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February 13, 2012


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Yummmmmm! I didn't know that vinegar trick--I always learn something from you. :)


It's one of my favorite meals - yum. I think your home is made by you and it will be where ever you are. X


That looks delicious - thanks Lucy! Poached eggs on toast next Saturday morning. Can't wait! :)


Ooo nom nom nom!! :)x

beach bungalow

Not much for poached eggs, but I LOVE your colourful bowls!



You made my mouth watered...


oh gosh! will be eating this very soon :-)

Katie B

Luce - I'll be a-poachin' eggs for Dan tonight with The Lucy Method! Lynne (remember?) came to stay this weekend - what a tonic - and loved your gorgeous blog too. LOL, Katie B x x

Lisa G.

Thanks for the tip. Love the label on your vinegar bottle! If they sold that brand in Connecticut, I'd surely buy it! (but why they'd need to ship vinegar in from the UK, I hardly know)


Hi Lucy,
I'm at lunch at work eating a beef stew with a half boiled egg( just cooked like your yolk) from last night left over.
Porched eggs are my favorite!

Sue Vaughan

My mum uses the same method and they always come out perfect. Mine always look like 'little brains' the white part floating ghostily (is that a word?!)away from the yolk. I will try again I think because yours look delicious! Sue x


This looks absolutely divine, and also easy to make! Must try it for tomorrow's breakfast.
ps In the meantime, could you please post these things in the mornings next time?! It's after dinner and after seeing this I'm starving for eggs! :D


Oh thank you! That is a little tip I didn't even know I'd been waiting for. I rarely poach eggs because of the brilliantly described sprawling mess it creates. Now I shall be getting out the vinegar and I imagine my little jammers will be sick of them by the end of the week!
Have a great half term


Hi Lucy,
It's Heather's sister Alice here, she said to come and say hi :) I'm just discovering how therapeutic blogging can be - it's just nice to organise your thoughts and talk about things that you maybe otherwise wouldn't. Personally, I don't like eggs, or salmon, but the picture at the end looked like something out of a magazine! And your dishwasher contents is suitably colourful - I love it!
I've heard so much about you, it was nice to finally 'meet' you. Hope you enjoyed your eggs, Alice x


I am soooooooooo excited that I am going home and making this tonight!!!!! My mom could do a poached or soft boiled egg just right but I have NEVER been able to get it to work. The white was always a little runny or the yolk was always a little too firm. Thank You So Much. AND we love you for whatever you feel like writing; it isn't just for your mad crochet and craft skills, just so you know. :)


Pennyblossoms (Zoe)

Ooo, poached eggy love. 'Fraid I do mine in a nifty little 'poached egg pan' with those little bowls to cook them in! Yummy and I don't feel guilty, (as with a fried egg!).
Need to upgrade my meal with some smoked salmon. Delish!
Your home is that, a beautiful, lived in, loved place with memories held from allsorts. I think it doesn't matter how much space you have you'll always expand into more if given the opportunity! I was lucky to grow up with an acre and a half garden with woodland but look how much fun your children have. Doesn't strike me that they miss not having their own!
Sorry this is a ramble, but hey ho! Oh, and I can smell those daffs from here!
Z xx

Tracy McDermott

Just wanted you to know your blogging pages have gone a bit higgledy piggledy towards the bottom of the pages. Why does technology have to give us a headache eh? Hope you can sort it easily.
I was scrolling through to see what make of DK cotton yarn you use.

 Tina, the quiet homemaker

Clever you! I use poaching pods to do mine, the ones from Lakeland. Little yellow silicone boats to float the eggs in, such fun. :) Nothing like a poached egg on toast. Gluten-free toast for me, and my eggs cooked a bit longer. Yummy, simple goodness. (makes you want to get hens!) xx

Elizabeth Hansen

Hi, Lucy! Your poached eggs are one of my very favorite breakfasts! Sometimes, I place my egg into a buttered custard cup, set it in the pan of simmering water and watch it cookfor about 5 mins. No vinegar needed, just shallow, simmering water, and then pop it out onto a buttered toast! Yummies! Your crocheting is just absolutely beautiful! I enjoy the bright colors, patterns, and the fact that you are a stay-at-home Mom! One of the best jobs in the whole world! Congrats! All the best from Pennsylvania, USA.


I've never had poached eggs, but I love eggs where the yolk is barely cooked, so I am going to try this! Thank you! :-)


Gosh that looks REALLY good ;-) Glad you are feeling better.


Thanks for posting this I will be trying your method very soon


'Winter blahs'? That has to be the most apt expression I've heard for a very long time! Perfectly describes what happens to me at this time of year. I'm feeling your pain re the size of the house - there are five of us in our three-bedroom semi and at times it feels like were are literally bursting out at the seams. Erk.
Hope the egg did the trick (I find a wodge of chocolate helps the mood too)
Emily x


You have 3 kids and you're managing to have poached eggs on smoked salmon for breakfast ... no need to worry about your parenting skills. You've clearly got it taped. :) Looks so yummy!

Nina C

Yummy! I think I found dinner for tonight!

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