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April 23, 2013


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Anne Marie

Oh, am I the first? Love your pictures and the basket liner. I've stayed in Grassington a few times, when we've been cycle touring. I love that village.


Hi Lucy , just popped over here to look something up and found your new post. Beautiful,beautiful images . I do hope the coming weeks bring some slow days and happy times. Isn't the warmth blissful ....especially this year after such a miserably cold winter.
I'm still reading the shell seekers in little delightful bursts...Rosamunds writing is wonderfully descriptive ...much like yours.
Jacquie x


Hi Lucy - I've read every Rosamund Pilcher book. I think Coming Home was one of my favorites. I also read two or three? books by her son, Robyn. I'm reading Forgotten Garden now and enjoying it. Sometimes you just have to take a moment out of the busy-ness even when the time ISNT really available. I've managed to fit in more crochet and I'm really enjoying the cool (not cold)temperatures. Tho. in my neck of the woods (mid-Atlantic USA), the nasty humidity can sneak in along with the warmth before it's due so I'm not minding the changing spring colors along with the cool-ish temps.

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

Chin up!You'll get through. ;)Lovely pics,thanks for sharing.A v-e-r-y busy time of year here as well.Trying to do too many things at once,I'm sure you can relate!Looking forward to the ta-dah moments.I just finished a basket liner(great minds etc...)a color wheel design,with trim,inspired by your candle trim. :)Have a great day!


Oh dear! Sorry to hear you're going through a "busy" patch. Hope life eases back to normal soon. I'm loving the evenings too, I kept trying to sneak out into the garden this evening when I should have been putting my children to bed. Thank you for still finding time to share, I always devour your posts with relish.

Howard's House

I'm sorry you're not feeling quite right. I really hope you can ease yourself back into normality soon.

Your basket liner looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it in the basket.

We've been loving the warm, light days. The sunshine lifts my spirits like nothing else can. I sit outside and breathe in the warmth, sun on my face.

Ali xx


Lucy try reading The Empty House by Rosamunde Pilcher. I think you will like it. It is about a woman who moves into a Cornish cottage by the sea wit her 2 children. The descriptions are awesome.


All of Rosamunde Pilcher's books are great! I've read them over and over through the years.

Dianne Davis

I just loooooooooove your blog. It is perfect.
Dianne - Hereford


love to hear your daily adventures whenever you can spare the time..they are always appreciated and enjoyed! Heres hoping for a glorious sunny summer, when it feels like anything is possible -I'm sure some sunshine would help us all!!


I sometimes find this time of year a bit odd too. It's not winter, but it's not summer....

I love to read your blogs as they do always make me feel uplifted in their simplicity - and I mean that in a good way - home, life, family. Lots of things that we all seem to forget or put on the 'back burner' as my mum would say.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. xx


Love ya Lucy. Do you want to pop up for a cuppa when you get time? TTB misses you :-) xx

Sara Jenkins

Love your words and pictures - as always. I think we are all a little "out of sorts". Winter has been so long and Spring a long time arriving. Enjoy your week and especially any time you find for yourself. Xx


I'm sorry you're not feeling like yourself. I understand completely, though. I hope you find some more time to just be you and to relax.


Beautiful photos,
I too am feeling the busyness this week after a long Easter break but I'm so glad spring is finally appearing
hope you have time to enjoy all your busyness


Hello Lucy, pleased you 'stuck with it' and gave us a beautiful post. I know what you mean about getting adjusted. The ups and downs of life. Hey ho! I love Rosamund Pilcher. I think my favorite story is Winter Solstice. I like her short stories too. A bit of knitting and light reading. Happy hooking Lucy and take care.

Susan wright

Hi Lucy, sounds like you are so busy. TAke care , make time for yourself if you can. We will all wait . Xxx


lovely photo's as alway Lucy, I hope you find your way back to your usual happy, cheerful self soon, I think this long winter has taken it's toll on a lot of us. But the days are lengthening at last with warmer days ahead. I Look forward to seeing you finished basket. I've found my self in a crafting lull too, my last post, being a here's one I made earlier post about upcycling storage pots xxx


I'm sure it will all pan out Lucy, sometimes we just have to take one day at a time and not expect too much. x x big hugs x x

Lynne Gill

Hi Lucy - well, you always have this period of re-adjustment, don't you, especially when you've been to Dorset. But you always come through. You have such a busy life - even without the new studio project, so don't be too hard on yourself - everything will eventually fall into place and you will see what is needful and what can be sidelined. We carry such a load of...I don't now ...excess STUFF around with us, and sometimes we see every part of that 'blob' as having equal importance, and in reality they don't. It takes a bit of standing back to get things properly back into perspective.

You put so much of yourself on hold when you had Little B, and wonderful as he is, you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I don't mean you are glad to be leaving this stage in his little life, just looking forward to a new phase.) So many exciting things on the horizon for you, take your time, it will come. Lxxx

Claire C

Life is busy with children, no matter how old they are, just enjoy every moment that you can. Peaceful moments, busy moments...they all add to the richness and variety of life. Hope the building work and plans are not stressing you too much, stay cheerful!


Bless you, things will get better.
I have only had two holidays in the last 16 years and they were both awful! And have just been diagnosed with severe depression. Hmm wonder why.
My youngest has just turned 16 and I am searching for the end of the tunnel. When she is 18 it will be time to call it quits.
Yours was the first blog I ever found when searching for crochet help. Thank God for blogland, it helps me get through the difficult times too. It always cheers me when I read your lovely writing. (And Heather and Jacquie's too).
Much love
Susan x


Life does seem to speed up when the days get longer. Beautiful pictures as always.


Slipping towards Winter in Australia. Another Rosamunde Pilcher fan here - I always re-read Winter Solstice a week or so before Xmas to remind me what Xmas is like where my ancestors came from. Ancestors: female convict and male officer of the Second Fleet to Australia. Quite a history to have. Oh, and my collection of All Creatures Great and Small DVDs get a run at least once a year. Go gently Lucy.
Thank you for a great blog.


I'll check out Rosamunde although I'm caught up in a series my son started for school by John Marsden, Tomorrow When the War Began.
As for blogging and crochet, it's all I can do to et that last child bathed and on the bed before I crash beside her these days. I'm still blogging about my holidays and the drawings that (may) come out of them.

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