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March 10, 2012


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I am loving your Shelves of Bliss! I'm doing a similar thing at the moment with all my Stuff - it's amazing how it can grow and not really bother you for ages, then suddenly something snaps and it has to be dealt with! I am still very much at the beginning stages with my major spring cleaning, but your beautiful new shelves have encouraged me to keep going :)


It looks absolutly wonderful Lucy!!! Its such a challenge to take the first teeny weeny step, but soooo worth it when we can get so much pleasure in a job well done. For me, it adds a bit of calm to the chaos. ENJOY


Good girl..You have me motivated now..
OMG, l LOVE those enamel pots, etc.. So nice.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum.


Well done! Your home looks lovely!
Bye Eulenspiel


Ahhhh, I know that big sigh of relief! Looks lovely - you can sit down with a cuppa and your hooky and just enjoy looking at it. I know that feeling!


Bliss and glory are the perfect way to describe these shelves!! It's so cathartic isn't it when you have a good clear out, even if it is a pain in the bum doing it. I love how you sandwich little ornamenty type things between your books - makes it look like a real display as opposed to just a book shelf. Think I might try that :-)

Ellen Brugmans

WOW Lucy, you've done it, really really done it!!
Your Shelves of Doom were SOOOO recognizable. Back in our former house, when our boys were still only little boys, we bought two enormous Ikea bookcases to be able to store our books (of course) AND the crates of building blocks, trains & cars etc. AND the pencils and colouring books and whatever was in use in those days. Boy, did we think ourselves clever with this all-in-one solution. It will come as no surprise to you that in no time at all, we were using the shelves for literally everything that we needed to put away "for now". And there everything stayed for days/weeks/months.... Sounds familiar, don't it :-). So I felt for you, every time the Shelves of Doom made their way to your blog. But now you've set an example for all of us! Cos even though our boys are bigger now and those bookcases have since long been gone, we still have these spaces on desks and in the kitchen etc. where we tend to put our Stuff. Heaps of it. But because of you and a little bit of FlyLady I've really been trying to take on the decluttering lately. I'll be peeking at your Glorious Shelves a lot for encouragement!
Enjoy your beautiful home and thank you for sharing even your "daft" posts with us. Love, Ellen :o)


Well done you! You give me motivation and hope that I too, will one day, have shelves of bliss... *sigh*.... :)x


I love what you have done. I love seeing pictures of home. I love how your home is cozy, beautiful, and looks real not "decorated". I really enjoyed reading what you wrote too. I am always decluttering at home but my system on my shelves to organize (large matching baskets) is not attractive. Now I want to change my shelves today.

Sian Kneller

I need to do this very thing today! Good effort. It is so rewarding isn't it when you do something like this. I also have the very same paperwork issue. I'm going to clear a box out today and put all my bills, pay slips, bank statements etc in there as they come in rather than chuck them on my desk.


well done! so proud of you!
it's always daunting to start a project like this, but so satisfying in the end.

if you have space for one more book, head over to my book giveaway - http://whatjaccididnext.blogspot.com/2012/03/book-giveaway-it-rains-in-february.html


What an amazing transformation! I don't wonder at you feeling proud of yourself, of course you should be. It does take an amazing amount of work and effort to get that kind of job done and you're so right about all that it represents too. Well done you and carry on enjoying it!!

S x


Your room looks great! I must admit, I am on the messy side, but your after shelves are a feast for the eyes!
Have a well deserved beautiful weekend!

Anne Marie

I'm so envious, I have so many similar places with similar reasons for them becoming like yours. What have you actually DONE with the stuff though?

In mine there are bits of paper with information on for future reference, appointment cards, TV licence, handy so you can find it if they knock on the door.

Of course it does help if you have beautiful shelves like yours to put stuff in, mine is furniture, Ercol shelving, which needs dusting too. Yours is such a beautiful house, full of light and colour.


Shelves of Bliss indeed! Job very well done Lucy :)


Very smart - would like to help me do mine in an advisory capacity.........?
Julie xxxxxxxxx


Inspiring as ever Lucy...well done you! Just showed my DH your post so he realises that shelves of doom are not exclusive to this house.

Sarah Ellis

Oh, Lucy. I nearly cried for you! What a wonderful thing. It has prompted me to tackle my personal side of sofa of doom!!


Excellent job Lucy! Now you just have to protect your cleaning investment. Two things struck me while admiring your good work: If you could have doors put on your shelves it would visually eliminate your perfect result getting destroyed by "temporary" parking of newspapers, bills, etc. The other thing is why not get a desk (which is easily accessible, perhaps in your sitting room and that has DRAWERS or a roll-top so paperwork will be out of sight when not being used) that is only designated for bills, paperwork, paper to keep, bill paying, etc.) That way, no temptation to drop things on your shelves. You don't want to have to re-do this enormous job again!


You are always so inspiring, Lucy, whether you are creating a new crochet project, pegging laundry, or cleaning up a mess!

Your home is lovely and I often try to imagine through the snippets of photos you share, such things as, how the rooms flow from one to another, where your front door or stairway is, and the floor plan of your home. I've always liked looking at floor plans of homes. Is that something you could share with us sometime?


This makes me so happy to look at! Well done. I hope similar inspiration strikes me soon...


Congrats! That looks very inviting and peaceful. Well done. Spring cleaning is around the corner for me as well. You've inspired me yet again! Have a great week.


So very proud of you my friend! You are an inspiration as usual. The shelves look awesome. One thing I have found, if I used brightly colored, really pretty file folders for my bills and paperwork--I will use them more faithfully as I enjoy using them more. I have put them in a really pretty bright red plastic container that I can move beside my favorite chair then put out of the way when I am through. Colorful baskets and trays are also good for incoming mail that has not been dealt with yet. Prettifying the dreaded paperwork does make it more fun to do.


Yes its fantastic and you should be justly proud of yourself. You also need to have some sort of ongoing maintenance routine to avoid it getting bad again. I speak as a person who is also struggling with this in my own way, so wish you all the best in your endeavours, ragards Ruthie, Derbyshire.


Lucy ~ you have worked wonders! Your shelves of Bliss are indeed Blissful. I have a corner in my bedroom that is looking a bit similar to your shelves of doom and the piles of stuff are now threatening to take over the whole bedroom and really do need to be tackled very soon! Hope that you have a very lovely weekend :O)xx

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