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May 02, 2012


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You have this innate ability to make even the most dreary days bright!!! Thanks for letting us in on your world. Can't wait to see your ripple blanket when you are done, makes me realize that I better get back to work on mine!!!


Hi lucy! I've been reading your blog for a while now and never leave a comment but now's the time! I love everything about it! Please keep posting your lovely pictures and homely creative stories. You have inspired me to start making things again, it's great! xx

Lynne Gill

Gosh I can just imagine Little Lady's delight at her new desk - it may have been .....erm........several decades ago (note heavy understatement!) but I can STILL remember getting a brand new WHITEWOOD -remember that? desk for my bedroom, must have been about10. I asked for it to be painted lemon and lilac - can't imaging why, now, but I loved it!

One of those attic-views shows such a beautiful water-colour sky, it's as if someone has just painted it; amazing how many different feelings you evoke with each shot, year after year, no two the same.

And despite the awful month,weatherwise, you've given us a heap of colour yest again!

Sonja Mizen

My little girl is also eight and had a sleepover to celebrate it. Chaos!! O but so much fun!Can know the scary feeling seeing them growing up so fast.


Such a great reminder of all the months and years you'll have thanks to this blog! Your children will love this when they're older. Little ones grow so fast! Does your little lady still love knitting? :)

Truly Myrtle

I agree - it has been a funny April and I'm left feeling like I need cake..... carrot cake with thick cream cheese icing sounds perfect and happens to be my all time favourite too :)
I looking forward to hearing about the new bag.... your round cushion looks, as always, fantastic!

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

Great post Lucy...I love the way that you are building the memories for your children with this blog..they will have a wonderful resource there forever to refer back to regarding their childhood :) how many kids can say that:-) your little seedlings do indeed seem to be doing well...fingers crossed we get a bit of warmer weather now to help them grow their little legs :-) Nikki

Fleur Cotton

I have just enjoyed seeing April again through your eyes...colourful and so homely!

Isn't it amazing the fluctuations in the weather..it's never boring is it?

Hope you enjoy a happy sunny May.
Fleur xx

angela-southern USA

April was un-spring like here as well..except it was hot,like summer!Wish I could send half this heat your way.Love the heart rock,my youngest and I have a tradition of looking for them where-ever we go :)They say..April showers,brings May flowers,sounds like you should have a flood of flowers!A late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to L.L.:)I miss those before teen years.Hooky cushion, lookin'good.Can't wait to see the ripple TA-DAH.Have a good one.

debby  from the coast of Maine

I just love your blog. It is the happiest, most colorful of all! It seems you have a very content life, your family is lucky!


You said "carrot cake"!!!! DOH!! My 9 yr dd has just spent the evening smearing on eyeshadow and lipgloss on me! I much preferred the massage part haha. x


PS can't wait to see the bag. x


Love your blog Lucy and the pictures are gorgeous, glad little lady had a lovely 8th birthday, my babies are 25 and 20 now, how I wish I could revisit some of the lovely childhood times and I envy you your lovely blog diary to look back on. Finished one granny ripple with you're colour pack and am now in the second so that both if my caravan seats has one. Can't wait to see the bag x


What a lovely review of your month. We had a birthday yesterday too - our eldest son is now 24! He arrived home, a day late and his eyes still lit up at the sight of his birthday cake and bundle of new clothes & super sized chocolate bar! Thank goodness he's grown out of sleepovers! Let's hope May brings some lovely sunshine - it tried yesterday afternoon and it was wonderful to sit out with my Ripple - it's pouring again now though - and cold. Definitely the answer, is more cake!


Lovely pics Lucy! I am trying hard to remember what it was like before the rain came... although dry but grey today here in Dorset.


another lovely post from the attic, have a lovely may
happy wednesday


Lovely post. Made me smile thinking of April back in Blighty. I was chatting to my mum on the phone this morning and told her to hold tight... I think you'll be in for a hot summer come July. The past few years have seen a warm spring and dreary summer, so lets hope this year it is the other way around for you! But what do I know? I'm a housewife not a weather women! Lx

Maggie Cawthorn

Agree completely about the colours and your photo-collages are just right to cheer you up. Despite the weather in Cumbria this month it has been a month of the most amazing colour - but why does the wind come to blow the blossom away so quickly? Loving also the Dorset light.

idiosyncratic eye

The weather has been totally crazy this month for sure. I love that very first photo. :)


That reminds me, really, really MUST get my seeds planted!
I think the Spring colours of the trees this year are quite the best I've ever seen- wet, but glorious.


I love the first picture in particular...and your cushions. Working with fabric is my first love...I have only just started to crochet. Maybe we could swap tips as I really find some of the stitches really hard.
Thank you for brightening up a really gloomy month. xxx


I LOVE everything about your blog,really cheers me up.xx

London Roofer

I agree, April is indeed a wet and cold month. But as long as you have a warm and cozy home, it doesn't matter since cold days are good times to stay home and read a book with a little something warm to eat or drink.

Julie Earle

Hi Lucy. We have lots in common! Hate grey days, worship sunshine and flowers, love to create and adore cake! If you get a chance can you tell me how you make your photo mosiacs..? Happy Birthday to your Little Lady! My Little Ladies are grown up ladies now and my best friends. :) love from Julie in Oz xx


Hello! I've just discovered your blog (i'm very late when it comes to this sort of thing!) and just wanted to say how fab it is. Love all the colour - a tonic after this rubbish weather. Thank you!

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