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November 30, 2012


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Deborah Bartlett

Of course, you MUST hook them a snuggle blanket! So good that you now have pets - my 3 children grew up with a zoo around them. The piggies are adorable, as is the owl.


LOL - we have 2 guinea pigs - Pip and Jack. A crocheted blanket would be lovely, but make sure it is in acrylic so it can be washed regularly. I am sure you have noticed how the eating lots translates into LOTS of mess......


Very cute! I'm sure they would love a cute little blanket too...


They are adorable. I don't know if I would make them a blanket, though. Guinea pigs chew, chew, chew and could get sick ingesting yarn. But maybe you could make a cage cover for them? They're so susceptible to drafts that a cover would probably work great and pretty up their cage some! We use a fleece blanket over my shepherd's crate she sleeps in, and she loves her cozy warm den.


Oh my Pip and Lola are just adorable I love Guinea Pigs.


I love your new Wol :) he's fab.

My laugh sounds very much like a guinea pig squeaking. It used to be all the time, but now it's just my mildly hysterical / laughing tons laugh!


These are the cutest! my best friend when we were little had guinea pigs called Gus and Gertie who were always very sweet with cute wiffly noses.
I'm very admiring of your dotty owl too, who looks like she will be best friends with your be-ribboned cat
There are so many lovely and colourful things on your shelves, it all looks beautiful together


They are sooooo cute and adorable. They look very content with their new colourful happy world.xx


oh, I love the idea of a little blankie for just the two of them. I'm now in the planning stages of quilt and a pillow for our cat Lola. My kids are horrified that she's the only family member who does not have her own special quilt. So, guess what she'll get for Christmas...


Sooooooo cute. Makes me wish I had some too! The photos are precious.


loving the pinnygigs, and eagerly awaiting the pattern


I love them. Lots. I'm very jealous!!!! xx

carol partridge

I too fell in love with a guinea pig a few years ago. She was all alone in the pet shop as her mother had taken a dislike to her. Naturally I had to have her. From a very nervous start, Rosie grew to be my little girly. She loved laying on the settee with me. She always lived in the house, though. I had her for 4 and half years, which I was told is about average for a guinea pig. Your 2 look like cute little mischiefs! I hope we will see more of them.
Thanks also for the info on " Silly Suitcase". Lovely shop. I now am waiting for a cute ring [with a little bird on it] to come. I really enjoy your blog.
Best wishes Carol.


Oh so adorable! I think Miss Dotty and the Jane Cat look like happy fast friends! I understand completely about light levels, I'm going through the same thing. I think the pictures look great!


Aw your guinea pigs are so cute. Be careful though, we used to have a rat and one night my boyfriend left a blanket I crocheted for him too close to its cage and it ate a huge hole it in. That blanket was one of my first projects and it took me 3 years to finish. I would hate to see that happen to any of your afghans. Besides that, have fun with them!


So cute! Perhaps you can crochet them a little cavy-cave? They do love getting inside things and looking out :)


Adorable piggies! And the owl is very cute too. Groetjes, Gerda


We really loved having Guinea Pigs- they are so gentle and make such delightful noises.I also became very fond of the Hamsters- I just didn't expect such tiny creatures to come to their names when you called them! We ended up having about six of them...Gerbils,however,I never warmed to and still bear the scar on my thumb...You could crochet the piggies a blanket, but they will eat it all up!


Hi Lucy
When I had a hamster I crocheted him a hideout made out of cotton, somewhere I read if they chew it cotton was safest, It didn't take him long to chew a hole in his hideout. I only gave him the hideout when he was having out of cage time, I didn't want him to eat the whole hideout!! Have fun with your guinea pigs, will be looking to see if you decide to crochet for them : )


Of course they need a snuggle blanket! My sister recently homed a couple of rats and I made a fleecy bonding pouch for them.
Cute 'owl and the pussycat' and lovely material too.
Carol xx

Lisa G.

I love guinea pigs! But, wouldn't they chew up a blanket? I have no idea.

Lisa Ruff

Ahhhh the lil gunea pigs are soooooooooo cute!! Reminds me of mine when I was a little girl!


Sweet little Dottie is a perfect addition to you family there on the shelf. Those big eyes she will see everything.
Those little piggies are the cutest ever! Such perfect names for their personalities. Crochet the blanket!
I just added a pet to our family two days ago... a stray tabby four months old. I wrote the story on my blog.
He is sure making the kids happy and gives them a new play mate.
Have a great December Lucy!


Well I don't know what they will do with a blanket but I used to have a rabbit who enjoyed a good sized carpet for his personal use!

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