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June 19, 2012


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How fantastic that your little miss is following in your crocheting footsteps! Well done.


Over joyed for you to have a "hooky buddy." Neither of my 2 girls were interested in my crafts until the left home and had families of their own. Love your blog.

Julie Clay

Just enjoyed my lunch and reading your blog! You've made me happy too! I'm just picking up the crochet again after many years, your little girl did fantastically well, how exciting, you must be a good teacher! :)

Dee Gill

What a great blog!!! Looks likes a fantastic weekend....on a side note, LOVE your nailpolish. Your toes look very happy!! =)


I am so excited to see your Little Lady crocheting! You make me so hopeful for the future. I only have one little girl myself (as well as one boy) and I really hope she grows to love crafts and yarn and fabric arts as much as I do. She's only three years old now, so it will be awhile before she's ready but I can't wait! How nice to feel so happy about parenting too...that happens to me a lot, where I stop and realize how fortunate and blessed I am and I feel re-energized about motherhood all over again. Glad to see you having such a wonderful time. :)

Maria Kirchner

Lovely post. Was sitting here on the other side of the world making up some of your summer garden granny squares when a 5.2 earthquake hit. Now I am too nervous to go to bed so think I will be crocheting all night! Thanks again for your lovely blog.
Maria Kirchner


Beautiful post!
I have had similar sorts of feelings this weekend. I only hope my little girl want to me to teach her when she's older, the way my mum taught me :) I know my mum is still delighted by my crochet even now!

Susan Wright

Hasn't she done well? i do think crochet is more immediate, by that you get faster results which is so encouraging for children. Its really lovely that you have tought her and she has picked it up so well. xxxxx


Congratulations, your daughter loves crocheting, here is to many, many hours of fun together.
Hugs Audra


Oh my, I immediately spotted the colourful knit in the first pic, thinking you'd picked up the knitting sticks, and then I read "Little lady was knitting" - and if that wasn't enough, I scroll down and see she's actually crocheting!! Oh wow, you must be bursting with pride and joy! ♥ :-)
Oh, I meant to ask - are you really hosting a Provence Crochet Tour? An ad popped up today on Ravelry leading to this page: http://www.provencetemptations.com/craft-tours.html
(Oh I so hope I haven't spoiled a surprise here or something, I was just curious!)
Have a lovely day! xxxx


Oh my God Lucy, that beautiful place... here in Brazil don't exist place like this, the water are polluted, for every place, it's a shame, but I have to live here, srrsrs. I think wonderfull your child to learn crochet, I would try with my niece, but she doesn't patience, rsrsrs, who knows any day??? This place that you walks with your family is next to your house? Congratulations, your vitality is enviable. Thanks lucy, I love You.
From Brazil...*Ana*


I feel bad I didn't teach my daughter these skills. Hopefully one day to teach her to sew though. What a beautiful, unusual, river you were at. What fun, some one on one with the little one and hubby.

Tangled Sweetpea

Oh such a beautiful post Lucy! Sometimes just pottering about with the ones you love is the most perfect time.
Victoria xx

angela-southern USA

Congrats to L.L.!YAY!Such a plearsure for you, I know how I felt when I taught my Girls,but sadly they don't do much anymore(teenagers. Mine have been canning with me lately,so that's a treat. Such a lovely spot by the river!Looks like a place I could spend ALL day at,and with some hooky time...heaven!The buns look yummy :)The ripple too.Have a good day!

lydia @ Twelve

Lovely. Just utterly Lovely.



Glorious! (All of it!!)

S x

Fleur Cotton

Yes it's a great feeling when you look at your daughter and she's just a mini crafter too .... I just love to watch my daughter sewing and knitting...it's the loveliest feeling!

Well done to the Little Lady!

Have a happy week.
Fleur xx

Corinne Inglis

Perfect. We have a secret spot in the middle of Wales that we came upon by accident - looks a little like your picnic spot - again, perfect! And the crocheting - I have sons, grown up now, and the younger one - at 26 - decided he wanted to learn to knit (to melt a lady's heart - it worked). I felt just as proud and weepy/happy as you! (Of course he's not done any more after the success of the scarf!)

Irene Porter

So pleased to see your daughter has learned to crochet, getting the tension is no easy matter. You are right to be so delighted when she is so young. I love to read your blog and thank you for all your tutorials. I can't wait to try your rose pattern, but am being very disciplined and have to finish a jacket I'm knitting first. I saw the crochet tour mentioned by Nanita in the comments. Any chance of something like that in England?

debbie @ happy little cottage

This post made me want to laugh and cry at the same time!! I love people who realize just how blessed they are! xoxo Debbie

Wendy House

Well done to Little Lady! It is lovely to share your passion with your children.

Your ripple is looking great, I don't think it would matter if it was a mile long!


Such a joy to read of your contentment with your family and how you are enjoying this stage. I remember feeling exactly the same way. So many women only find discontent and that is so very sad. It is so wonderful to see your children taking an interest in creating and so nice that you always have such wonderful supplies for them. Such a delight that L.L. is enjoying knitting and crocheting AND doing such beautiful work. I'm trying to get my granddaughter interested in knitting but so far at age 5 she doesn't have the attention span needed. Time will tell. Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world. I so appreciate your entries and pictures. A total joy. Oh, I'm repeating myself.

Lisa G.

Lucy, you.are.a.dear.

Colette Mowatt

Little Lady's knitting is amazingly neat and as for the joy teaching her to crochet must bring. I have tried to teach Jose but she isn't one of lives patient learners. I am hoping that I get to teach her one day.

I have assembled my WIP's together and after I have got them under control I plan to embark on my first ripple.

So lovely to read about your love of being a Mum. Only now do I look back with independent 18 and nearly 17 year olds and wish every day that I could have that time back to enjoy, rather then the memories of wishing time away. But then again, my two sat at a table together would have ended up with on probably stabbing the other with the knitting needles!!!! Everyone tells me that one day they will be best friends, I'd like to see that!!!!

Enjoy the sunshine.



I haven't even got a daughter but this is making me feel so warm inside!

how lovely.

that granny square will be one of your most cherished items - i can tell!


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