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August 15, 2012


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Make sure to make time for yourself! You deserve it.

Cockney Blonde

Sounds like you had a lovely time and so glad the weather was kind to you. We're off in our home on wheels at the end of the month. Can't wait, x


Hang on in there, Lisa. You're doing a fantastic job and laying down some wonderful memories for your kids later in life. I remember that, at the time, it's often hard to see the wood from the trees. The new term will be here before you know it, and you'll look back at some great times this holiday and be glad you did it all. x


Good to have you back Lucy!! missed you! Don't worry about the chaos - organised people are usually miserable people!! just enjoy your kids while they're little - it goes by so fast!!

Kay G.

Oh, I love that you were able to spend time away in your Connie Van. It might seem overwhelming with all the things to do now you are home, but it will sort itself out. Take care and keep being creative!

Marigold Jam

Glad you had a good time. You are not alone in shouting now and then - we all revert to the inner child at times when parenting I am sure. I know I did and sometimes still do and my baby is in her 30s!


I so remember trying to fit everything in. I think you deserve a medal for going camping with 3 small children! It's hard enough for just the two of us Dollying in our campervan - whilst worrying about our 20+ year old brood! Wholeheartedly agree that a danish pastry IS the answer!


So glad you're back, and glad you got to get away also. I only raised one son, so I imagine you're overwhelmed with three kids! Love reading your blog....

Ada Bea

I'm saving quite a bit of sorting out and cleaning up stuff until September! Glad you had such a great time! We were in Yorkshire this week and I fell in love with it all over again! Both my Grandparents grew up there and I always feel its in my genes! Ada :)

Jelly Jam

Welcome back! Looks like reality is setting in. I know that post holiday feeling anywhere. I've had a sudden urge to put all the old toys in chazza bags or on Ebay much to the children's horror!


I just love your blog... its like you are reading my mind. Here's hoping we both make it (gracefully) until school starts up again.


OHHHH, how we've missed you! Thrilled you are back safely and sorry at the same time that you are feeling couped up. :( Forgive yourself for losing it with the kids... my oma said it's the only way our children can learn it's ok to be imperfect.... seeing us lose it sometimes and then bounce right back. So happy to find your words today. You've been sorely missed!


... maybe the pastry is what's needed! The mess doesn't get any less when they get older .. . it just consists of masses of wires and technological bits!


I'm so looking forward to routine! I've loved the summer break, but I'm so looking forward to some me time, too! (Then I can get out my hooks, yarn and needles again)


So know the feeling of happiness and longing for doing something you enjoy yourself. It's frustrating but every time I look at pictures of my lil one and how much she has grown, I'm glad that I spent the time with her instead. They'll never be this small again. And don't worry, we all lose it especially when they have a overly clingy phase. :) Welcome back!


It will be quite sad to get back to the school routine I think, but I feel a bit in demand too with an eight year old sticking to me like toffee paper...it aint arf quiet without him! lol x


Welcome back Lucy! Glad you had a lovely time with your family traveling with the Connievan!! It's not always easy to come back, moreover the first days, when you have to do all that laundry and to restart the home routine!!! Anyway, take it easy and you will see that everything will be normal and fantastic again! ;oD
xxx Alessandra

5 Ladybird Lane

I sometimes wish the children could go back to school for a few days mid holiday so I can catch up on stuff (tidying, washing, sitting quietly etc.). Maybe I should suggest it at school !!!! Sarah


EAT IT NOW LUCY!!!!! Keep the indulgent holiday vibe going as long as you possible can :-D xxx

Pom Pom

I like the stickers on Connie. Cute!
We do have WAY too much junk and I agree, it weighs us down.
I'm so happy you have sunshine!


Thank you for the little giggle at your Mummy melt down - nice to know I am not alone in the Mummy melt down department. ☺ Sounds like you had a lovely little holiday, it's always hard to settle when it comes to an end. Take care and enjoy your yummy treat!

Seaweed & Raine

I can relate to so much of this post Lucy! And yesterday must have been the day for Mummy's to respond like that. My brood got an ear full of their mummy's frustration yesterday too. Poor blossoms. Thank goodness for new days. And being able to say sorry. Enjoy the warm days of summer. Even though we miss your posts - it's good to know you are enjoying some time with your family. :)

Sharon Braxton

Glad you were able to get away again. You will get sorted out soon and all will be fine again. Enjoy these days with the littles because it ends way too quickly. Rest, relax and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.
: )



Welcome home!


Hooray, you're back! Frightfully quiet here without you :-) So glad you're having a lovely summer!

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