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January 23, 2012


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Love the tape addition and great idea for Easter..xx


Thank you thank you for always taking the time to write out the extremely detailed tutorials. It is because of your ripple tutorial that I started crocheting again!!!! I had to practice it a couple of times until I got it right, but with your instructions I was able to do it, and I soooooo appreciate itttttt!!! I have looked at some other patterns, but the instructions were just too difficult, so I depend on you to make it possible for us pattern reader challenged to be able to make pretty things too!


You are a star the tins look so cute!! Another thing to add to my "to do" list. Keep up the good work!!


Yeap, Washi tape is gorgeous. I have become slightly addicted to it also. Have you seen the decorative fabric tape they sell on Etsy also? It's gorgeous, and definitely on my list of wanties. I also found tape that looks just like fine lace.....gorgeous for putting on plain jam jars to make pretty little bud vases. Seriously, I am making myself all excited now thanks to your post! ha ha! The bunting project is sooooooo you!

Have a beautiful day Lucy!

Much love

Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx


Now I shall be looking in the cupboard and deciding what we will eat based on tin size! I've only just found out about Washi tape too following a post by Mandy http://daisymoon-mandy.blogspot.com/ and immediately ordered some from Etsy. Can't wait for it to arrive.
Hope you are having a lovely day.
Carol xx


Hi Lucy just having a cup of tea when a Cadbury Roses tin caught my eye!! Tuna tin on a larger scale. Many thanks for sharing your wonderful blog. I enjoy reading it so much currently working on my second ripple blanket, first one not big enough for two daughters to share.... xx


I covered my tuna tin yesterday and because I didn't fill it to the top with the contents I found some pretty paper (I'm a card maker so have plenty) to line the tin with, making it totally un-tin-like!
I was going to come and report that, but you beat me to it with the tape idea.
I have a pineapple tin waiting for the treatment now! I agree with you, it's addictive!


Our tin opener broke a few months ago and hubby and I scoured the shops for just the right replacement. The one we found is ergonomic (easy on the hands) and also bends the edge of the tin over so there are no sharp edges and no possibility of cutting yourself on the opened tin. Wish I could remember what make it was or where we got it...

Issy Gardiner

Tape covered tins rock!!!!
What a fab project:)))
Best wishes


Holly McLean

The sharp edges occurred to me as well as I have often painted the tins. I love the addition of the tape though.


Those colours are very pretty. Nice ideas.


I've had a bit of a lull in the crocheting department recently, but these are SOOOO pretty and such a good idea. I like the idea of the tape around the top too. I've been after some tape for a while, but I balk at paying £3.99 for a roll, so thanks for the tip off. X


I own and love the "Smooth Edge Can Opener" from Pampered Chef. It opens the can without leaving any sharp edges at all. It sort of "un glues" the lid or somehting. I also use this after I have opened a pull-top can to lift off a perfet metal ring to crochet into a flower etc.

The can opener is $20 USD, and you can find it by googling Pampered Chef.


Oh no - all those lovely, lovely things to covert! x


Oh My Goodness Lucy ~ I just LOVE that mini bunting made from the tape, it's wonderful and so easy to do. Thanks for sharing the link ~ Jackie :O)xx

Archie the wonder dog

Love the washi tape bunting!!!


You post the most delicious pictures you know! lovely...it's like a nice quarter of sweeties for the imagination and it's not even a guilty pleasure..Thanks Lucy :0)


I have been trying to resist washi tape for some time now.

Crafty Gardener

I have a Starfrit can opener and it doesn't leave any sharp edges on the tin or the lid. It makes re-using the tins and lids a breeze.

Deco Cat

Thank you for sharing all those great finds with us!


Lucy getting a lot of plaesure from your colourful site......please can you post a tutorial on your flower wall hanging.....it is so pretty......Thanks Yvonne


Ahh bonkers, I discovered washi tape today. Not ordered any yet but it's only a matter of time. For uk bods, Lakeland do a can opener that folds the can edges over to make them safe


Now, where did I leave my can of tuna...


I can't believe you've never heard of Washi tape before! goodness me.

You need to get a Kuhn Rikon tin opener - we have one and it's ace. It doesn't cut the tin (and leave a sharp edge) it pops the seal and the lid comes out. Super!


My teen is into Japanese deco tape. She's gonna flip when she sees your blog post. Thanks for sharing!

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