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April 02, 2012


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I wish I could've talked myself into thinking of positive things this weekend but I was sick in bed the whole time too--and it was my birthday!! I wish I had a do-over!

Hope you're feeling better and get your wish of a pajama-clad week!

Carol Battell - Tickety Boo Cards

I'm sure following your posts on a daily basis means I'm now 'in tune' with you ! I had the same flatty flat flat February, and a buggy bug bug at the weekend myself which has meant its hard for me to get going today workwise. School holidays means I go into slo-mo mode too. And believe it or not, I have a Door Man booked for new door installation!

Hope you feel perkier soon .. come back sunshine.

Carol x


I have a bug at the moment too, just horrid aren't they!! I hope you are feeling much better soon and you have wonderful days full of relaxation and crafting with your little people!!


Hope you get better soon! Random comments and even smiles from strangers really can make ones day, can't they?


Was wondering where you were and that explains it. Hope you are back to perkiness soon. Sometimes a bit of chilling and going slow is exactly what's required and it will be happening here too as my boys are a bit worn out and full of cold. Am LOVING your beautiful braid. I have to pop into my local fabric mill shop to add bits of ribbon and braid to my collection on a regular basis. Enjoy your pyjama day!


Sending you some warmth and well wishes from down under! I also had a pyjama day today being the first day of our school hols too....love it until the doorbell rings ha ha Anny :)


Hello Lucy,

Lots of nasty bugs bobbing about ~ we've got one here, it involves having a hideous head cold and seeing how many boxes of tissues we can get through in a week!! Huzzah! At least it means lots of down time too, relaxing with nice books, cosying up on the sofa and watching tv, sneaking in a spot of crochet, a bit of sketching...I hope you're better soon, sending love and thanks for the shot of colour today.

Julia x x x

Truly Myrtle

Other than the feeling poorly part :( it sounds like a heavenly holiday. It is a little warmer here although the bright sky is a little deceiving. I am taking my little peeps to a kids farm place today because I realised the baby (2) hasn't really seen any animals. Bad mummy!
It is a massive effort for me to get out of the house - I am a homebody through and through.
Hope you feel better soon. Risotto sounds just the ticket!


Feel better my love..... I do like your coat, vibrant on a chilly day


Hi Lucy - hope you and Little B feel better soon. I love your apron; I have been trying to find a pattern of the 'kind of apron my Nanny wore'. Its become a bit of a quest based on a fuzzy memory but certainly the fabric in your lovely new one looks the right kind. Its really pretty. Enjoy your gentle day. We call it a 'cuddles day' here. Lily. xxx


Hope you are feeling better soon. What the heck if you are still in your pyjamas!
Random compliments from strangers can have a really good affect.

My sister recently "followed" an elderly lady around a shop, she looked so smart, she wanted to tell her so. She did eventually pluck up the courage to stop her. Turns out that the lady had recently lost her husband and had to force herself to come out that day, she told my sister that she'd made her day saying what she did. So I hope that man made your day.


Loved the window man story, it made me laugh, I'd probably have pretended I was out so well done for entertaining him, you probably made his day.
Hope you're feeling better soon.


So very sorry to hear you've been sick. The laying in bed, heavy legs, drifting in and out of sleep . . . so nasty. I hope your pajama-clad week and some docile and cheerful children will find you bouncing back soon. Thank you for the time you put into this blog. It always brings joy and a smile.


Aww get well soon :-)

lynne at Textile Treasury

A gentle week is what we all need now and again - and I'm sure the littlies won't object to a 'self-entertainment' week. Let's face it, you normally have a very busy time of it with them. Perhaps the imminent cold spell heading our way (WHAT????After 20-23 degrees even here in Norfolk????) will make everyone just want to snuggle down indoors.

And then you'll all get cabin fever.....oh dear!


Love the idea of a pyjama day! Don't you hate it when that doorbell rings though! Hope you're feeling much better very soon. x


Hope you're feeling better soon, I wasn't well all last week and window men were actually here, seemed like in every room of house nowhere for me to loll about and wallow in self pity! Will be worth it in end xx


Hope you feel better soon and that the gentleness continues. Our easter hols have started gently too but about to take 2 of the littlies on a swimming course (and the 3yr old has never done any swimming!) so I think my calmness is about to disappear!!! Loving all the green shoots - and the passion flower. I used to have one but it grew like billio and shot little shoots up everywhere so I had to take it out in the end. I think having it in a pot is a good idea! Happy easter to you & yours x


This is my first visit to your blog and it was such a pleasant morning read. Thanks for your colourful writing. The world needs more colour. Hope to visit again soon!


Really sorry to hear you are poorly. If it helps, i forgot the scaffolding man was coming last week. I had just come off nights and literally fell out of the back door straight into him. I hadn't brushed me teeth. Nuff said :-D


I'm so sorry for you and LittleB. Hope you'll feel better soon.
Lovely way to explain us how you feel and what you do. I try to understand all the comments people leaves, but some things are too difficult to me. Anyway, I think I'm improving my English, at least, reading one! Gorgeous way to learn, so pleasant and full of colours, and because of you, I'm crocheting!!!
Happy Easter to the Attic people! Here in Spain holidays will start next thursday, at least where I live. And can't wait for them!
Your shoots look fantastic!
Carla. From Spain


I can't believe you are posting at all! Sending you lots of healing thoughts from across the ocean.

Love your pics as always...so lovely.


It's great to read you again, though I feel sorry to hear bug is bugging you!
Weather, here in France is absolutely fantastic, so, let me send some warm sunshine to your house!!!
Hope you feel better soon


sending you and little B lots of get well wishes

Karen Hillier

Love the ribbons! Can't wait to see the cusions you make with them.
Hope you are feeling better soon,
love Karen x x
P.S. I am spending the day in my PJs too :)

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