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November 01, 2012


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Well done Little Man! Our way of sorting out secondary schools in this country is a brutal one. Glad it worked out for him.
And I know what you feel about late nesting. I'm sure it's delayed because it has only just begun to feel cold.


This is such a lovely and thoughtful post Lucy.
I too am enjoying the cosy delights of a hot water bottle and I have my porridge the same way but I'm a bit fussy about putting raisins or sultanas in with the oats as then they get nice and plumb too.
I've really enjoyed the few days of bright sunny weather we've had but mostly it has been a bleak recently

Mercedes Leet

I so much enjoy your posts Lucy, but most I enjoy your crochet work. I was hoping you could tell us how soon or how late you might be adding directions to your site on how to make the french bird from Provence, loop, flowers and all. I have only been crocheting for a few months and still need step by step instructions. Adorable projects!!!


Congratulations to Little Man. We went through the 11+ thing with DD1 two years ago and she's now in her second year at Grammar School. It's a long day for her as the school's 12 miles away and she has a ten-minute walk to the train station, nine-minute train journey and then a 'round the houses' bus ride - we leave the house at 7.20am and she gets home between 4.30 and 4.45pm and then there's homework to be done. However, she says she's really glad she's there rather than our local secondary school which is a five-minute walk from our house!

Rachael Iddon

Oh, what a lovely post. I found myself nodding along with so much of it, particularly the kicking of leaves (my almost two year old discovered this recently) and the 'indoor pursuits'. You are very good at restricting yourself to one pumpkin. We had three, one for each child. I let them do their own thing but actually, I may just buy one for myself next year....

Half Acre Wilderness

Thank You Lucy for this lovely look into your family life in October. I love the way that you transition from one subject into another and love all the wonderful photo's. I must admit it's not an easy thing for me to do and my blog has been suffering of late.
I hope you have a wonderful cosy November with lots of lovely crafty pursuits with the little people.


Totally agree about seasonal blanket-making. Three on the go here...!

Melissa G

Thank you so much for sharing your little part of this world with us. I love your granny patch blanket. I think it was a success. :) You used up all of your yarn that you were wanting to get used and that is all that matters. Giggle Giggle. Thanks again for sharing and have a wonderful and snugly fall!!


It's at times like these I wish I already had my own Little People, when I read about the joys your ones give you, Lucy. I haven't gotten that far yet, but it's in the hopes for the years to come. Lovely photos as always. And I'd definitely call the destash business a success :D

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I noticed on your post that you had been reading Sarah Ravens
article about tulips and as I had a bit of a garden makeover at half term
I thought I would order some of her bulbs to plant along one section of the path. Hopefully they will arrive in a few days. And if they are successful
I will add to them the following year.
I'll let you know how I get on with them. Love the Autumn photos, my favourite time of the year.


Here in China we have hot water bottles that are actually hot oil bottles. You plug them in to an outlet and they heat up very quickly. Very handy in this cool fall season!

Drusilla Cleary

Hi Lucy, I love your colours. So inspirational.
Great for our grey weather. Keep crocheting.


Love that pumpkin! What a great design! Good job!


Hi Lucy,
So glad to hear all your news. I should be in bed by now but I often take a sneaky blog read especially yours which never fails to bring a warm glow to me. So much of your life as a creative Mum resonates with me. We live in an area where beech trees are the dominant species and they are stunning at the moment. I had a lovely walk with the children on Monday. We too have the 11+ down here in Bucks and hope my 7 year old son will do as well as yours. Big well done to him. Thanks for sharing so much. X


Hi Lucy sounds like you are still love struck with Provence!
I love cheese, love it , our local supermarket has lots of cheese from Europe and Britain. A good wine, cheese and fruit with bread yes indeed..
Our Halloween was cancelled because we had hurricane Sandy and it made it dangerous for the kids to go around with all those trees down and power lines.


What a treat, to share your Lovely Lucy post whilst treating myself to tea with cinnamon & raison toast, & listening to the waves crashing on the rocks below our half-term holiday home. Isn't 11+ cruel - I'm so glad he's through and hope his friends are too. Can't wait to see your Ripple blanket all done. Don't make us wait too long!

Carolyn Dietrich

I look at the using of your yarn stash as a great success. Anything left over from what you have to buy to finish it will be the beginning of a "new" stash! Hee Hee
Actually, I also look forward to what you have to say. I love visiting England and you home through your eyes. (I live in Garden City, Idaho, USA, and had the great privilege of coming to England 8 years ago and would love, love, love to return. Maybe some day!)


Ahhh a season change post-my favorite! Love the look of the moor from the attic. Puts me straight into a Sherlock Holmes frame of mind. We don't traditionally celebrate Halloween where I live but I enjoy seeing what other people get up to with their decorations at this time. The lit jack-o-lantern is a beauty- positively scary:/


oh hee hee, i remember those extra large piles of legos. happy november lucy dear.

Kim Kobayashi

I love your blog Lucy! I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, and the weather and natural scenery is so similar to yours. What would we do without color to get us through?! My daughters and I love to crochet, so your site is a constant inspiration. Thank you for sharing your little part of the world-I hope I can visit someday!

Kim Kobayashi

Oh! I forgot to say that Wensleydale cheese is my favorite! We've had it with cranberries and with dates. I think we were inspired by Wallace and Grommit!


Thank you for sharing all these colourful pictures.
They´re lovely.
You´re so lucky for having all this pretty nature around you.
Kisses from Spain.


Congratulations to your little man. My two went through the process a couple of years ago and then decided after passing that they didn't like the grammar school and wanted to go to a different school, so all of that drama was for no reason in the end! Silly system. Our Halloween was quite quiet this year, I think with the bad weather it kept most of the little ghosties away. Lovely post Lucy. Chel


Oh what a gloruoisly autumny post .... fab pumkin and a very good choice by J!
Mmmm that porrige looks delish and well done to little man .... clever boy x
love jooles x
P.S loving your tulip plans, i have a Sarah Raven giveaway happing over at my blog at the mo if you are interested


Oh yes, porridge and fruity bits with golden syrup- lovely. Hasn't the darkness come as a bit of a shock? Any sunshine does indeed get lost in the general gloom, hurrah for bright orange pumpkins I say!'Prinses Irene' is an absolutely tip top tulip, I would recommend it.If you want some bright colour and a lovely shape AND perfume go for some "Ballerina' too- they look great planted with some dark purple/deep crimson.
Serious housekeeping needed here too-shocking!
Well done at getting through 11+ hell.

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