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December 03, 2011


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Wow, I'm so in awe that you manage do to your shopping this way. We live in a tiny village on the outskirts of a large town. There is no way I could shop the way you do, although I am sooo jealous and would to live somewhere that you could walk to a butchers and greengrocers. It sounds like bliss (I know its tiring). Don't worry about being behind, it'll only make you more behind. Just do things at your own pace.


Dear Lucy, you got a special gift to make every moment of life. A hug and congratulations

Lynne G.

You got your priorities right there, Lucy. Little LAdy will look back on those lovely 'together' moments, which, are so much more important than putting words and pictures up on the screen for us to see/read.

I love your blog, but childhood - in retrospect- is so fleeting; treasure the opportunities to do just what you did, and squeeze some 'me-time' when the littlies have gone to bed.

And, you know, all the time you would save by having a car and doing one big shop etc etc, would only get eaten up mysteriously by other mundane 'things'. Believe me, you don't end up using that time the way you promise yourself you will. (What a sentence, but you know what I mean!)


When I'm all behind - which is all the time, I tend to wander down the garden, cuddle Flora my little duck, have an exchange of quacking and idle chatter then wander back inside pop the kettle on and have 5 minutes on the sofa with one collie on my lap and another at my feet. By that time I've forgotten what I'm meant to be doing and life feels more relaxed! I do remember what it's like to have 3 little ones though - make the most of it all, they grow up so fast!


Wow, you must be super fit with all that walking everywhere!


A great change of plan!

I love the words on the page in your book. That page alone could sum me up.


You hold no obligation to us...we take what you give and you certainly give a lot to us...and I know that when little Lady gets older she'll remember those special moments when mommy gave up her time for spending it with her:)


We appreciate all the time you generously give to your followers, so it doesn't matter if you write about November in January - or not at all if you don't feel like it.
Take it easy Lucy - can I come & sit by your fire too??!!


I do wonder how you bloggers do it all, but am grateful that you do, when you can! I wouldn't want it to be at the expense of your littlies!!


I too made the decision not to have a car and can totally relate to that OMG my legs feel like they are going to fall off feeling at the end of the day.
Treasure the moments that your little ones actually want to spend time with mummy, my little madam is heading on for 10 and has recently started slipping away into that preteen land of whats cool and what isn't...turns out I'm not too cool, I know who would've thought?!?


You always have your priorities right,Lucy, and your readers benefit from your thoughts, hopes and photos when you have some time for yourself and us.
I too have no car of my own now and walking brings me happiness and fresh air even on the worst days.

Kashi Griffith

You did the right thing. They grow up so fast. treasure each moment.


I thought your change of plan was going to be that you had bought a car! I always imagine you pootling about in a VW Beetle, one of the ones with a colourful gerbera on the dashboard. Glad you got to spend some lovely time with your LL, I have spent lots of time with mine too recently, especially as we have been putting swap parcels together for the Xmas swap in We Love Lucy over on Ravelry!


Definitely the best decision! Those cosy moments shared with loved ones are the times you and she will both remember for a long long time. I am actually with you on the no car thing - we just can't justify the expense at the moment but also live in a pretty rural village. I pop into 'town' every day to get little bits and post my orders, but do one big shop on Tesco's online every week for the heavy stuff!! No more carting potatoes and juice up the hill for me :) hehe. xxx


Going with the flow is never a bad thing, and making happy memories for our children is what it's all about. You are making a good life for them Lucy and sharing bits of it with us is lovely but secondary.

lydia @ Twelve

Bless you Lucy,
Its all about stopping & being in the moment.



Eu também conheço a sensação de chegar ao fim do dia e pedir uns momentos só para mim, mas é exatamente nessa altura que a filha chama para lhe fazer companhia quando se vai deitar e para lhe ler uma história. Já algumas vezes disse que não, e que aquele era o meu momento, mas e depois quando ela já não pedir mais a minha companhia? As nossas crianças crescem tão rápido que devemos aproveitar todos os momentos que possamos partilhar com eles. São esses os momentos que eles mais vão lembrar.
Um beijo



Good for you for doing the right thing. We can and will wait. Growing up doesn't wait. It happens way too fast. Spend every moment with those sweet little peeps that you can. November posts can be done anytime. We'll be here!

Cindy Bee


Besides...to quote the words of flylady..."you are not behind!" Me....now I"m behind!

Cindy Bee


Lovely cozy moments.


Thank you Lucy. I really needed to read your post this morning. I woke up thinking of everything I have to do and worrying that I was going to be grouchy to my family when they get up. I think I'll have a better perspective now.

I love the blanket on the bed and now I want a hot water bottle.


I do not have a car either and also do shopping daily. It's hard work! Before we moved I'd have the weekly shop delivered but we can't have that here. There is no way I could run a car at the minute (even if I could drive!) it's so expensive. The positive is I see much more in my travels and I'm slowly building muscles that I don't think I ever had. But I hear you - it's knackering!

As for writing posts, real life always comes first no matter how tempting it is to creep into blogdom to relax. After all if your life revolved around your blog, you'd have nothing to write about!

I sooooo want a big Granny blanket for my bed! x


What an extra busy time of year this is .... wonderful but rather stressy for us grown ups at times...it can easily turn into silly season . I love the quote in your little book and will try and think of it's simple message when things get hectic . So glad you enjoyed cozy time with little lady .....my youngest is nine next week....must squeeze in lots of these times while the boys still want them .
Jacquie x


Other stuff can always wait until the family and home things are sorted- enjoy every moment of children, they grow up and are off on their own so very fast! When tired and worn a warm bed is a necessity,not an indulgence- I went to bed at 8 o'clock the other night, felt so much better the next day and got back somewhere nearer the top of my infinite 'to do' list... and as for the hour or so I spent with a blanket,the kitten asleep on my lap and a good book yesterday afternoon- it was time well spent as today I'm looking forward to doing chores.Made me realise that an hour or so doing something calming and family friendly is often more productive than constant rushing about trying to catch up,especially in Winter.


only a few words from Spain: thank you Lucy for having time for us too. I really enjoy your posts, I've been learning to hook with you, and really love to drop at The Attic, but I have three children myself and know what you mean. Mine are a little older than yours, and, believe me, time pass sooo fast. It seems yesterday when I was knitting for the youngest before she was born, and today she's almost 7, no more babies at home. Now I try to have a little time with them every day, sometimes hard to reach. But I see my children growing, two of them teenagers, and realize that these lovelie moments with them are more and more distant. So enjoy of them as much as you can.

Sorry for my English. I don't know if you can read in Spanish.
Now I'm going with my Own Little Lady to buy some yarn and taking a walk with her. The others are playing football with their dad.

Thanks for sharing. I'll tell my story another day.
Have a nice weekend

Carla, Valencia (Spain)

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