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May 19, 2012


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Truly Myrtle

I know what you mean about the weather. My moods seem very linked to what is happening about the window. I've decided to do a sun dance in the form of sewing and am half way through a very bright summer skirt. Let's hope it works!
I LOVE parcels in the mail too - especially crafty books! Enjoy :)


Ah Lucy I know just how you feel about the weather. I'm feeling down because of it too I have a lovely garden all droopy and crying because of the rain, the only thing that's flourishing is the dandelions lol your banana boost bars look yummy you shouldn't tempt me like this, I have no little one's to help me eat them and you can't let them go to waste can you lol. You will love those books I haven't got the crochet borders yet but the other two will draw you back again and again. As for your creations they are something to be proud of, we enjoy making them because they are easy to do but turn out very special, I can see the flower wreath is going to be a case in point, have a lovely weekend Lucy xx


Your wreath is coming along so well, it looks like it will be beautiful when it's finished. I'm tired of the rainy weather as well, but I think I would be more frustrated if it was nice and sunny because I have to be inside revising all the time. I always want to be outside and make the most of it when the nice weather comes, so maybe it's a good thing for me that it's rainy and dreary. It won't be long until the warm weather will arrive though, I'm sure and we can all go about our adventures and picnics as much as we want. Alice :)


Oh Lucy, so sorry to hear the weather has been letting you down, when my kids were little and the weather was yuk we would head to the local library. I don"t know if you have a good one near by but ours in Australia have story time and different activities for littilies and you get to go home with a pile of lovely books! Hang in there it will me warm and sunny soon! xxBrenda


The books you bought are the best that are out there when it comes to crochet! They are so colourfull and full of ideas, I'm going to love the ideas that you'll probably get while reading them ;)


There might be a bonus to a rubbish April/May - the weather might actually be nice in the summer holidays! Every year, I swelter in a classroom full of children (who'd rather be out in the sun anyway), and by the time the school's finished all the nice weather's gone. Maybe this year I'll get to enjoy the sunshine! (wishful thinking)

The baking looks yummy :) I can't stand peanut butter - is mashed banana a standard recipe replacement, or does it only work in this one?! Thanks for sharing x


I hope the weather gets a bit better for you. I know what you mean about not being able to get out! Here we are just going into winter, so we have a long three months of rain and "droopy" days ahead of us! Busy crocheting up a storm to get the granny blanket for my bed finished. http://pinterest.com/pin/153263193539175737/

I still haven't heard from you if you got the PDF I emailed to you with all the muffing recipes?
Hope so, if not, just email me again and I will re send.

Melissa Graham


I'm so sorry your May is disappointing you. I feel the same. Here in Arkansas it was 89F degrees yesterday. The weather man says we are having August weather in May. We also had a very warm April. Not many April showers to bring May flowers around here. Our grass is beginning to look like it does at the end of Summer. UGH!! Maybe I can box up some of the warm and dry and you can box up some of the cool and damp and we will send it to each other.

Love your pictures especially the one of Little B in the tent. We have one of those and it has always been one of my son's favorite place too.
Hope you have a warm sunny week next week.

Lynn Dudley-Taylor

Your wreath looks like a colourful, stripy iced ring doughut!! Maybe I have baking on the brain as I made apple and sultana scones this morning in tribute to your muffins of the other day. They turned out scrumdidiliumptious! Just off to do a few more hooks and twists of my ripple blanket....and expecting a yarn order on monday of the rest of the colours, yippee!! Lx

zenitude (formerly woolyknitsnbits)

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your project because of the wonderful happy colours you choose to crochet with.
Hope the sunshine finds you soon!


I think most people wouldn't call you a basic crocheter, and count you in among their top inspirational hookers, so therefore young lady, I insist that you are not elementary but inspirational.

The sun will come out again, of that I'm sure and we'll all appreciate it more for it's absence recently. Have a sunny Sunday!

Deco Cat

The wreath is coming along beautifully, I am looking forward to seeing it when it is finished. I adore crochet books and I am slowly building up quite a stash of them. Hopefully the weather will pick up soon!

debbie @ happy little cottage

Wish I could send some you some of this morning's glorious sunshine!!
Can't wait for the wreath ta-dah!!! And remember, easy=finished!! Sometimes we make hobbies to complicated, and then never finish anything (well maybe that's just me) !! Happy weekend xoxo Debbie


Aww your poor roses.

Funnily enough I had the same happen to a rose and just saved it.

Deep cool boiled water in a vase, take a goof two inches off the roses at a slanted angle and watch them pick up.



OOOO Lucy i can`t wait to see your summer roses ring. I am absolutely rose obsessed atm i keep buying another colour of yarn and crocheting another rose they are really stacking up. It`s soooo exciting.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Shame you didn't get our adventure day, I dolovethe pop up tent though, endless fun for the little people with that. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Joyce Stewart

I'm so with you about the weather...over here in N.Ireland we've only had 2 separate days of any kind of heat....not enough....cold, dull and wet and you couldn't trust it for 5 mins. I was just saying to my DH that it is light until almost 10 pm here and we've not had the good of it really as it is too cold to be out and about...so it seems the longest day could be here before we know it and the days will start to shorten...augh, hows that for being pessimistic? Sorry.
As for the roses..perhaps these have naturally come to the end of their useful life but when you bring roses home put some boiling water in a heatproof container of some sort (pyrex is best) - cut a little off each stem and submerge the ends to approximately a count of 10 or so and watch the air bubbles come out of them...this is the secret to roses lasting longer...get the air out of the stems first.
We do hope that we can get some sun on our faces soon....gardens have not even been planted yet but over here it is sometimes June anyway before the frost really goes but in this climate who knows?


This weather is making me feel flat and blargh too - fingers crossed that June will be magnificent (well, i can hope..)! As usual though the sight of all your gorgeous colourful projects and lovely baking has lifted the gloom a little for me - thank you. Have a lovely weekend.

Lynne Gill

Looks like there are many of us suffering from WRM - Weather Related Miseries! Just opening one eye on a grey-day can plunge your mood right down into your boots. No idea how to remedy this - self medicate with a dose of St John's Wort? Emigrate? (though the weather seems to be all over the place, all over the place, these days!)

If thwarted I find throwing myself into something textiley helps, but it has to be something ready to go , I;m not good at coming up with brill ideas when the miseries hit.

Ah, that photo is gorgeous of the little one in his sleepy-den. You're right, sleeping babies are beautiful, yu'd never guess the mischief they get up to when they're lying there slumbering.
Well, let's hope this grim-grey weather means a good summer ahead. (Oh dear, I think I said that last year and the year before.......)


We've had warm, sunny weather here in Seattle and you would think I would have gotten a lot done, but no! I only baked twice and still haven't sewn the apron for my blog. Need to place catch up and these bars look wonderfully healthy and should give me the energy I need. <3

Sarah Youde

You will love Around the Corner Crocher borders, I couldn't do a blanket without it, it's amazing!


My moods are also very weather sensitive. Wishing you some sunny outside to go along with your sunny inside :)


Most definitely you are not an elementary crocheter!!! Because of you and your tutorials, I almost believe that I too might can crochet!!!! You are much more inspirational than any book I have seen out there, but I do agree those books look really interesting and will hopefully give you even more inspiration!!! Please continue to write the very understandable tutorials for your minions, of which I am one!!! Thanks for all that you do!!!!

Kelly Clark

Just recently purchased these three books myself. Have already used them to make two blankets. I love these books. You can be so creative when you use them.


Miserable, isn't it!? This morning it was so dark when I got up here down in West Yorkshire, that I decided to light both the fire and some candles before my daughter got up! ;) Had to tootle off to the coal shop to buy some more smokeless to keep it going. Fingers crossed we'll get some halcyon May weather soon... xx

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