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November 18, 2011


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i had to laugh when i read that last post, as it reminds me of all the yarn, i have piled out in rows in my spare bedroom of all the potential projects. in my basket downstairs all started and unfinished projects. just reminded me of me, but you seem to have things more organised. love the bright colours of the yarns, cant believe just how much yarn you have! i would love to take a week off work and start completing some projects. have a great hooky weekend. d :)

Archie the wonder dog

I love all those boxes of yarn and I can't wait to see your UFOs get finished - what beauties there are in those photos! Have a great weekend!


I love this post. It's amazing how it all creeps up on you, especially the ufo factor. I have exactly the same problem in my house, but more with fabric, I pretend I don't have a wool problem because my method of stashing them in baskets here and there means it's just tucked in corners rather than piled up! Well that's my theory and I'm sticking to it!!

the colours of your wool are amazing. such a delight to the eyes. I'm loving your flylady endeavours, I was a flylady myself once and our house was amazing. I'm kinda tempted to jump in again...

Lady Crochet

Lucy, today I've shown your post to my husband who is always complaining about a big box (but just one) that I have in the living room, where I keep my left-over yarn. He has told me he's not going to complain about my yarn anymore...Thanks! ;-)


All I can say is ....... wow;)


Ja,ja,ja.....maravilloso...qué organización.....yo también tendría que hacer algo así con todos mis hilos...


And I was feeling guilty about my big bag of unused wool! I love all the flowers. I'm sure you could create a lovely picture with them all. xx

Kate - The Garden Bell

I was wondering how you kept allllll that yarn and leftovers in that cute little bag all this time. Glad to see you have gone to the bins. They will be sure to keep the moths away from the woolies this winter too. Pop over when you have a chance and meet Jethro. He was made from some of you LUCY A24 pack that made it all the way across the big pond to my garden. I'm sure you have a brick around that wonderful castle in the Englishs hills to use. And goodness knows how many doors Little B must be slamming by now. Any WHO, I'm off to get serious on another, it went very quickly. But, the next needs so much more attention to detail from the G.B. Guess, I should wait till after the holiday. Weekend wishes.

Yes, I may have lost my Noodle,
Kate - The G.B.


Oh my goodness!!! I have yarn envy. Don't worry, stashes are NOT a bad thing. There's always something at hand if you have the inspiration for a quick project, no running out to the yarn shop.

You can feel free to send some of it to the U.S. I will give it a good home and pay the postage!


Hi Lucy,
I am still trying to convince my husband that I have no stash. But 4 big boxes... And many little ones...
I would love it, if you share your Spot Square Pattern. I think it would be a greate blanket for my daughter :-)


So beautiful! I love all of your flowers. Wouldn't they be pretty covering a pillow? Or maybe a pill box hat!

Oh yes, please do post the tutorial for the spot square!



Funny when we finally recognize the truth of what we are! Hee hee- good for you admitting your yarn addiction. But unless it takes over the whole house, what's so bad about it?


Lucy your lovely yarn is scrumptious. I too have yarn around the house that needs sorting and you have inspired me. Yes, Yes please to a Lucy yarn pack - how could I refuse and of course I have voted good luck and let us know about the Lucy pack.


I could only dream that my stash was that small....8 large tubs, 1 super large, 9 assorted little tubs all choc full of yarn and spread across 3 rooms.....and don't get me started on knitting books and needles. Vicki x


My neighbour and I have confessed to eachother that we both have,behind our armchair/sofa a big zip-up laundry bag- you know, those tall round dustbin sized ones- FULL of yarn ( and a few other sneaky bags besides.We have agreed to instruct our partners,who would otherwise not know what to do with the mountains of yarnly lovliness, that whichever one of us goes first, the other one gets the yarn from behind the sofa/armchair....you are not alone....


It happens to all of us, the stash and swips.

I would be giddy at finding all that colorful yarn, too.


So funny! Me too! Only mine is machine knitting yarn. I still have the machines (see - machines plural) and one day will find somewhere to set them up again; so I don't want to be getting rid of the yarn, do I? Under the bed (a 5 ft bed packed floor to slats with bin bags full), in the loft, in my craft shelves. Maybe even some in the cupboard in the utility room - but we don't talk about that ('cos he's not found it yet maybe?) I just wish it was all as colourful as your stash though - such lovely colurs. :-) Jude.x

Rachel Mackin

This post made me smile! A Lucy yarn pack would be really good, I always find it really difficult to buy good shades of yarn online, and all from the same place!


Corrr look at all that yarn! I'm more amazed with your fab organisation skills though. I have bags and bags of rubbishy bits of wool that I daren't throw out yet - just in case but maybe it's time to let it all go. Especially now I have seen all your droolsome yarn. I'd be interested in an Attic 24 pack especially if it was for a specific project. Love the Spot Square and would love that pattern. You need to make a list sweetie! Too much to do. x

Mary Grace McNamara

In other words, you're just like the rest of us! I organized my yarn and fabric stash recently and put together 4 large boxes of yarn which have moved on to other homes now. I kept only what I bought for certain projects, no scraps of this or that just in case! Feels good to clean out and start fresh, or to decide it's time to finish all those UFOs! Good luck to you! Will enjoy watching your success!


Snapshots and Snippets

This post has made me smile - what a beautiful collection of yarns. I'm just learning hot to crochet, and have used some of your super easy wonderfully photographed and explained patterns. At the moment I'm just using cheap yarns to experiment, but I can't wait until I am able to amass such a stunning stash as yours. And yes, I love the idea of an Attic24 yarn pack!


a 'lucy pack' would be WONDERFUL! i'm always inspired by your colors.


Well.............. that makes my carrier bag full seem teeny tiny! and even then it's what I was given when I was learning to crochet.

The yarn does look bonny with all the lovely colours though.


Loving the spot squares :-)


Wow thats a lot of yarn, all that yummy color is just sooooooooooooooo sweet, what a lovely post!!
Reminds me of my fabric stash (es), they're everywhere in this house, i tidy it, then buy more, then try to stash it in an orderly fashion....... heh heh, waste of time.
Have a lovely weekend Karen x

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