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March 14, 2012


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I've been plotting yardy-garden things lately ... my mum and Alice are coming up next week and I have Thursday booked off so we thought we might pootle over to the Plant Man's nurseries and get some goodies. Then they can pot it up on Friday when I'm at work and make it look nice ;-)

Margaret Powling

Lovely to see your back yard. Yes, there is potential there ... you could grow things in grow bags, troughs, etc. Much depends, though, on how much light you get in this area, and whether it's south, north, east or west facing. It will be fun to see how you develop this space.
Margaret P

happy litttle cottage

Hi Lucy! I think your outdoor space is the perfect size!! And I love all the old stone! Enjoy all the plotting and planning! xoxo Debbie


Your back yard is full of potential - doesn't it have a lovely feel to it? I love my climbing hydrangea - no leaves in the winter but fab in flower. I recently planted a clematis - Montana, I think. It is a rampant grower and a beautiful flush of pink in the late spring. Ooooo, the possibilities....


The park, the walk along the canal, the castle grounds - they are the kids' backyard as well - the green, grassy part.

lynne at Textile Treasury

I wouldn't mind a small courtyard type garden, myself, though we are lucky in that we have a reasonable sized cottage garden. I'd love to see the stone raised bed when it happens!

Oh and just to say, my BOOK arrived today, which I ordered on your recommendation - and I've done exactly as you did, because stuff was happening when it arrived I couldn't dive in straight away. Been out for a music lesson (100 mile round trip!) so am just finishing lap-top stuff then I shall settle down and really enjoy it!


I built my own walls a few years ago - with many raised eyebrows and sharp intakes of breath from our builder who'd just built our extension! They're still standing despite his scepticism and I mixed paint specially - I wanted them to be perfect vanilla ice-cream coloured, with brick topping! I'll take some photos. I've been out pruning roses back today - aided by 2 collies & Flora the duck! Happy Spring days!


You might find that dwarf fruit trees are suitable for your little courtyard. They are purposely grafted to be grown in pots and in some instances you can get two or three varieties grafted on one plant, ie lemon, lime & orange together, stone fruits such as peach and nectarine together, and apples and pears together. It is only the plant that is dwarf, not the fruit. You may have to search out a specialist nursery however.
xXx Helen

Mrs Tiggiewinkle

You have really inspired me to get out into my own little patch and start preparing for spring. Thank you.


HI Lucy- Love this post 'cause I can so relate to the excitement of outdoorsy things and the great Potential in the mind's eye! Last week we had sun and warmth and I started the gardening cleaning and got dizzy with the excitement of possibility- then this week? Rain and even some snow! But the ideas don't stop bubbling, do they?


Hi Lucy,
I love you! Not in a weird-call-the-police way, just in an I-love-what-you-do way! My daughter says we should be friends because we like all the same things! Bless!!
I discovered your blog during february half term. I was feeling poorly and had packed my daughter off to Grandma for a few days. While snuggled on the sofa I decided to google "how to crochet flowers" and found you!! I have been knitting for years and a friend taught me to crochet about 3 years ago but I could only make granny squares. During my few poorly days I learnt (you taught me!) to make flowers, to ripple and to make hexagons!! Oh how I love the hexagons :)
I also loved reading the things you had written, I clicked a few links, read a few different posts and then decided that I just had to start at the beginning! So I did. I have spent the last 5 weeks working my way through ALL your posts! Not entirely sure how I found the time?! Even though I clearly knew you had 3 children I was still SO excited reading your posts about expecting Little B :)
Anyway, I could waffle on all night about crochet, gardens, pyjamas, flowers, jugs, socks... I have to confess to being reassured that someone else gets just as excited as I do over little things like balls of wool, new socks or fresh flowers -- my other half thinks I'm a bit mad!!! I'm waffling again already :(
I just wanted to say hi, to say that I love your blog, that you have taught me so much and inspired me even more. My "things to make" list has grown a lot in the last few weeks:)
with love from Karen xxx

Lozzie B

It is indeed an exciting time of the year - with thoughts firmly on long, lazy, sunny days in the garden. I love looking at pretty gardens but sadly I am not a very successful gardener :(.
I can't wait to open my summer house - it's full of vintage treasures that I haven't seen for a few months. Good luck with your garden xx


Hello Lucy,

A jolly thorough post! I am reassured to read I am not alone to become lightheaded and giddy from the POTENTIAL of spring. I lived two years in Greece (lucky me although it certainly wasn't all plainsailing) and I experienced the power of the sap rising in warmer climes and found myself to be pretty powerless to its charms ;-) Back to normal life I know that when spring comes knocking I sleep less and my mind bubbles over with creative projects. Exciting? Most certainly. However it does makes me feel sometimes as if I've drunk a few too many strong lattes. I want to make so many things and yet, like you, a mother of three I know I have to limit myself otherwise I run the risk of burning myself out.

I wouldn't change this spring fever for anything!

Holly McLean

I love reading about your day in a far off land and I cannot wait to see what you do with your space.

Deco Cat

Space for a table and chairs and some playing is all you need. I think your yard will look beautiful when it is wide awake and full of flowers and bunting!


I can remember playing in the back yard, nearly forty years ago, it seemed like the whole universe when you are tiny. What more do you need? :) x


I have seen beautiful stone walls like yours with a big pot of scarlet runner
beans climbing up. They are pretty to look at and you can eat the beans.
We have had snow the past two days here in Seattle, Washington.


I think small courtyard gardens can be really well used. I like your idea of looking out on your little garden while you're having your morning coffee/tea - with the light hitting the plants - a good moment to give yourself. Here is a link in today's Melbourne Age on DIY small gardens.


how lovely your garden is i cant wait to see it in bloom
we have a ridiculous huge garden that at the moment i dont know what to do with it, the previous occupiers planted this and that in all the wrong areas, so lots of moving around to be done

the best thing my little one loves to do in the garden, a bucket of water and a paintbrush to paint the walls, keeps him entertained for a very long time whilst more tedious jobs that i need to do in the garden can be done


Sandra (Cherry Heart)

You are so right, as always, potential is one of the very best things! I think that's why spring is my favourite season, all those burgeoning buds and new growth waiting to burst forth. Wonderful! I love your little space, I don't doubt it's potential one bit, I can't wait to see what you do. I love how much fun Little B can get from it already and living in such a beautiful area, with lots of lovely space nearby for running around in hopefully makes up for not having your own personal acres!!

Good luck with it all!

S x


I think most of all I love your optimistic zing!

Just Gai

Back yards like yours (and mine!) never look very good in the winter but with time and effort can look gorgeous in spring and summer. Your bunting adds a splash of colour, as do your blue painted shelves. What material did you use for your bunting? We have a white plastic table and chairs which don't rot but don't look very pretty either. Is your garden furniture weatherproof? You have inspired me to take a few 'before' photos of my garden as well. Thank you.

Sandra Scott

I've been pottering on the deck (8x10'), as things are beginning to bud out. Still very wet and chilly out there, however!


Thank you Lucy for being so positive always. Our garden is on 3 different levels and I always let it get me down. I dream of a big stretch of lawn accessed straight from the kitchen for my children to run around on and no steps. I need to take a Lucy-look at it and see it's potential and my good fortune at having any outside space at all. So looking forward to seeing what you get up to in your back yard. With love from Sarah in Brighton x

Helen Welsh

It's a wonderful time of year isn't it? Your back yard definitely has a lot of potential & is a great size, you don't have to be a slave to it! We had a small outdoor space at our last house & my little people loved drawing on the paving slabs with chalks &, on a dry day, painting on them with pots of water & a paintbrush. All great outdoors fun & no mowing required! Have a lovely week :) Helen

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