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March 25, 2012


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I've been thinking a lot about caffeine recently, and trying to cut down - did you get headaches when you first cut it out?

Oh! All my favourites. Sweet Peas especially - I love how the more you pick them for inside, gorgeous smellery, the more they bloom! Going full-time at work was the downfall of my garden. I need to MAKE time to get in the garden. I can't wait to see your lovely flowers in all their glory.


This is a bit off topic, but I'm having some trouble with my granny stripes. If I start with 21 chain stitches. Turn around, make a dc in the second stitch from the needle I end up with 20 dc stitches. Do you count the first loop (don't know if this is the right english word) as a chain stitch? I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.



Recent convert to Attic 24. I love your blog. Admiring the stained glas in your kitchen window and wondering what the story behind it is?
Mary. Dublin x


How nice to do some planting! :-)

Steph  S

Thanks for your lovely blog!
Just a little warning: seeds need to be fresh to germinate. Usually you don't want to use anything older than one year. The older ones might not ferminate well or at all, depending on the plant and the age....
You did such a lovely job, though!


Ooh what fun! You will have such a colourful garden when they have grown!


I can't believe you've actually got me thinking about planting and gardening... something I really hate to do. Lucy, you never fail to be an inspiration to me!


Aah, how lovely. I too have decided to go for mostly flowers this year (other than strawberries, blueberries and, oh, tomatoes of course). Did you know that Nasturtiums are entirely edible and absolutely wonderful in a salad?

Heather x

Truly Myrtle

Sweet peas!!!! I'd forgotten!!!! Thank you for the reminder and thank goodness for seedlings!!!!!
I too have many many packets of seeds in my cupboard - full of good intentions, but I just keep finding myself with fabric or wool in my hands instead of earth....maybe caffeine is the answer ; )


Your blog really inspires me! It's absolutely time to get out there and plant stuff. It's magic - there's no other explanation for it. I'll remember the tip about pinching out the tips of the sweet peas too. *is itching to get started*




LOL I've got packets and packets of seeds that remain unplanted. Perhaps I'll try the 'fuelled by caffeine' method of gardening too!

Lu Douglas

Hi Luce,I get half strength coffee -can't handle the full shot -but it also means I can have two cups of coffee while I read a magazine or do some writing during ME time. :-) I Planted my seeds last week, freesias, scented ones; it's autumn here. And I planted cress and sno pea sprouts in empty egg shells so they are already up and running and peeping over the top of the egg shell. Yes, planting it wonderful! Let's watch them all grow.

Cindy aka Yarndevil

How exciting! I can't wait to see your pictures of them as they grow!!

BTW, Thank you for posting. I stumbled over here from another blog one day.. and have been absolutely enjoying reading and being inspired by your posts!!(inspired by your shelves) Thank you!


I really need one of those coffees!! I bought a huge pile of seeds this week and like you I usually end up just looking at them. This year I am determined to plant a cottage flower display (it'll probably be eaten by the birds, cats, dogs and other creachies but it worth a go). Hope yours germinate. Lily. xxx


I too am an inveterate Buyer Of Seeds. Every four or five years I round up all the unopened packets and sprinkle them liberally into the front garden. Lots of random things come up - it's really interesting to see which ones last well beyond their "sow by" date and which ones don't....


The best way to keep seeds from year to year is to put them in a glass jar and put it into the fridge. Not all seeds keep well but many do. also, be careful of the morning glories. I love them also but they can take over really fast and then they reseed themselves. My neighbor planted them a few years ago and then left them. They soon took over her yard and every year try to take over the whole block.


Looking forward to seeing them in full bloom, they'll be a lovely display in summer!

Patricia P

Oh how I love sweet peas!! I'm going to try pots of them on my deck right next to my house -- to try to protect them from hungry deer. They are so lovely to watch but such pests as they eat everything in sight here in Virginia in the U.S.. Yes, lots and lots of pots may be the answer to growing beautiful flowers this year. I found your blog a few months ago and look forward to each and every posting.

Deco Cat

I have been planting seeds, painting sheds and weeding today, such joy! Now though you have put my mind firmly in the mood for coffee!

Hook N' Yarn Creations

Morning Glories and Sweet Peas... Oh, how I miss living somewhere I could plant those and not watch them die almost immediately.

If you're planting in containers that are without drainage holes on the bottom, I do hope you're putting down a layer of gravel at the bottom before adding your potting soil. Otherwise, your wee plants' roots will be constantly soggy and really, who likes soggy feet? :D


I love your enthusiasm for planting. It's contagious!


Well done and don't worry too much about potting on - they will probably flower well even when all crammed in together.
If you do the same in 3 weeks time - after coffee of course - you will then have flowers for longer.

Enjoy Lucy.


You bought coffee, you bought seeds, you bought a colander, bought, bought, bought.

Yesterdays post, you bought, bought, bought.

This used to be a great blog but now it's all about your spending and aquiring habits.

Great for you that you can afford to eat out in cafes (coffees a few times a week? £££'s) but we're getting sick of having it rammed down our throats. Not all of us can afford to stay at home and SPEND on trivial things. Fresh flowers bought every week? Numerous pots of bulbs? All chronicled on your blog.

Thrifty you're not! Spendthrift? YES.


oh my goodness! well, opinions are just that--"the eye of the beholder", and all that... I love the way Lucy shows how introducing color into a home, and by making things herself, she can create a happy comfy home. Sowing plants from seeds bought, saved, or traded is one example of her thrift. Using colorful yarns to create furnishings for her home is another. Everyone's budget is different. I hoe we all can take inspriation from her ideas and translate them into projects that fit out own budgets.

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