

Have a nice sunday,


Good luck with little B.
I have the same with our daughters(teenagers).Sometimes it's like there are little again.But it's only a phase.
I am looking forward to see your next post!
Have a nice week with your Dad and Lady B.


Love that top picture! Didn't know you could do anything to stop tulips drooping but I must admit I like them that way - it's almost as though they are a different bunch of flowers (and you get to see that glorious centre!) Good luck with Little B - he's just asserting his character (I know - easy for me to say!) Jane x


Oh yes, still remember the day daughter aged 3ish decided she was independent and could leave home. Packed her case, very sensible, Winter pyjamas as well as Summer clothes, wearing raincoat and wellingtons...took ages to talk her round.She went back upstairs to 'think about it' while I sat there wondering what on earth I could say/do if she decided that she would indeed go! The smell of baking and thought of perhaps sleeping under a hedge persuaded her to stay...


Hi Lucy
I love your blog and this is my first comment. Re your tulips. I love them too and for years they flopped over until a florist shared a little secret with me. Put a copper penny in the bottom of the vase and the tulips will stand straight up for the duration. It truly works. Hugs from Utopia Canada

Donna Marie

Your tulips are contorting themselves because they continue to grow even after they are cut. I love that about tulips.


I will swap your 'stressy' week with mine!

Mary M.

Oh Lucy, I DO remember that challenging child rearing life! It continually changes, but always very worth all the efforts of parents! Hang in there!
Can't wait to see what goes on at The Studio, love the whole concept.
Have a marvelous week!
Mary in Maine, USA <3

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