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March 08, 2013


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Aww! Soooooo cute and charming :-) and yes, a brilliant cause. Hope they make tons of dosh xx


They will go for a ton of money! I'm sure to be outbid! However.....I found the pattern for the dolls, out of stock though.


You must be so proud to be involved with this project. I can feel your happiness about it. The dolls are beautiful and your contributions to them are some of my favorite parts. :)


How adorable and for such a great cause!! So glad that you are a part of it all and that it has garnered so much attention.


Wonderful dolls will there fab accesories you should be very proud such a great project to be involved in. I'm sure they will raise so much money for comic reflief a very worthy cause. x


I hope their success will highlight what a fantastically talented bunch of crafters we have here in the UK - gold star for everyone involved! For me it has taken me right back to making little things for my toys when I was little - but these things are actually good - no, wonderful! I've just popped over to the auction site and they are doing really well already. I think their popularity is certainly going to pave the way for more little people in the future x Jane

Lisa G.

The dolls are lovely! So cute.


Lisa, all the goodies are really fab. I hope they make lots of dosh!


Wowsers I wish I could afford Maisie. She is by far my favourite but at already £280 there's no way :( I will donate to comic relief once I get paid though! Thanks to you and all the other crafters who worked so hard on these beautiful dollies :)

Julie Briers

Beautiful creations, attention to detail and the work that has gone into these dolls is truly amazing. Well done you and your crafty friends. On another note, after reading the Guardian article I was absolutely stunned to discover your surname is the same as my maiden name! I wonder if we are related?? Julie

mandy Jayne

Hi A24....
Hey ...as you know ...I opened a cute little yarn shop here in hodunk Indiana ...
I have a little U.K. room ...with Noro , Debbie Bliss..etc....
And guess what? I want you to send me an autograph of some kind...from YOU, so I can hang it up...I think everyone needs to know that you love me. Plus you are famous in these parts.


Oh my! How cute are they? That little cardigan and sweater... what can I say? And your blankets! And the little dog! And the... Oh! Everything!! Well done Lucy, and everyone else involved. Jude.x


I love it..they're soo cute. I love everything you make!!


Lucy I just wanted to say thanks for recommending to me the book called Mousehole Cat . I got the CD with it so we could hear it read as well. We loved it over here and thought it is just like The Oxcart Man is to New England USA . Your Mousehole Cat is a tradition to Cornwall UK as Oxcart Man is to us here . OxcartMan is written by Donald Hall http://www.amazon.com/Ox-Cart-Man-Donald-Hall/dp/0140504419 If you could hear this book read by Reading Rainbow the TV show for kids it would be fantastic. Izzy


Such a fantastic project! I've been following on facebook and getting excited each time something new is added. I love comic relief and this is a great way to be involved.
My close friend works for Retrak a comic relief partner working with street children in parts of Africa so I'm very aware of how needed this money is


Lovely post!
Happy birthday!

Ylva S

I've just finished reading your blog, back to back. Everything since the start. What an amazing journey, and I'm so grateful to have been able to share it. Your crochet work was one of my big inspirations to start learning the craft myself. I remember seeing your interlocking ripple blanket sometime before Christmas while randomly browsing the web. I loved it, but lost the link, but somehow the feeling stayed with me. Over Christmas, I asked my mum to teach me to crochet, and here I am. Totally addicted, and it's (at least partly) your fault :D Now I have embarked on my own ripple blanket journey.

Thank your for being such an inspiration and for doing what you love and sharing it!


Oh wow, they are going to raise SOOOOO much money. I have begged my OH to bid for one for me but he just doesn't get it!


I have been foolowing it on Facebook and now also on eBay. They are so gorgeous.


Congratulations on the huge success,it's a lovely story for all crafty people!


Its a fab story and I so wish I could afford to bid/win one of those dolls.

Instead I will be supporting by buying noses/sending boys to school with money for their events.


Lovely post, Lucy. The dolls have moved firmly out of my affordability range now, but I am thrilled to have been part of this brilliant project. And I was overjoyed to see your blankets for real when we filmed last Sunday, and to find the colours just as intense in real life as we are all used to seeing on your blog. Just think how many malaria nets they have already bought! It's both astonishing and humbling.


Sooo cute!


I think they are all absolutely gorgeous. Glad to see they are attracting such good bids already.
All beautiful but little Maisie really tugs at my heartstrings.
I've just been involved with the Craftivist Collective to raise awareness for Save the Children's "Race Against Hunger" (IMApiece), culminating with a meeting to hand over one of my jigsaw pieces to Ed Miliband yesterday afternoon.
I think it is absolutely wonderful that crafters are getting together to make a difference. I get happy tears too.
Carol xx


You are killing me with these photos ~ everything is so absolutely adorable !!!

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