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November 24, 2011


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Oh I love finding a good magazine that gives lots of good ideas for creative decorating...especially around the holidays. Last year I started collecting antique decorations...found great deals on ebay. Thanks for sharing the magazine. I intend to check it out!

Katie B

Hi Luce! Just lovin' your work! I've been trying a few times to subscribe to follow Attic 24 but just get an error page?! Love feeling like I'm keeping in touch with all your creativity & life with your little ones. Maybe I'll manage to pick up a creative needle this Christmas too, for old times sake! Keep up the good work, Lots of love, Katie B (nee Tayler) x x


Great deal on the decorations.

Lovely magazine and book, looks like lots of fun


Susanne Tyree

I use to get so excited when our girls were little and opened their presents on Christmas morning. For me it has always been about "the giving" and I would let my gifts sit and watch everyone else, their expressions of surprise was priceless. Then they grew up and the magic was gone a bit. We will be having grand baby #1 in March and I think that magic is starting to resurface. Children make the holiday magical.....I remember one Christmas in particular, a little stove, sink and fridge, plastic food and dishes, baby dolls in little high chairs. You never saw so much cooking and dish washing, and baby doll dressing and feeding, it lasted all day and we watched with our coffee in hand, the happiness of our children on Christmas. Priceless!


lots of creativeness there! I wonder if I can find the magazine here in the States?
As always, you are an inspiration, thanks for sharing.

Kashi Griffith

I love Christmas. It is Thanksgiving here today and my hubby has to work. So my daughter and I are spending the day decorating. Yea! I am definitely a winter girl. I love snow and sweaters and I love the way the house looks decorated for the holidays. I love the bright colors. Today is also the day I get to start to making decorations. I have been holding off(other than making a couple of your baubles, he he). Love your posts as always.


I love the run up to christmas far more than the day itself, like you I am a summer girl but I also love love love all the christmas crafting there is to be done. I could sit looking at your baubles all day they are amazing!


you've helped me feel all Christmassy. I love the run up to Christmas. I can't wait to get the kids involved in lots of Chrismas crafts. (who am I kidding, It's me who enjoys it the most!)


I can't tell you just how many times I have looked at that beautiful book in our local Waterstones! I don't know why I don't just bloomin well buy it! I have 40th Birthday money still left from September which I can't seem to bring myself to spend. Even though I want that book so so so much. It's totally ridiculous. I think I should just get it next time I'm in town. I'm absolutely loving those owls and have just decided that little F definitely needs to have a little felty owl in his Christmas stocking. I'm going to start making it this evening as S is going up to London for the evening to meet some mates. Thanks for sharing lovely pics today. Fiona x


Dear Amiga Lucy,
Wow,beautiful decorations! I do love the sweet handcrafted decorations. I managed to crochet myself some twinkle stars last year following your tutorial, thank you very much. I’d like to add the numbers and use it as an advent calendar this year.
Your house looks wonderful joyful and full of so many handmade things. I love your snowflake garland. Maybe this NAvidAd, I’ll finish everything on time.Thanks for sharing bits of your colourful, festive creativity!
Take care. Hasta Pronto,

Lorena Sonido Retro!

I like that plate where you put some ornaments, assuming is your- It is lovely! Very retro look
I loved those owls. My son is crazy about owls since the school some real ones to impressed the whole reception class. He Thinks owl all the time! Lovely to knit, draw or cut and put together with felt.
Have a lovely rest of the week

Nicky @ PriddyPriddy.blogspot.com

Had to share that I got the christmas crafting book from The Book People for £3.99...absolute bargain considering cost of magazines!


I went off in search of Mollie Makes today but after looking through it I decided not to buy it - I've only got one issue so far as the rest all looked so similar in format. Then I saw the Prima one but I didn't get that either. Partly because I already have Christmas In No Time and recognised the designs. I must admit I don't really like the contrived styling so much as the lovely things I see on blogs in my natural settings. I am often disappointed by magazines and their many adverts and I find them too expensive to afford very often. I tend to just buy a book instead, when I know I will make things from it, or it is packed with things I love to look at.

The book is superb, definitely. I received my order of felt today, to make lots of felty things for Christmas. For no real reason other than I think they are cute, the little Christmas mice appeal to me. I love the embroidered Darla horse too. In fact I would say I love most of what is in the book, and can't wait to get started. I got to look through it in Waterstones before I ordered it from The Book People (£3.99 and no postage as there was an offer on). The paper crafts are great and I think all the templates can be mixed and matched to create your own ideas too. I love the Scandinavian influence and am definitely making the white star garland strung on red with the embroidered snow flakes on. I think it is the best Christmas book I've seen. I also love the Gingerbread spires which look little little Russian domes.

I've been hoarding things in pinterest which I hope to either make or be inspired by. I also intend to make the little stockings from Le Monde de Sucrette. I have loads of inspiration this year but not so much time. I quite like having Christmassy craft projects to do over the holiday too though.

Christsmas is about magic as Susanne says and yes it does go a bit when children grow up. But as long as children know that the magic isn't in the presents but all around, then it never really disappears and we always wait for it. Without fail, magic always happens by Christmas Eve, which is why Christmas is still so special for us and we get excited about it.

Mrs Pirate

I love the owls, infact I really love the owls!
Great post thanks for sharing x


Another one loving the owls! The Dala horses also appeal though as I'm very into the idea of making stuff from recycled materials. Will have to succumb and buy the Prima makes mag after weeks of resisting... ;-) and will probably go for the book too. At that price with The Book People, it would be rude not to...

I am on a mission to make my usual Advent Calendar that I do yearly for the kids. Little brown paper envelopes, numbered and hung on a line on gold pegs, each containing a slip of paper upon which is written a Christmassy thing to do that day in preparation for Christmas. Did it on a whim one year and was so happy and surprised when 3 of my 4 (and the 4th was too young to express a coherent opinion at the time!)said afterwards that it had been their favourite thing about Christmas. I'd love to think it might become a tradition that one day they pass to their own children :-)


Oh wow, that book looks amazing, as do your beautiful box of colorful baubles, bet they'll be awesome on your tree :D
Karen x


I love that Clare Youngs book! I've been madly making owls since I got my copy a few weeks ago. I bought it from the Book People who are selling it for only £3.99 - fantastic value for money (they have loads of other bargain books too, well worth a visit). I even bought an extra copy to give away on my blog - sorry, giveaway now closed, but you're welcome to pop over and check out the owls, they're brightening up my blog beautifully!


Dear Lucy, thanks for sharing. I have no children (yet), but I like to decorate my house this year. We will gather the whole family on Christmas Eve at my house and I enjoy my four little nephews (8, 6.4, and two years). So I'm taking note ...Hugs


Oooh I have super excited in my tummy feeling now! I really do love christmas! Those baubles are beautiful! x


Hi Lucy,
Thanks so much for the Christmas post. I love Christmas and can't get enough of it! Not enough Christmas posts out there yet for my taste. Keep them coming!


I got my book from the Book People too along with several others including Jane Brockets Gentle Art of Knitting at a reduced price.

Archie the wonder dog

What a lovely post - for the first time I feel slightly Christmassy!! Thank you!


Hello Lucy! Greetings from France!

I adore this time of year (though unlike yourself I have always been a winter child). My birthday was on Tuesday and then, joy of joys, there is the delicious run-up to Christmas (with a wedding anniversary on the Winter Solstice in between).

Christmas is going to be simple this year: for the first time every we are really cutting down on gifts and the children are absolutely happy with it. The purity of Christmas however will be relished and the preparations.

After reading your post tonight I have (naughtily) bought that book. I am so in love with making rabbits and mice at the moment AND dressing them so the mouse pattern really appealed to me.

Thank you for your inspiration and that stunning bauble picture.


HI Lucy
Lucky for me summer and Christmas are the same!
That book looks great, and I love the Christmas mice.
I recently crocheted a Christmas fairy crown with bells you might be interested in making for Little Lady, it's on my latest post if you wanted to see it.
Thanks for sharing the Christmas joy


*Little Lady or *yourself, I meant, I'm making one for myself as well as my wee one :)

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