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August 03, 2012


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Cockney Blonde

Lovely to share your holiday with you. We were in that area 2 years ago and went to Bridport, Burton beach and even the Hive. It really is a beautiful part of the country, x


Goodness Lucy what a fantastic post, I love your pictures and I know what you mean about the jasmine, we have it in our garden and on these humid and very warm Cyprus evenings the scent is quite amazing, even overwhelming at times. And the swans, what fantastic pictures, they are amazing even though I am scared of birds lol! Yvonne xx


Oh Lucy! I'm so sorry "our" holiday is over! :-D I enjoyed it so much - especially the day the day of doing nothing. And at last I can confess....... I don't get the "Swannery" at Abbotsbury either, but thought it was just me! But then we don't "get" Monkey World either...... :-( Must be something to do with animals in captivity? Next time you are down, go to the Tank Museum - even I enjoyed that, and the kids used to love it when they were little. Hope you are back in the Attic nice and refreshed. Jude.x

Marigold Jam

Lovely - we too enjoy the fish and chips from one of the cabins at West Bay on occasion. Sounds like you had a great holiday and how lucky you were with the weather.

Mrs Jones

Fab. I'm sure I said this last year but the Husband and I haven't been on holiday anywhere for several years now for various reasons and I LOVE reading your holiday posts as they're most definitely vicarious vacations for me.


Lovely pictures! West Bay was stupidly busy last week wasn't it! Did you go to the raft race? It was ridiculous - you couldn't move. Toooooooo busy. I love your sunny summer pictures, but we'll be glad when it's autumn again and we have the bay back to ourselves x


Thanks for sharing your holiday pictures and stories - it's made me feel all holiday-ish! Sounds like it was a lovely break :-)


The photos of the swans are so striking!! And a little frightening - there's so many!

Ada Bea

Just read all about your holiday adventures! We have just returned home and as much as I'm loving my own bed I'm sooooo missing the sea. It's like I've left part of my heart at its edge! Glad you had a great time Lucy! Ada :)


Looks like you had a really lovely week, with some gorgeous weather. Trust us to choose the exact same week to leave the country in search of some sunshine!!! Agree with you about the swannery, last time we went the kids were not impressed. The Wildfowl Trust place in South Wales was much better - you could take a canoe out on the water and explore! (http://www.wwt.org.uk/visit-us/llanelli/). We went a couple of years ago and loved it. I'm jealous of your stone tower, I've never managed to make one so high.


We went to the swannery when all the swans were nesting, and caring for their newborn cygnets, and it was amazing - the birds aren't in captivity, but nest in massive numbers all around the fleet.
Perhaps it was because the weather was so unsettled when we were there - grey and overcast with a strong wind and foreboding clouds - but I could really sense the tension in the air. I really got the sense that these immensely powerful birds, made even more powerful by being mothers in protection-mode, were glaring at us to keep our distance. Quite awesome.
Maybe that's the time of year to go.


So loved reading about your wonderful holiday. We too were lucky enough to be in lovely Dorset last week camping near Swanage and it was just stunning. Can't believe how lucky we were. Fiona x

Shannon Mesker

I love following your blog posts. I look forward to it each day. When you do not post I feel a tad sad, but when you do, I feel exctied and like to sit back with a mug of coffee and read away. You truly transport me to England - someday I will visit. Thank you so much for lighting up my day with your truly beautiful posts.


Great pictures Lucy and such a good read.
Thankyou for sharing. Loved all the white swans.


Man you make me miss my home! I'm from Devon currently living in California. And with all this olympic coverage I NEED to go home!!! Lol

M. Isabel

Wonderful holidays and precious memories to remember for the rest of your life. I imagine that you and your family will have so happy moments remembering those days, looking the photos and reading details that when the years goes by, you surely forget. You´re doing a fantastic journal of the "little but sooooo important pieces of life which makes the Total" (sorry, I know my English is so bad, hope you could understand what I try to say)
Lots of Hugs !!
M. Isabel (from Germany)

Ann Ray

Greatly enjoyed all your pics of your summer vacation. It was a pleasant relaxing visit with you. I just discovered your blog today. I am sure I will stop back.


Precious memories!! Great pictures!


Hi L - did you get my text? Shame you didn't enjoy the delights of the swannery - couldn't agree more with lisa etc we've always had a great time - esp cygnet time and stormy seas - maze is fun too! Catch up with you next time x

Jen Y

I am quite envious of all your visits to the sea. I've seen the ocean once in my life, the Pacific, & I loved every minute of it. The nearest ocean from where I live is well over 1,000 miles away. The Gulf of Mexico is over 600 miles away. How I'd love to be able to just drop by the beach, even just once a year.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trips with us. It's almost like going myself.


Of all the charming places to live in England, the more I see of your Mum's, the more I do think she has the most charming! I can imagine your having that wonderful tea outdoors on her riverside patio. Perfection! The rest of the photos are a feast for the eyes.


I loved reading your post. Doing nothing is a luxury we must learn to enjoy without feeling guilty: children need free time to develop their creativity.

Sharon Braxton

Your holiday sounds just about perfect. I love when that happens. Your little people running, shouting and enjoying the freedom was a treat. Glad you got to spend some time away and relax.


How wonderful that you had such great weather. Life is much easier with kids. The many swans are amazing.


Ah, more lovely photos...I miss the sun! On the last day of our holiday we mad the "radical" decision to stay in the village all day. It was heaven, so liberating. We fed the horses, went to the park, had a pub lunch and I crocheted all afternoon. So nice not to use the car. Sometimes we feel we must pack SO much in to a holiday that I come home exhausted. xx

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