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September 23, 2012


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5ladybird lane

Great to see a roaring fire, makes you think - roll on autumn. Sarah


Ohhhhh I can't wait until it is cold enough here for a fire. A few more months to go!

Rachael Iddon

Hello again. I wish we had a proper fire. It's radiators all round here, and nothing else. I bet you need it tomorrow - the forecast is rotten.


That looks absolutely delightful and so cosy! I've definitely felt the cold today! To be honest, I quite like the one-eyed-owl look, it kind of looks like he's winking a welcome. I have a similar owl, but the female version for my uni room. She'll be making another appearance soon!
Stay warm!
Alice :)


Hurrah for the first fire. We switched the heating on with great ceremony here. It's cold, there is no getting away from it! We are also a family in our pj's till lunchtime, and I love a spot of baking in my dressing gown and apron - so glad it's not just me! x


And sometimes you can coax the fire to restart the next day with just a couple of wee sticks and some more ovals. I love them too. Oh.....and I love all things crochet!


sounds like a perfect day
I too am a pyjama wearer for as long as possible.
I love the feeling of an open fire, we haven't had one yet, but I'm looking forward to it eagerly


Sitting in front of our first fire right now, Luce, it's seriously cold even down South! Had to chuckle at that poor owl and I do love the phrase "little tinker"; nobody says things like that quite enough anymore.
Hen x


P.s. I don't think our postie has ever seen me in anything but pjs! (Luckily, it's a lady!). And I'm afraid she's never here until gone 11...

Vikki Cook

Cosy is one of my favourite words.... and cosy toes, roaring fires and blankety hookiness seem like the perfect reasons for looking forward to shortening days and cosy evenings! I've had a pj day today too - this morning I baked a batch of scones in pjs and pinny- it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one! Now i'm snuggled under my big ripple blanket project ... I'm about half way through ... It's a soft snuggly 100% merino wool ... And it's keeping me warm and cosy as I crochet it! So good to have you back in the attic bringing us hooky warmth and cheery news...Thank you!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Lovely cosy pics Lucy & nothing whatsoever wrong with cooking in pjs covered with an apron - just cosy, comfortable & practical! So glad you are still on a blanket-making roll - nothing to beat a cosy hooky blanket! And like bags & shoes, a girl can never have too many! Enjoy! E x


The colors I see here are so beautiful and happy.

miss magpie

How funny, I baked a lemon drizzle cake in my pj's this morning too! I had never made one before but today is my birthday and I decided I wanted a different kind of cake. It was lovely.

We have had our fire going all day here in Bournemouth but have enjoyed cosying up under our granny-stripe blanket (thanks due to you) xx

Brianna Asaro

Lighting a fire isn't about what month it is, it's about how COLD it is! I say if your feet are cold, you go on right ahead!


Yup! we lit our fire last week, there is a real change in temperature, the winter duvet is on, as are the flannelette sheets!

Lovely cosy pictures there with the gorgeous blankets, it looks lovely


We made apple and blackberry crumble in our PJs this morning - couldn't be more autumnal! Your home looks so cosy and lovely - hope you enjoy many more toasty fires as the days get shorter x


Seriously wet & horrible here today and , according to my daughter & her little family - no better in Paris :o(
As you've lit your fire, is it ok to have a hot water bottle yet or shall I have to make another blanket?? I want to make a granny stripe one but worry about getting the beginning chain right :o(
Glad it's cosy chez vous.


Nothing better than a beautiful fire and I love that owl!!


Summer has ended very abruptly here in Suffolk, so out came the wooly swedish mocassins and the log burner was duly lit for the first time today.
It sounds like we've all been very industrious today, I was making mulberry and blackberry jam this morning!


We lit our stove today too. Wet all day and the house needed some cheering up. So glad to have you back in the attic. I've felt a little lost without your colourful world to inspire me.

On another note, what sort of camera do you use? Your pictures are wonderful I had to ask. Ax


I missed your lovely posts while you were holidaying and entertaining and crafting. Am pleased you are back!

I want to know who flicked the 'cold switch'?! How is it possible that we go straight from summer jacket to winter woollies with no transition? Our gas is disconnected right now and I am not sure how much longer we can resist lighting our first fire...

The upside of cold weather: hot chocolate!!!!

Enjoy blanket snuggling and flame gazing.


Summer has come to an end here in Canada as well, and last night we had the first fire of the year in our woodstove.

I love your fireplace. There's something about a coal fire, reminds me of my youth in England!

I have to thank you. Since I found your blog (and a couple of other hooky bloggers) and have seen the beautiful blankets you've made, it's made me realize that I need more colour in my life. I just love the way you put the colours together, a skill I don't have. But I am thinking about getting my crochet hook out and giving it a try!


I knew they'd be his lovely little plump feet!! as I've said before his hands and feet take me right back to mine when they were little - you forget and then you see a little foot or hand and think "oh yea remember when they had a little plump hand in mine" and then they lose the plumpness and it's all gangly limbs and knocking things over lol!! but they are still lovely at 14 and 27 - just in a different way - their needs change but they are always your babies!! and not so needy - you think this is a long way off but it really flies Lucy - enjoy it now! (you are one of the people who I think really does enjoy it at the time - like me)!! you're a love! and you give us all a lot of pleasure!! Thanks....


I thought your owl was winking, and didn't realize he had a missing eye until you pointed that out. A winking owl is very cute, by the way.

Tabby P.

We needed a fire this morning! We have a gas fireplace and it just isn't the same, I love laying beside a real fire. It's amazing! With a mom like you who wouldn't want your fantastic blankets? They're made with love and more love. What a wonderful weekend you seem to have had.
Hugs and love!

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