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March 07, 2012


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Your flowers are always so lovely and cheerful - I really must replenish my vases. I have enjoyed another bunch of lovely smelling daphne from my bush outside my back door this week, but you've reminded me I really must fill the vase in my sitting room with some colour!
Glad to hear that your feeling better. It amazes me what a few sunny days can do for me! : )


I love the polka dot sprinkles! We've had our first few really good drying days this week; sunny and really windy and it all smells lovely and fresh and outdoorsy. Spring is springing - yippee!


So good to hear you are having some sun to brighten your days! Our turn for more rain in flooded Australia. I find a big hug from the offspring always helps and yours seem precious. All the best and thankyou for brightening our days.


Your post is brilliant once again. Look every evening just to see if you have had time to blog!! On the flower front. To enable your tulips to stay upright for longer just pierce with a pin the tops of the stems just just below the flower and they will stay upright for days. Pierce them all the way through the stems front to back and left to right. :-)


Glad you're on the up. I'm thinking about having new shelves that are no deeper than the width of a book....


Had to laugh about the red food coloring. I was trying to make pink icing the other day and the food coloring poured out on me and the icing and I ended up with red icing and a red pinky finger which I still have after many washings.


Tuned in earlier this eve and no post! Was getting a bit worried about you...but glad to see you are OK and 'Flying'!! ;)

Lovely flowers, yummy cakes and freshair laundry - does life really get better than that!? Someone cut their grass here yesterday...ooohhh!! scrummy!!

With love to you and yours xx


Lovely colourful post. It's so good to peg the washing on the line, isn't it? We have an under-stairs cupboard of doom in our house - I'm looking forward to seeing the end result of your shelves of doom! Glad to hear you are feeling better. :-)


Beautiful pictures as always, cakes look delicious and flowers are beautiful. Glad you're feeling a little brighter Lucy. x

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Colourful petals, polka dots and pegs - I love them! Winter blues, you have your marching orders!


Shelves are already looking good. You will feel so good when they are done. We have lots of places of doom having moved in just over a year ago, still lots of stuff in boxes!! Need more furniture! Love the spotty sprinkles, shall watch out for them.


Hi your cakes look fab and super colourful. I have my own set of shelves of doom so once you've finished yours if you fancy doing mine that would be great ;) No oh well worth a try lol xxx

Lady Jane

OMG - the Shelves of Doom are nearly No Longer! Biiiig well done to you!


Missed you :) when I see a new post from you I rush and get the kettle on sort out the biscuit and get comfy to enjoy some inspiration and a giggle ! It's brilliant thank you for my weekly pick up :)

I've just started my granny stripes thanks to you my first afghan :)



If you put 2p in the vase, your tulips will stand up for longer. I always do it with tulips - I treated myself to some alstroemeria today 'cos I couldn't resist the shades of pink. Can't wait for Spring and must get out and prune another rose bush one day soon! BTW - I've finally done some ripply crochet - cracked it!


Love those tulips, what colours! And your peg bucket is too cute - I would enjoy pegging out with that to glance at :-)

We are moving house soon (hopefully), so I am looking forward to clearing off our table of Doom and making sure it doesn't re-appear in the next house. Your shelves look fab!


Glad you feel brighter, the blue skies and sunny days really do help to lift the spirits, don't they?
I would SO enjoy decluttering those shelves. I tidy up in charity shops often when the books are higgledy piggledy; putting the same copies of a book together, grouping author's books etc.
When leaving some BookCrossing books on a pub shelf I once whipped out my tissues and dusted the books, which were there already, and looking a bit fuzzy. I think that might have been the day S said he wasn't going to pubs with bookshelves with with me ever again....! :-)


Hi Lucy, glad to hear you are feeling better. If you have time, pop over to my blog as I have a big thank-you to you on it. Lily. xxx


Your cupcakes are so pretty!! You crack me up with the shelves of doom...so funny. Don't we all have a spot like that somewhere in the house, ha. Glad you're feeling better -- Spring helps tremendously. :)


Your blog cheers us all with the lovely colours and your descriptions, but even the brightest of us can have those off times occasionally,even though you can't see an obvious reason for it.
Don't worry, the light nights are coming, the buds are coming through. Spring! my favourite time will be here soon.


Glad to hear you're doing better :) I bought me some tulips this week too! Gotta love those pretties. Best of luck with your shelves! You will feel amazing with each step of progress you make. Be empowered!

Deco Cat

Glad to hear you are feeling brighter!

Seaweed & Raine

Sweet tulips and daffies... they are gorgeous! My 4 year old spotted your cupcakes and got VERY excited. Both my kids love prettily iced cupcakes.
I find it so hard to imagine having to hang washing inside all winter. I can usually manage to get things basically dry all winter long (if I get them out early) - except in wet weather (which we have been having a LOT of over Summer!!!)
Go Girl! Attack those shelves! :) Keen to see how you arrange them once you are done. Glad you are feeling better. It's crummy when you feel low.
Many hugs,

Jill S.



Isn't it amazing how messy shelves can become. Our shelves are where my yarn goes to breed as I am sure I haven't truly built up that large of a stash...lol...at least that is what I tell my husband when he finds a new skein here and there.

Love your flowers and the sprinkles on the cupcakes. Your world is so colorful!

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